Hillary rebels against the patriarchy

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Hillary Clinton was in Bangladesh on Saturday, May 5, 2012. For some reason, she decided to appear at a press conference in Dhaka without makeup.
No mascara, no lipstick, no foundation, no face powder.

No nothing.

I never knew she had so many freckles!
Makes you proud that she’s the Secretary of State of the once-great United States of Amerika!
H/t beloved Tina.
P.S. Hmmm, upon a second look, she is wearing lipstick. And Cathy Gardino is right, those are age spots, not freckles. LOL

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0 responses to “Hillary rebels against the patriarchy

  1. Cathy Gardino

    Those aren’t freckles…they’re age spots!

  2. Hillary, please do us a favor: paint the barn and don’t show up in public until you do so.

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHH! Help! scary-my gosh,don’t know what to say-I do know though that she and Geithner did not go over there for the blind guy. They were up to something really bad. She’s lost without Huma.

  4. Hey, I like women with no make up, because I know what they really look like. I wish I had a nickle for all the time I spent waiting for my wife to put on her face. It was like her war paint. Most women are look good without it, but they’ve been brainwashed to think it looks good. And besides, this picture she’s still wearing lip stick. What’s that saying about lip stick on a pig?
    The problem with Hillary is that she is a socialist and socialists have a certain darkness to them. They reek of something; I can’t quite figure out what it is, but they reek. If Hillary was a real woman, then she’d look just fine. It’s the socialist reek you are finding offensive; not the absence of makeup.

    • “Hey, I like women with no make up, because I know what they really look like.”
      Hey, Al, then you should also be in favor of women going naked. Afterall, you want to know “what they really look like.”
      Speaking just for myself, I really would rather NOT know what women or men “really look like.” They already look pretty awful with clothes and makeup.

      • Dr. Eowyn,
        I was just talking about facial makeup. I really don’t like it. I had a beautiful wife who plastered her face with that stuff for years and years. I told her she was a fox without it. And besides, most women take off the make up before they go to bed. You would think they would take it off after bed and having sex with their husbands. What is the purpose of make up? To allure men who are not their husbands?
        And while I’m at this subject, what is the purpose of shaving the legs and under the arms? What the hell is that all about? People aren’t happy with the way they were created by God, so they try to alter their appearance of which no one can do anything about anyway.
        No matter what kind an appearance someone has, they have no say in the matter. They have what they have. That’s why it’s ludicrous to discuss people’s race because they can’t help who they are.
        I recently met a French woman who had hairy armpits and a nice face with no makeup. She was very attractive to me and she had a very pleasant personality.
        Since I just got done picking on women, men who apparently want to look like women, shave their faces which looks quite effeminate. That’s why men are so submissive; shaving is a sign of being in submission to something other than God. I shaved most of my life until I read this:
        https://graceofrepentance.com/ClementBookIII.pdf It is a writing attributed to Clement of Alexandria. It really is a great read and it makes sense. Having a good sense of modesty and leaving the body alone makes sense to me. The day I read this, I stopped shaving and I now have a full beard and long hair. I suggest you have a couple of glasses of wine before you read this.

        • Al, as a woman, I wear makeup (not caked on) for several reasons: 1) cover up blemishes. I don’t like staring at a glowing red pimple and doubt others want to as well. 2) to look professional. Fact of life, not many jobs where you can go natural. You must look appealing to deal with clients. A client wants to see you (both men and woman) care enough about your own personal appearance. If you don’t care about that, why would a client think you’d care more about them? 3) Gives me some color. I’m very fair and like to not look like a ghost! My boyfriend sees me without makeup and I don’t care. The level of relationship we have is much more trusting/deeper than I have with a client or stranger on the street.
          As for shaving, I don’t think my boyfriend wants to see hairy armpits or feel coarse legs. I don’t want hairy armpits either, eww! Just a girly-girl that was brought up that way!

          • To DCG,
            I understand why you think that way and there’s not much I can do to change that, but it is something to think about. But I’m going to try to answer this without offending you.
            If you have a pimple on your face or another blemish, so what? You wouldn’t be the first person with one, nor the last. If you want to look “professional” then wear nice and modest clothing. If you need color, then go out in the sun and get some vitamin C. God made the sun, and the nonsense about getting cancer from it is about as credible as global warming. Now, I’m giving you my opinion so don’t shoot!
            I have a lady friend of mine who is in her 60s and she gets tanned and she looks great. But that’s a personal choice. She wears no make up because she doesn’t believe in it. And you have no idea what that stuff is going to do to your skin in the long run.
            Anyway, go read that link I put up, I think you will get a lot out of it. I was laughing for hours after I read it. It was written supposedly around 250 AD

            • Well kind of hard to get vitamin C? (or D) where I live…it rains – alot!
              To each their own…I’ll stick to my own beauty regime TYVM.

