Hillary Clinton visits Manhattan witches' coven on day of Christ's crucifixion

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On Tuesday night, April 3, 2018, Hillary Clinton visited The Wing, an elite women’s club in Manhattan, New York (see The Wing’s enthralled tweet).

On its website, The Wing describes itself as:

“a network of co-working and community spaces designed for women. The Wing’s mission is the professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women through community.  We believe that the act of coming together as women creates new opportunities, ideas and conversations that will lead to greater mobility and prosperity for womankind.”

The Wing is elitist because it is pricey — an “all access” membership costs $2,700 a year. The club is also rabidly anti-men: It publishes a magazine titled No Man’s Land.
The Wing anti-men
But on the club’s Instagram account, The Wing identifies itself as something more than just a feminist club, but as a witches’ coven:

The Wing is a co-working and community space for women. We’re a coven, not a sorority.

Unsurprisingly, The Wing is pro-gun control:

The Wing’s Instagram is full of references to vampirism (which is a form of cannibalism), witchcraft and Satanism:

The Wing’s founder and CEO is Audrey Gelman, who was the 2008 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign’s press aide.
Gelman is a childhood friend of Lena Dunham, and an ex-girlfriend of Terry Richardson — the pornographic fashion/celebrity photographer who once depicted himself copulating with a sheep, and is accused of molesting young models.
This is Gelman’s self-description on her Twitter page:

“I’m like any modern woman trying to have it all. I just wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces & join their hellish crusade.”

In a tweet on February 4, 2017, Gelman identifies herself as a Satanist:

Hillary gets the last laugh:

H/t Voat

Update (April 7, 2018):

A reader pointed out a diabolical reason for the choice of April 3 as the date of Hillary’s visit to The Wing witches’ coven — April 3 was the date of Christ’s crucifixion.
See “Geologists confirm Jesus crucified on Friday, April 3, 33 AD”.
See also:


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0 responses to “Hillary Clinton visits Manhattan witches' coven on day of Christ's crucifixion

  1. apparently Hillary’s emails also reveal NATO took out Gaddafi because he was planning to issue a gold backed currency https://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2528.htm

    • The emails prove it. She takes chief credit for Libya in writing, with 30,000 dead, 50,000 wounded, a half million dispossessed refugees, and now rampant slavery, done under the banner of R2P. Witchcraft and Satanism seem small potatoes at this point. She was on board with the massacres of up to a million Iraqis, and, give or take ten thousand Muslim lives here or there, about a quarter million souls in Afghanistan and Syria; 8,000 in the Ukraine; it goes on, and all to serve Wall Street, Israel, and its equally numerous American fifth column. I think it was Cheney who said that because of 911 there’d be perpetual warfare effectively forever, massacring uncountable millions in the name of peace and R2P.

      • Seeing as she’s high level Illuminati everything is to advance the NWO aka OWG ( one world government) agenda I.e. the ANTICHRIST aka ANTIMESSIAH rule. All these various groups or organizations linked under the Satanic or Luciferian agenda follow an end justifies the means credo. The Georgia Guidestones layout part of that agenda

  2. Yeah, she has free parking for her broom whenever she visits.

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  4. In his book from the 1990s, Bloodlines of the Illuminati, Fritz Springmeier has a diagram of the levels comprising the Illuminati pyramid. Half way up the feminine side, is one called “Mother of Darkness” and he states that Hillary had surpassed that level already (by the mid 90s).

  5. Remember 98% of black female voters voted for Hillary. Hillary is
    a walking corpse–physically disabled, mentally impaired, and
    psychologically maladjusted. Laughed uproariously when Libyan
    leader Muammar Gaddafi was sodomized, tortured, and killed
    saying “We came, we saw, he died.” This is behavior of a
    presidential candidate? Perhaps of one who has had
    dozens of annoying people killed for her political advantage.
    Introduced a Muslim general as one of our Muslim friends
    at her nomination as though she was at a cocktail party.
    Indicates how many women have genocidal intentions
    toward the USS Titanic and men in general. Frothing with
    anger constantly is barbaric. God help the children they
    come into contact with.

