Hillary gets down

Yesterday night, in Johannesburg, South Africa, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton cut loose on the dance floor.
Pay special attention beginning at around the 0:35 mark.

With her hair pulled severely back in a pony tail and that 007-villain jacket, and grinding behind the corpulent woman singer…. Hmm….
My gaydar butch alert just went off. LOL

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0 responses to “Hillary gets down

  1. did anyone happen to see her greeting not long ago, when they threw rotten tomatoes and chanted “Monica!” “Monica!” cracked me up!:) somehow the media missed this one.

  2. Wonder if she also attended the Chick Fil A lip lock event…ew.

  3. Oh sorry I thought you said Hilary “steps down” I read it too fast! 🙂

    • Will,
      LOL – I’m surprised Broom Hilda has lasted as long as she has at Foggy Bottom.
      That has to be among the most depressing places on Earth.

  4. Possible gender-bender aside: Such publicity pix of Hillary in South Africa and in South America a few months ago in the wake of the Secret Service sex scandal ( http://www.mediaite.com/online/hillary-clinton-photographed-dancing-drinking-beer-in-colombia/) so marvelously illustrate the validity of our tax dollars at work for the Dem regime’s Hope & Change here and abroad! Also see: http://www.mediaite.com/online/hillary-clinton-photographed-dancing-drinking-beer-in-colombia/attachment/screen_shot_2012-04-16_at_71603_am/.
    “And I’m proud to be an American
    Where I’m oh so glad to see
    The exploits of our Sec of State
    On a drinking spree…”

  5. Dang, does she work any more?

  6. Not to mention white people are about as popular as a contagious disease in South Africa. Way to keep a low profile, Hil.

  7. The photos from Curiosity are millions of times more inspiring than this. Seriously, if this was our First Lady for eight years, and a NY Senator, now Secretary of State, then it would be hard to believe unless you were reprobate. Oh no she didn’t!!!!

  8. Dr. E’s absolutely right! Anyone wearing a jacket like that must have a giant facial scar – complete with monocle, an aquarium full of piranha, and a white Himalayan kitteh in their lap!


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