Hillary well aware of Obama's gay activities

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If Obama and Hillary had a son, he would look just like this!

Veteran investigative journalist Wayne Madsen, who first broke the story of Obama’s (and Rahm Emanuel’s) membership in a Chicago gay man’s club, Man’s Country, has a new for-subscribers-only report.
In an article dated June 11, 2010, Madsen claims that, “according to former [Clinton] campaign officials,” Hillary Clinton and her top aides were “well aware of” stories about Obama’s gay activities in Man’s Country and Rev. Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ. However, none of the allegations were investigated in greater detail.
Furthermore, Democratic members of the Congressional Black Caucus also know about Obama’s activities. One source from the Caucus told Madsen “we knew about Obama for years.” So do “certain elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community.”
Madsen also reports that after the gay man’s club story broke, “a few national media outlets are now investigating the old charges about Obama.” Madsen does not specify what those “old charges” are, but my guess is that he’s referring to Larry Sinclair’s years-old account that he had two fellatio-cocaine romps with Obama in 1999.
If Obama’s membership in Man’s Country was known to the Clinton campaign, why didn’t they leak the information to the media? Was Obama so precious by then that Hillary feared leaking the information would boomerang to hurt her?

UPDATE (Nov. 12, 2014):


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0 responses to “Hillary well aware of Obama's gay activities

  1. I doubt that there is very much about Obama that the Clintons are not aware of. That said, I also believe that Barry and his crooked cronies have some serious dirt on the Clintons that scares the you know what out of them. Why can we just not have some honest people running this country?

  2. Was Obama so precious by then that Hillary feared leaking the information would boomerang to hurt her?
    BJClinton and his Hildebeast have enough skeletons in their closet that wouldn’t require a stretch of imagination.

  3. If you have been reading the paper lately, and I am sure you probably have, you must be aware that there are many people in Washington who have dirty laundry that has been found out.
    It isn’t only the Democrats who are dirty. It seems that Washington is full of it on both sides.

  4. the fraud,clintons,and mccain were all under the same hat! {Soros} whom I want banned from the United States.

  5. I think the Clintons had so many skeletons in their closets as well, they knew they’d better keep quiet or risk exposure themselves.

  6. right marrabella,and guess what all through this ugly mess they have told on theirselves,they are both communists. Never trust either of them.

  7. I guess no one knows that hillary likes women over men. The daughter was for family image.


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