Hillary is dealing with mounting health issues, new book claims

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This wouldn’t surprise me at all.
NY Post: Hillary Clinton faces “mounting health issues” — and she’s secretly worried that she’s too sick to run for president, according to a new book.
The 67-year-old Democratic front-runner has been “frequently plagued” by “blinding headaches” and a series of strokes over the course of the campaign which have left her second-guessing her chances of winning in 2016, says the upcoming book “Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary.”
Excerpts were published Tuesday by Radar Online.
“For the first time I’ve known her, she’s showing self-doubt about her strength and vitality,” a friend of Clinton’s told author Edward Klein, who has written about the Obamas and Kennedys in the past.
The presidential candidate has also been battling bouts of insomnia that have ultimately “worried her, because it sapped her energy just when she needed it most for the campaign,” Klein writes. “She is exhausted and depressed a lot of the time,” a friend is quoted as saying, adding that Clinton even tried taking sleeping pills to combat the problem, but to no avail. “She said they made her less sharp the next day,” the friend explained.
In late 2012, Clinton suffered from a life-threatening blood clot on her brain that left her “constantly worried” she would develop another one, according to Klein.
Hillary Clinton what difference does it make
Clinton has insisted she’s in good health and released a letter from her doctor over the summer attesting to her fitness. Dr. Lisa Bardack of Mount Kisco, NY, outlined Clinton’s medical history, which included her treatment for a brain concussion, an analysis of blood clots affecting her legs and brain on separate occasions, an underactive thyroid gland examination, and a complete family history of heart disease.
Her findings showed that Clinton’s electrocardiogram and her blood lipids were reported as normal, and her cancer screening tests — including mammography, breast ultrasound, colonoscopy and gynecological examination — were also normal.
But Klein says the former first lady is keeping her medical ailments under wraps. “There were incidents on the campaign trail when she felt faint and nearly swooned,” he claimed. “Those incidents were kept secret.”
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0 responses to “Hillary is dealing with mounting health issues, new book claims

  1. I’ve only two words for this vermin , who cares !!!

  2. bummer

  3. Well, instead of predicting and running the risk of going wrong, isn’t better to wait and see? We risk nothing by waiting and seeing; and risk much by predicting and speculating and it turns out to be false. which brings more credibility to the reporter?

    • “Well, instead of predicting and running the risk of going wrong, isn’t better to wait and see?”
      Many tried to ram that approach down our throats in 2008 and 2012. That didn’t do the country any good.

      • Well, if one approach does not deliver, we must be wiser and try an alternative. this is brilliant thinking. Let’s carry on and see how far it goes.

        • “Well, if one approach does not deliver, we must be wiser and try an alternative.” If only Americans had delivered on that in 2008 and 2012. And sadly, I don’t trust them to deliver an alternative in 2016. With almost $19 TRILLION in debt, our country can’t go much farther before it crashes.

          • Americans did not deliver in 2008 and 2012. Why did they not deliver? Should Americans make the same mistake three times? What is going wrong? We are told there is a solution to everything. If this is true then there is a solution to America’s $19 trillion debt problem. I believe there is. If America can send people to the moon, America can find a solution to her debt problem. If America can bring out the modern technological marvels that hold us dumbfounded, they can find a solution to their debt and other problems. What I see, unfortunately is America holds back herself by trying to strangle each one on the political arena. I write from a distant land. America to me no longer seems to be motivated by the high ideal of truth and honesty on which she was founded. As a distant observer, I see so much self interest and dishonesty taking center stage. Republicans want to occupy the White House. Democrats want to occupy the White House. Truth is sacrificed on the alter of ambition. Each side wants to paint the other as dirty as possible; and half truths and untruths are often the weapons shamelessly used. A new philosophy seems to be the end should justify the means. Where does this lead to? You tie a rope around my neck and are dragging me so that I should not go forward to the White House; I tie a rope on your neck and drag you so that you should not go forward. Not that going forward is bad but I want to be the one and you want to be the one. In the end because we have equal strength, we stand on the same spot. And what happens when we stand on the same spot? Some one called China comes from behind and goes to the winning point. The world respects America for the ideals for which she has been known for. At the center are truth and honesty. If America sacrifices truth and honesty for political ambitions as i see it happening, then America sinks to the level of an ordinary nation not the giant that the world looks up to.Is America holding fast or dumping the ideals of truth and honesty which have made her highly respected and admired in the world? Do you remember Al Gore and George Bush? Food for thought.

