Hillary Clinton vows to limit child care costs despite having her own taxpayer-funded nanny

More pandering for votes.
From NY Post: Hillary Clinton is proposing limiting the cost of child care to 10 percent of family income — but the family of the Democratic presidential candidate used government-paid staffers to help raise their daughter, Chelsea.
A 1981 government audit — assessing when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas — found that the Clintons had hired a nurse at taxpayer expense to care for Chelsea. The nurse was paid $9,785 — what was then nearly double minimum wage — according to a 1981 article in the Arkansas Gazette.
The nurse was listed on the payroll as a security guard, which Bill Clinton admitted was only because it was the sole empty slot available on the governor’s staff.
The Clintons repeated the trick when they moved into the White House, where nanny Helen Dickey drew a $20,000-a-year salary as a “staff assistant” to care for the first daughter.
Now, as a candidate for president, Hillary Clinton doesn’t mention the government-sponsored nanny.
I am aware of what’s going on in the lives of Americans. And I bring different experiences, because yes, I’ve been a daughter, a mother, a grandmother. And so child care for me is not some abstract policy issue, I remember when I was a young mother and getting the child care that I needed for my daughter and so I know what the struggles are like on a day-to-day basis,” Clinton said at a January town hall in Rochester, New Hampshire.
Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

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And how is she going to FORCE Nannys, babysitters and PRIVATE childcare centers to take a cut in their pay or cost. It isn’t up to the government to pay for babysitting our children. Once this starts there will be mothers that will put their children in a state sponsored daycare center while they sit at home watching TV, go out partying or worse make more babies. We had two children as that is all I could afford on my salary. If your salary can only pay for a used Volkswagen you don’t go out and purchase a brand new… Read more »


It’s NOT a President’s JOB to fix prices on anything-the job is to make the Government’s policies fair enough that Free Enterprise can set prices at a fair rate based on supply,demand,cost of production and of course conscience.

Steven Broiles

I have just heard Dr. Steve Piecynik, a board-certified M.D. and psychiatrist, interviewed by Alex Jones on the latter’s radio talk show. He says that she has severe health problems that warrant expedient public exposure. Let me put it this way: We may not have to worry about a “President Hillary”—at least for long. (No time frame was mentioned). But it is possible that we may be looking at a coverup, and, if it is carried on long enough, a Constitutional crisis (my extrapolation, based on Dr. Piecynik’s judgment that she is medically unfit, at this point, to seek the… Read more »


Oh, goody. Something else comrade Broom Hilda wants us to pay for.