            • I wear sunblock on my face EVERY DAY, and at least 30 spf, including a special expensive cream formulated JUST for the delicate eye area. This is because my ancestry is predomimately Irish and Ireland is a place that often has overcast skies and rain. Irish people are known for having very fair skin. We’re genetically programmed for only a LITTLE sun, not like the blazing hellhole state of Georgia where I live! Also, I despise the overall heat here and the core of my body is not programmed for such miserable humid heat, in addition to my skin NOT being programmed for the sun’s rays.

              • Are you confident that it is safe to use a sunblock? How do you know that it won’t create skin problems?

                • Oh, I guess it is a problem for some people. But the sun is a good source for Vitamin D and it is important to have that as a nutrient and it is better if it comes from the sun. Now, if it causes you a problem, I guess you just have to protect yourself from it. I love to be in the sun and I feel better after being outside in it. But the point I was making was as an alternative to make up. A fair skinned woman will still look good without make up. Any nice woman is going to look just fine without make up.
                  That photo of Hillary would have looked OK to me if she didn’t wear the lip stick. It is who she is that detracts somewhat from her appearance, in my opinion.

                • You’re such an idiot, as if the possible and utterly unknown problems with sunblock even hold a candle to the obvious and urgent danger of a fair skinned person getting sunburned and getting skin cancer!
                  Maybe we should quit wearing seatbelts because the friction of the belt is “possibly” doing damage, and ignore the huge issue that getting flung through the windshield in the event of a wreck is far worse than the imagined contrived “danger” of the seatbelt.
                  And like I said, my NATURAL state is to live in an overcast place, sunblock is the closest thing to that that’s possible.
                  You’re the kind of kooky person who believes any modern invention is bad, for instance doctors are “horrible” and would let yourself…or FAR worse: your child, die from a disease before allowing any “horrible” artificial treatment.

                  • Yes you are hitting the nail on the head.
                    Greenies think that their agenda will help, like us all riding around on bikes etc, but if they studied the root of greenism they would probably faint. Sunblock is a good idea, Aveeno 100 percent is okay so long as it doesn’t get into your eyes.
                    But the photo was of Hillary Clinton and it is peculiar that she would a. be in Bangladesh and b. looking rather the worse for wear.
                    Doesn’t it seem a funny place to be for a staunch member of the Friends of Syria, and a novel way to approach increasing the membership of that “elite” organization.
                    The head of one of the groups fighting the Assad regime is in China having talks over there with the Chinese Leadership, how close is Bangladesh to China?
                    The only other thing I can think of is perhaps she lost her luggage somewhere on her travels………………….

            • Some possibilities:
              Hawaiian Ballroom Dance Association?
              Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders of Alabama?
              Houston Black Deaf Advocates?
              Homewood Biomedical Design Associates?
              Any ideas, Terry? LOL

            • Steve,
              It is a new agency that I thought up for satirical purposes. There are some stories that I do on my blog that need to rise to the level of or go down to the depravity of:
              The Homeland Bullshit Detection Agency Depending upon how you look at it.
              I’m thinking of getting some kind of badge along with an ice cream suit to make it look official. I need a special Department at Very Dumb Government for special cases of obfuscation and stupidity. Of course, if I say anything stupid or inappropriate, it will be immediately covered-up.
              I do admire your astute observation in that you actually noticed and then asked. How refreshing.

            • I can’t believe somebody would gripe about the “possible dangers” of makeup to the skin, while simultaneously advocating tanning. It’s like something somebody made up to be a joke, but it’s REAL: somebody is really that insane.

        • I cherry pick the Bible all the time. Have to figure what is true and what isn’t. If I go into more details about the Pauline Epistles, it will take too much time. Samson had long hair, and as the story goes, when he let that woman cut his hair, he lost his strength. I’ve even read that some scientists think the hair is an extension of the nervous system. Men in the “Old Testament” had long hair. Having had both a shaved face and short hair, and now a long beard with long hair, I’ll take the later. There’s something to it, but I can’t really describe it. I feel better with the long hair. In the 1970s I had long hair but no beard..I really needed the beard to go along with it.