            • “I write from a distant land.” No offense, but that is obvious. If you lived here, you’d have a grasp of what happened in 2008 and 2012, why Americans did not deliver, what is going wrong, etc. You’d know why your “if” questions are huge obstacles to overcome. And you’d know we are quite familiar with the self interests of both political parties – hence Donald Trump’s lead in the polls.
              And since I’ve lived in America all my life (minus one year at college), I’m pretty familiar with Gore and Bush. And also Hillary Clinton, the subject of this post.

  4. She’s a pathological liar, she schemes, she’s dishonest and disingenuous, she’s a thief, purportedly a lesbian, she’s a marxist and she’s power mad beyond imagination and she’s probably incapable of repentance and salvation. I simply cannot wish her well.

  5. Here’s the latest pic of the real Hillary, showing her old, tired, and decidedly unwell:
    If Bill Clinton really loves his wife, and if Chelsea really loves her mother, they would ask her to drop out of the presidential race.

    • She needs a shave,too.

    • Is she working out at Harry Reid’s house? It looks like she has a black eye too!

    • Martin Sheen?

    • One only has to ask themselves . . . . . Do we really need a tired old woman, who has no moral compass in the White House? This picture is shocking, although I think it is a real untouched picture of her. With the high demands of the Presidency, we do not need some one who is so worn out. We need someone who is healthy, vibrant, and moral. I wonder if the deeds of her life have had an impact on her current physical condition? I am basically the same age, but thank goodness, I don’t look that used up. She needs to think about this country and withdraw from the race . . . but, because of her personal greed and avarice, she will never do that. She wants power at any cost. I as one, do not want that cost to be extracted from me, or other decent American citizens!

      • Lulu, I agree. Maybe we should ask ourselves, why would we consider anyone we don’t like? Could it be that we have no control over who they run? If that’s the case, why do we participate and continue the illusion?
        If someone, or some group, has shown themselves to be the “enemy”, it makes no sense to continue to go back to them and ask them to fix it. Wouldn’t it be better to make them irrelevant and find another way?
        I doubt if anybody here needs anymore convincing. Just because Hillary represents evil itself doesn’t make Trump “the answer” either. If someone wants to vote for him, fine. I think I’ll go find my own “dialectics” and refuse to be manipulated.

  6. Why worry? We REALLY NEED a Presidential Candidate who’s worried about surviving the Campaign;how would she do as a President? Strokes? Blood clots? Heart disease? Yeah,sure-go ahead and try to hide all that from the Voters. That’s what’s BEST for the Country,right? Then you can REALLY surprise ’em if you’re elected by flatlining at the Inauguration.

  7. Hillary Clinton, it has been documented, was introduced to witchcraft as a student as Wellsley, known for its witchcraft activity there. She is a Marxist, lesbian, occultist and, in the words of the late William Safire, a “congenital liar.”
    May God Almighty Spare America the “leadership” of this woman.
    In the meantime, remember and investigate: The ENTIRE leadership of the West is morally rotten to the core.

  8. What is so sad, is this the best the left has to offer this country?
    Good grief, we are in a world of hurts, if it is.
    There isn’t one moral compass from her that we can depend on.
    I think her age is against her. Her health is an issue.
    The Dems are so lost and without leadership, no one wants to step up and take responsibility for the mess they have done to this country. They know the damage that has been done,
    They would rather let a Republican take the lead, so they can sit back and annihilate the next President. This is a proven fact.
    They will kick and scream and cuss and blame and point fingers at a person trying to do the right things rather than accept responsibility and join hands in the mending.

  9. As long as Hillary has a pulse, she will serve the purposes of her Muslim handlers.

  10. I doubt even Ogooma the Kenyan witch doctor can cure life-long bitchitus.

  11. The only reason I don’t believe Hillary is a totally lost soul is because when she suffered from those blood clots, I found myself being led to pray for her very strongly, and urgently, so I did, but not until I questioned the Lord about that! Because, I’d been believing she was nothing but a lost cause, and a totally bad woman. After I prayed for her, though, I had to stop and take stock of things, since I would never have thought to pray for her on my own. If God had not wanted her prayed for, any prayers said for her would have come from somewhere else, period!
    So, what gives with Hillary? I have no real idea, but I can no longer believe that God does not love her, and it seems that, apparently, He has her in His ‘sights’, for her own eternal good. These days, I just look at her, remember that intense prayer I found myself praying on her behalf when she was the most ill, and shake my head in wonderment at the immense love of Almighty God. Because of that, I can no longer view her as a “Hilla the Hun”, who has purely demonic intentions towards us. I definitely DO NOT want her as our president, though[!!], but I no longer view her as totally hell-bound, the way I did before. What our heavenly Father has in mind for her, though, I haven’t a clue. 🙂

