Hillary is Bisexual…Obama an alcoholic…And the Obamas are near Divorce

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0 responses to “Hillary is Bisexual…Obama an alcoholic…And the Obamas are near Divorce

  1. on capitol hill us it is was at the time widely known that hillary and former head of health and human services donna shelali were a lesbian couple

  2. The Clintons are both fully invested in evil, and will scheme until their dying breath to gain more dollars and power, Hillary is the worst of the dynamic duo of death and destruction. I had a close friend who was nearly destroyed by them when they threw him under the tank to save their secret off-shore stashes. They are likely into the 100’s of millions by now.

  3. All you had to do was take one loOK at piCTURES oF HILLary FROm before Bill ran for President. She ent out of her way to make herself look plain and unattraactive—a clear sign of a lesbian. Hamilton Jordon in hi memoirs pretty much says the same thing. Cathy O’brian in her MK Ultra sex slave book The Transformation of America said she had sex will Hillary with Bill watching.

  4. Washington is a cesspool!

  5. With Bill watching? Must have been a “three bagger’ egadsssssss

  6. Wow, talk about the foxes guarding the hen house! Poor ole George Washington must be giving thanks that he’s not around to watch this bunch ruin all his loving work. Kinda makes ya sick, doesn’t it?


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