Hints for Home Schoolers – Finding Forgiveness

Oh – the high expectations we place on ourselves when we begin our home school journey!  And. . oh . . .how we can beat ourselves up if we don’t meet our own expectations.
When we lose our tempers for any reason, sometimes impatient, angry words can come out before we realize it.  If the  recipients of this anger are your children, you may have trouble forgiving yourself.  Sometimes moms feel so terribly over their harsh words, they will even stop home schooling altogether, feeling they are not a good enough person to do this important job.  It is essential that you recognize your sin in losing your temper. That is the first step – the second is to ask God’s forgiveness.
 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1: 9
The third important step is to ask your children’s forgiveness.  Very important for you to be candid with them, to assure they understand that what you did was not right.  This will teach your kids by example, to take responsibility when they are in the wrong. 
Last but not least – forgive yourself.  While some people can hold a grudge against someone else for the rest of their lives, in my experience, many mothers in particular,  guilt themselves into a place of self doubt that can be incapacitating.  When those days come along when nothing seems to be going well – ie: kids are whiny, the house is a mess, the laundry is piled up, you are behind schedule, you feel frumpy, mom-in-law or sister is critical . . .you know what I’m talking about!  Follow the S-T-O-P procedure –
Sit down

Take deep breaths
Open your Bible
Are you going to screw up?  Yes.  Did I?  Yes.  Can you still get a good outcome?  Absolutely!!  Is there such a thing as a perfect home school? NO!
Which brings up the other area of possible reasons you may need to find forgiveness for.  How much mental space do you devote to comparing yourself to others? Especially women you see on television, in  magazines, know from church, internet, or your home school organization?  Either way you come out in that comparison, either feeling superior or inferior – the actual act of  comparison is wrong.  The only One we should ever compare ourselves to is Jesus Christ – and have it be our life’s goal to be like Him in every way.  Time spent comparing yourself and your home school to anyone different is akin to coveting.  The apostles were guilty of making these kinds of comparisons, and were reprimanded by Christ.  If things aren’t going smoothly for you – you may want to consider that you are being chastened for this very thing! 
We don’t need to convince God of our sinfulness – we prove it to Him on a daily basis!  Torturing yourself over something rash you said or did will not help you or your children.  Bemoaning the seeming “inferiority” of your home school is dis-functional, while at the same token, luxuriating in your perceived “superior” home school is self- deception.  Bad day today?  Tomorrow is new!

But thou, O Lord, art a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.

Psalm 86: 5

Favorite teaching tool –
I consider this item a must have in any home school.  It is an astounding timeline of over six thousand years – showing incredible detail.  My very learned father tried to sneak it into his suitcase when visiting one time!  (I bought him his own copy for father’s day.)
Raised by a historian, you could imagine I might be a little picky about timelines, but I am unable to detect anything wrong with this chart.  It is printed on stiff paperboard, folded accordion style in gorgeous coloration, and shows major world events as they occurred in different parts of the world concurrently! We used it in every grade level.
Magnificent!  My highest recommendation.  While I bought mine many years ago at a home school convention – it is easy enough to find on Amazon.



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Dr. Eowyn

Once again, Sage, as with your other Homeschool Hints posts, the wise advice contained in this one isn’t just for homeschool moms — everyone can use and should heed it! I especially appreciate the advice not to compare ourselves with others and so feel either inadequate/inferior or prideful/superior.
“The only One we should ever compare ourselves to is Jesus Christ – and have it be our life’s goal to be like Him in every way.”


Are Dads helping with Homeschooling also..to help mom!!!!????


Geese I am the main wage earner…I don’t consider myself any less responsible for homework or other sharing of child responsibilities…no wonder you take it out on the children perhaps!!!!You are not a God and neither is he!!!!


Your comment says it all…this can be the answer..look carefully at what you just wrote.


You now have no where to go.We see you.Do you see you?