Hillary, Is That You?

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Hillary Clinton arriving in Bali, July 22, 2011.

“Hillary is a spent force in American politics. Her tenure in Foggy Bottom has accomplished what legions of conservative activists tried to in vain: stopping Hillary. The world is shaking—but Hillary Clinton does not shake it. She is the least influential secretary of state in recent memory, say many experienced observers.” –Human Events

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0 responses to “Hillary, Is That You?

  1. For sure she ain’t shaking Bill’s world anymore…

  2. where is Humie?? probably meeting with the muslimbrotherhood. could go on but won’t.

  3. wow she needs a body double. she is starting to resemble a bag lady where is her cart?

  4. Just another non-working Democrap who has rode the horse to water.
    We need more of their types to support…..

  5. Maybe she has been to the “Michelle Obama School of Fashion”!!!

  6. Fugitive from the Fashion Police!


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