Hillary Clinton voted second most-hated person in Hollywood

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National Enquirer has an online, entirely nonrepresentative poll on “The 25 Most Hated People in Hollywood”.

The poll asks you to vote for the top 25 out of a list of 50 names.

According to the results as of half an hour ago, Hillary Clinton is the second most hated person, after Rosie O’Donnell and before murderer O. J. Simpson. Barack Obama is the 4th most hated person. Here’s the top 25 most hated people list:

  1. Rosie O’Donnell: 548 votes; 6%.
  2. Hillary Clinton: 453 votes; 5%.
  3. O. J. Simpson: 370 votes; 3%.
  4. Barack Obama: 319 votes; 3%.
  5. Whoopi Goldberg: 309 votes; 3%.
  6. Kim Kardashian: 306 votes; 3%.
  7. Kanye West: 305 votes; 3%.
  8. Alec Baldwin: 273 votes; 3%.
  9. Kris Jenner: 266 votes; 3%.
  10. Woody Allen: 252 votes; 3%.
  11. Madonna: 245 votes; 3%.
  12. Chris Brown: 238 votes; 3%.
  13. Stephen Colbert: 234 votes; 3%.
  14. Charlie Sheen: 227 votes; 2%.
  15. Megyn Kelly: 213 votes; 2%.
  16. Shia LeBeouf: 200 votes; 2%.
  17. Justin Bieber: 197 votes; 2%.
  18. Barbra Streisand: 191 votes; 2%.
  19. Kylie Jenner: 182 votes; 2%.
  20. Roman Polanski: 177 votes; 2%.
  21. Miley Cyrus: 170 votes; 2%.
  22. Sean Penn: 166 votes; 2%.
  23. Angelina Jolie: 166 votes; 2%.
  24. Gwyneth Paltrow: 164 votes; 2%.
  25. Ellen DeGeneres: 163 votes; 2%.

I’m surprised Jane Fonda isn’t on the list.
To vote in the poll, click here!

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0 responses to “Hillary Clinton voted second most-hated person in Hollywood

  1. Where is Jane Fonda?!

  2. Seems like Hollywood has given the “absolution” and forgiven the sins of HANOI JANE and JOHN McCAIN. They will carry the label always, TRAITORS.

    • As detestable as Jane Fonda’s actions were, I would say that, as she was not in the Armed Forces, she was not able to crash a jet into an aircraft carrier, and she was not able to give direct information on specific prisoners of war to the Viet Cong. No, John McCain did that.
      Jane Fonda did not run for President under an umbrella of lies, and she certainly has not advocated (to my knowlege) that the United States go to war against other nations. Jane Fonda did not fly over to the Middle East and meet with leaders from ISIS, and give them aid and comfort, as well as promises of financial support. No, John McCain did that.
      This is not to defend the detestable Jane Fonda. But suffice it to say that her father, actor Henry Fonda, raised her with absolutely no religion at all, and that this was a missing influence in her life. In other words, I think John McCain is a worse traitor than Jane Fonda is. Was Richard Nixon a bad President? Many people think so. Was Barack Obama an even worse President? I for one certainly think so.

      • Yeah, I agree. Don’t forget his daddy, the admiral, was driving the Liberty cover up as well. They were both a couple of menaces.

  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!! Watching the news, the popular sickening talk shows, and celebrity centered daily shows, you would think these are the most admired and beloved. Glad to know it just ain’t really so.

  4. Who colluded with Russia in that election?

  5. Fonda and Killary should be at a tie for number one.

  6. The guy who shot Penelope

  7. Looks like she’s doing a huge amount of oinking in that pic.

  8. I voted. It lets you choose more than one, so go for it!

  9. I thought this list was Hollywood’s spiritual leaders.
    Why the negativity?

  10. It wasn’t a hard choice for me-Obama,hands down. He spent 8 years being the most INTENTIONALLY destructive person TO America,IN America. I’m convinced that every single thing he DID while in office AND since he left office has been specifically done to destroy America. Prove me wrong.

  11. Looks to me that We the people got this one pretty right on. The only way it could be better is if it were 100 choices…. I voted for Broom Hilda in the only way possible: the WORST.

  12. It’s an unscientific poll, to be sure, but it does prove one point: Hollywood people may have supported and even voted for Hillary because they thought she would have given them something in return, but that does not mean that they actually like her as a person.
    It is peculiar: During last year’s campaign, a lot of my passengers were jittery and nervous about the outcome. The overwhelming majority sure as hell didn’t want Trump, but they also specifically stated they didn’t like Hillary, as a person, either. In fact, most of my passengers insisted they were disappointed with either candidate.
    What objective truth reigns supreme here? What are we to make of it? It is this: Public elected officials DO NOT NECESSARILY BELIEVE in what they say. Or, more specifically, they do not necessarily believe in a position PERSONALLY. Rather, an elected official is an AGENT, a BROKER, a representative.
    Does the cattle auctioneer actually like the cattle he sells off to the ranchers or the slaughterhouse? Has he gotten personally involved with each head of cattle, catering to its personal needs? Of course not! The cattle auctioneer may be a vegetarian and still do his job! This is what Hillary Clinton represents: Many New Yorkers hate her personally. Many New Yorkers know she is a MONSTER. They were fearful that Donald Trump may have made a bigger monster!

  13. ManCavePatriot

    What a “Basket Of Deplorables”.

  14. Hillary is as “Hollywood” as Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters

  15. Ever since I learned about MK Ultra and the torturing of children, I cannot stand to watch “who’s got talent” or “American idol” (ad nauseam) because there’s a certain ‘judge’ on these shows who looks as if he’s appraising the contestants for their ‘worthiness.’

  16. Funny. Old Hill can’t win anything can she?

    • She’s the sort that, if you invite her to your home, you have to count the tableware when she leaves.

  17. I think Ashley Judd and Joy Behar deserve honorable mention.
    There sure is plenty to go around. But this list is a great start.

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  19. How can this be? That list reads like a who’s who of Hollyweird celebrity worship. Obongo’s even in there. We all know they LOVE Obongo.

  20. People Will Die A Mysterious Death For Voting To Make Hillary The Second Most Hated Person In Hollywood…..
    May They R.I.P.


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