    • Joanne Sgrignoli

      Bless you for praying for her. No one is a lost cause and God has told us that he will leave 99 faithful sheep to go after 1 lost one. He wants none to perish and sent Jesus to offer a means of salvation and everlasting life. But some will choose the wrong path, as we do have free will and Satan is battling for souls right now.
      I prayed for Hillary as she is a child of God. Only God knows her heart but it seems to me that she is not a Follower of the Lord. Therefore, I pray for her salvation as well.
      We will be accountable for our words and actions one day. I have no problem in sharing-the truth about Hillary. However, I will state truth only and will not engage in name-calling or other un-Christ-like behavior. I wish adults would act like adults!

      • Well, good for you! For me, since my time and energy are finite, I’d rather use my goodwill to pray for more worthy people than Hillary, who chose and continues to choose evil, including the absolute unconditional right of women to kill their unborn children.

  12. Joanne Sgrignoli

    It certainly seems that Hillary Clinton has some health issues. I would venture to guess that she may also have Borderline Personality Disorder or another personality disorder, which would explain her lack of empathy and her proclivity for lies. However, I am NOT a licensed health care professional. I was married to a man with BPDS, so I speak solely from my own experience and research.
    I believe it’s crucial for Hillary to have a complete check-up and a clean bill of health prior to the November election and preferably as soon as possible.
    Last, I do not like nor support Hillary Clinton in any way, shape, or form, but whatever her illness is I refuse to join those who make fun or act gleeful about it. She is a human being and I am praying for her recovery, as well as for her salvation through Jesus Christ.

    • Lack of empathy is a definiting attribute of other psychological disorders as well, including Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, and the most serious disorder of all — psychopathy.
      I’m familiar with Borderline PD, a defining characteristic of which is fear of abandonment. BPDs would go into a homicidal/suicidal psychotic rage when they feel they are emotionally or physically abandoned. Hillary has no discernible abandonment issues.

      • Joanne Sgrignoli

        My ex didn’t have any fear of abandonment issues either. However, he was a sociopath. I believe his BED was a result of failure of his mother to bond with him as an infant. She was single & pregnant; the man left her before knowing she was pregnant.
        She resented her son even prior to birth for changing her life and making it “terrible.” She held him only when necessary. She was not very nice and part of that stemmed from being an unwed Jewish mother who lived in Montreal, Quebec during the 40s & 50s.
        She berated her son about everything, even as an adult. They were estranged when he & I met, and I helped him to mend his relationship with her but had to teach him how to talk to her without being abusive. I was recovering from a complete breakdown from an emotionally & verbally abusive marriage when we met. He literally took over my life. He wanted to live in the U.S. and even my then counselor was afraid of him. I married him because I didn’t know how to get rid of him.
        After 6 months of marriage he cheated; and he did so again 6 months later. Finally I got angry! That, and a brilliant new counselor, were the catalysts for my telling him to leave. Hooray!
        I point these things out because he fit the BPD definition to a “T.” He lied about everything, even when the truth would have been fine. He was as charming as Ted Bundy, although not handsome. He had no conscience whatsoever.

        • You are wrong.
          From “Formal Diagnostic Criteria for BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder“:
          “According to the DSM-IV-TR (American Psychiatric Association, 2000), borderline personality disorder is diagnosed when there is a persistent pattern of unstable interpersonal relationships, mood and self-image, as well as distinct impulsive behaviour, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts. These difficulties are indicated by five (or more) of the following:
          1. frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment….”

  13. Well, hooray that her boobs, genitals and colon got a thumbs up. The fact of the matter is that her thinking ability is what is in question, not to mention she obviously has problems with her Thyroid, Pancreas, bladder, on top of seizure disorder (head trauma), Bipolar (Schizophrenia),Tourette syndrome; just to name a few. The woman is a mess and does not qualify for any office of responsibility.


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