          • I just like long hair, I don’t like short hair…it doesn’t look right. Actually, I get my view from Leviticus 19:27 A man isn’t supposed to cut around the corners of his head. So at the very least think that a man’s hair should be a lot longer than what we see today. And since I still have a head of hair, at my age, I’m growing it. I have the beard because of the same verse.
            I don’t know much about the other things you mentioned.
            To me, hair distinguishes the appearance of a man or a woman. Everyone has something different and usually is at least interesting to look at and usually very attractive. When I see a woman with a full head of hair and lots of it, I find it hard not to look at her hair. The hair looks nice, and God knew what he was doing when he created men and women with hair.
            If there is a very beautiful woman with a lot of hair, I will look more at her hair than anything else.

            • I love men with shaved heads and goatees! It looks edgy and intimidating and is very masculinewhile also very clean. It’s a combination of UN-covering his male head (where a woman’s long hair is her covering, being under authority) and also facial hair which is distinctly masculine. And since you like women to leave their legs hairy, maybe you should get a female bodybuilder who has taken testosterone and triggered chest hair to start growing! Mmmm-MMMM! Sexy!

              • The shaved head is gross. If you like Mr. Clean, then that’s your choice. Many people have an obsession with shaving their hair. In some cultures, it shows that one is a pagan.
                Now you said: “And since you like women to leave their legs hairy, maybe you should get a female bodybuilder who has taken testosterone and triggered chest hair to start growing! Mmmm-MMMM! Sexy!”
                Are you asking me for a date?

                • Wow, so lame and uncreative to preach to the choir and infer I was the one promoting women being hairy as opposed to you. Boy you really got MY goat (rolling eyes.) I bet you DON’T wear anti-perspirant deodorant and go around subjecting innocent people to your vile stench making them wish “that nasty homeless person” would remove himself from their presence ASAP.

                  • Sorry to disappoint you, but I do wear deodorant. However, did you ever wonder why God made our armpits stinky? Usually, there’s a good reason for it, but I don’t know. BTW, you don’t have to be so, so,….cranky. Good thing you’re not Secretary of State.

        • well, you’ll not find me sayin’ you’re good looking….
          I was gifted with hair….lots and lots and I don’t scrape it off…
          half the reason I was in the USCG instead of the Marines was
          their enlightened outlook on traditional beards.
          The Marines loss 🙂

          • Men who shave just want to submit to what is supposed to be proper for the day. God made men with beards and men shouldn’t defile their beard in order to look like a woman.

            • God also made men and women with pubic hair. So why don’t you expose yours?

            • That’s a choice, but don’t you think the beard and the longer hair would help to insulate your skin? It should keep the temperature right about where it should be. In the summer in California, it gets fairly hot..and I don’t like it that hot, but the beard isn’t an issue for me. The hair blocks some of the sunlight from shining directly on the head, and the beard helps to protect the face from too much sun. You can look at it from different angles.
              After having a beard for almost seven years, I wouldn’t think of shaving it off.
              There is also a mental edge that comes along with the beard. It is hard to explain, but it seems as though there is some kind of hidden strength in a beard and long hair. I can’t prove that it is true, but I just feel stronger overall. Maybe I think I am more in tune with things than I once was.
              About a month ago, I came across this article:
              I’m not a Rense fan by any means, but I do think this article has some value.
              Perhaps the culture of having men shave their faces and cutting their hair is intended to diminish the power and masculinity of the man. All I know is that there is something I have now that I didn’t have before.
              If you look at some before and after photos, I think men look better with the beard than without. You can see the difference when Brett Keisel of the Steelers shaved his beard. He looked great with the beard, and now without it, he looks just like most other men.
              https://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2012/02/10/steeler-brett-keisel-sheds-his-beard/ https://cache.blippitt.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Brett-Keisel-Before-After.gif
              It would be interesting to look at his stats before and after the beard.

              • No lice, no ticks, no fleas,…assorted food crumbs..sometimes. However, my dog takes care of that when I pick him up and he eats the food off my beard. It’s very convenient. See? Nature has a way of providing.
                Al, I’m SO glad you found a new wife!

              • Hey Al, wonder if your stinky filthy dog ever licks your face right after he licks his ass?!?!
                I wonder if you smell like the grimy trailer trash I see walking around Wal-Mart with dirt and snot on themselves and their children, and who don’t wash their hands when they go to the bathroom.
                (@Terry: I had to reply to your comment because the system wouldn’t allow it to reply to Al, it had reached the limit of replies to replies to replies, etc)
                JULIA- I know. I just figured out how to sneak in another way. Editing is KOOL!

              • A person would want as much heat as possible to leave the body on Florida, and I would imagine even if one were naked with every bit of hair shaved off one’s body, you could still suffer from heat stroke down there.
                As a female with long hair, when I put my hair up I am significantly cooler, and it takes the edge off when experiencing these Georgia summers. Hair insulates heat-PERIOD.

