Hillary’s Driver


Hillary Clinton and her driver were cruising along a country road one evening. As the car rounded a blind curve, a very old cow suddenly loomed in front of the car. The driver tried to avoid it but couldn’t. The aged bovine was struck and killed.

Hillary told her driver to go up to the farmhouse and explain to the owners what had happened. She stayed in the car making phone calls to lobbyists.

About an hour later, the driver staggered back to the car with his clothes in disarray. He was holding a half-empty bottle of expensive wine in one hand, a huge Cuban cigar in the other, and was smiling happily, smeared with lipstick.

What the hell happened to you,” asked Hillary?

“Well,” the driver replied, “the farmer gave me the cigar, his wife gave me the wine, and their beautiful twin daughters made mad passionate love to me.”!

“My God, what prompted all of that?” asked Hillary.

The driver replied, “I just stepped inside the door and said, I’m Hillary Clinton’s driver and I’ve just killed the old cow. The rest happened so fast I couldn’t stop it.

~Steve~                                      H/T Miss May


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7 years ago

A very moooooooving punchline !

7 years ago
Reply to  japoa


7 years ago

Friends, what’s there NOT to like about this one? It’s a variation on the original one which I heard as a child [I was born in 1943]. The original was about Hitler, who being driven through farmland to a meeting; his driver accidentally hit and kills a dog. Being the dog lover that Hitler was, he ordered the driver to find the owner and compensate them. The driver returns, as per the above, and Hitler is astounded at the bounty, as it’s late in the War and all commodities are very scarce. When Hitler asks him what happened, the astonished… Read more »

7 years ago

Works for me. 😆

scott m
scott m
7 years ago

Funny stuff…funny stuff.

7 years ago

IT has always been so: Mat 23:4 For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.

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