        • Your response about Al being a slob ROCKED, but I do prefer the look of some facial hair on men, albeit GROOMED facial hair, like how I discussed a shaved head with a goatee in another post on this same page.

          • I had to google “Drakar” to try and figure out what you were talking about. It came up with many random things, but I gathered you were referring to a fragrance.

          • Baby pink, please! Goes better with Steve’s eyes. LOL

    • Omg you are so effed-up, I was about to joke let’s stop taking showers and wiping our asses after we use the bathroom, but then you said something pretty close in all seriousness: that women should quit shaving their underarms and legs, OMG!
      I’m with Dr. Eowyn, I DON’T want to know what everybody REALLY looks like.
      And people like me with fair coloring look washed-out where you can’t see the definition to our eyes. With mascara people can actually see my eyelashes and I go from a plain boy face to poof: glamorous girly lashes!

      • Au naturel woman of Al Thompson’s dreams. LOL
        Al Thompson likes hair armpits
        She calls herself “Sorcyress”:

      • Don’t shoot!

      • Lol, prior to someone editing the my post, I actually wondered if I might get kicked off the forum altogether, lol! It’s just that this is an issue that I have a short fuse with because I’ve been around several people who thought they were being “good Christians” by looking AND SMELLING like crap. In their opinion people grooming themselves and women being girly-girls who like to doll-up was considered “sinful.”
        In my opinion, anything that enhances gender differences makes people MORE Christian and godly, NOT less. Girls liking makeup is like boys liking guns and camouflage.

  5. now we know why bill fooled around with monica.

  6. I won’t step foot out the door without makeup. As you get older it becomes more necessary. She’s got guts, I’ll give her that!

  7. Dr. Eowyn,
    That woman is not my type. Grin. One like that may need a beard too.

  8. She’s a lovely middle-aged lesbian.
    “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” – J Seinfeld
    Yes, even the evil elitist puppets age. I suppose she needs to suck some blo……. er I mean get a bit of sun. It’s not so much the age spots or the pant suits or even her not so closeted sexual preference. It’s the not so closeted agenda and conceit that makes viewing her with or without war paint so difficult.
    I imagine that her appearance is not helped by the ball of hate that she must hold for BHO. Having been thrashed by this “Manchurian Candidate” in her quest to be the first woman POTUS. Insult to injury then having to serve under Soetoro and thinking every moment: “I could have parlayed the economic downturn into two terms. They love me, the entire village loves me!” And then she is shaken from her reverie by that bulbous nosed Kennedy wannabe she is shackled to. Yes Virginia, there is a God. Good times, good times!

  9. I actually appreciate that she went without the spackle. I started wearing makeup as a teen, but after having kids, it became a chore ever morning to put on, and every evening to take off. Over time I wore less and less, and my husband complimented me more often when I went without than with. Go figure… But seriously, it is hard work trying to keep up appearances. I hav also learned to appreciate my fellow girls’ natural look myself. though in honesty I do envy a bit the woman at the store who always looks completely put together…

  10. Just to add…am no fan by any means – can’t stand her actually – but even though she was never attractive, she seems to have aged ok.

  11. Looks like Hillary’s cocoon cracked early! LOL

  12. Sage,
    Dorian Gray is not just the best fictional treatment of the psychology of Malignant Narcissism, it is at its core an account of a Pact with the Devil. What still confounds me is how Oscar Wilde could know both so well but he couldn’t help himself.

  13. The thrill has most definitely gone.
    The party’s over Hillary, it’s time to call it a day.
    I like Vladimir Putin much more than Ms. Clinton and he’s not goodlooking by Hollywood standards either.
    Anyway, back to the photo: “Waiter, table for one, please!”

  14. Beauty is an illusion that is only skin deep….
    I don’t care how you wrap it…ugly goes to the core.

  15. Dennis H. Bennett

    This thread is about the bigenital Hillary, right?

  16. Well, hair we are again, happy as can be.
    All good friends and jolly good company.
    Hair, hair!!!!!!!!!

  17. LOL – No wonder Billy Jeff has a wandering eye.

  18. Earthworm making a face.

  19. Not a darned thing wrong with Hillary without makeup. This whole thing that women do to change their looks( make up, shaving legs, and under arms) is part of the brainwashing that we do to women to make them think they will get and keep a man. All women, including Hillary, need to be themselves and stop trying to please the white male doctrine made to confuse and frustrate women!!
    That’s my say.


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