    • Speaking of behavior, and temperament, as hitlery always loves to talk about trump having neither to qualify him for the Oval Office… Yet she is the most foul mouthed, short tempered, better than thou and quick to let you know it, and evil person that comes to my mind in recent history. For her to be absolutely repulsive in every way imaginable, but yet say someone else does not have the temperament to hold office, just boils my blood. These women, and sissified men who blindly support her…. I gotta wonder if they see what we see and just ignore (or even embrace) it, or if they truly are ignorant to her deeds. I don’t see how any of these people could possibly be that ignorant about her. But if they aren’t, then that is the truly unnerving aspect of all this, that we have a large group of people in this country who are willing to support and condone her kind of behavior.

        • She’s a regular charm school graduate. So refined. I give you……gutter mouth!. Rules don’t apply to HER. She wants her entitlement, dammit!
          She is all you need to demonstrate that the DNC is totally controlled. I think they are normally very stupid, but NOBODY is stupid enough to run that on their own.

        • Oh my, honey, you look so gorgeous when you talk like that! Makes me want to father your babies and spirit cook them with you. I hope Huma doesn’t mind.

          • Yeah, I have noticed this characteristic with psychopaths before. They are so intensely “tone deaf” to others they apparently cannot understand why they are so offensive.
            Just like her, I had a lawyer who worked for me once and she was very smart. She had all the advantages, private schools, excellent colleges, but she couldn’t hold a job. She was so high maintenance that I finally had to let her go. I liked her on one level, but she was so offensive to some it was unbelievable.
            She claimed to understand that, but she couldn’t help herself. I don’t particularly think Hillary is smart. She had all the advantages but turned into a Stanley Anne Dunham type character. Even in my day doing a thesis on Saul Alinsky would be over the top.

            • Anyone who allies herself with the devil, Zecharia Zit-chin (Sitchin), Rockefellers, walmart, et al can’t be too bright.

              • That’s true. I think there’s a distinction between “bright” and “immoral”. While I agree that it isn’t smart to sacrifice your immortal soul, many would see that as a “moral” choice.
                I used to teach a class on Christian moral development. I was amazed by what I found. I learned most of it from a group of monks that I knew in an Eastern Rite Catholic monastery.
                Anyway, some people lose it because they succumb to temptation aimed at their superior intellect. “Pride goeth before the fall”.

            • I could do a thesis on Saul Alinski, but it wouldn’t be nice. I did a paper on Margaret Sanger in nursing school and it was all about her own direct evil quotes. I think the teacher dropped my grade because of it.

    • I’ve heard that approximately 100% of the dead voters voted for her as well.

  6. #1, I will never, ever believe that hrc lived past 9/12/16, and WILL continue to believe that this hrc we see paraded about is the one from the afternoon of 9/11/16 (exiting Chelsea’s apt).
    #2, I guarantee not one of these broads have the ability to heal (themselves, plants, animals, people – reminiscent of pow-wow art healers), so yes, they satanists. Playing with darkness will always catch up with you.

    • You know…. The “real” HRC being yet alive is something I have been back and forth on, myself, and just haven’t come to a definite conclusion on it. I have looked at a few pics of her, and occasionally there does seem to be some slight variances to her appearance, and some people do give a decent argument about it. Considering the recent slip on the stairs in what ever country, and also breaking her wrist, I am inclined to think that is the good ole HRC we all know and love so much. Honestly, though, I haven’t paid her much attention at all, since the election

      • I think she has at least two doubles. I’ve studied the pictures of them and they are NOT the same. The one after the blackout in NYC is younger, and more likable. The other looks to be about Hillary’s age and is clearly not her when looked at closely.
        I don’t think she’s cashed in her chips just yet but she’s getting rickety. I suppose those are the wages of sin.

        • Well, it is VERY curious to say the least, that she utterly collapses getting into the van at the 9/11 event, but then a mere 2 hrs later is fit as a fiddle and hugging a child on the street. Doesn’t happen, no way, no how. Some pics I have seen (assuming they haven’t been altered) do look different in obvious ways (hairline, facial skin looking younger, etc), but what I have looked for are things that won’t likely change much, and that is her coughing fits, and her ability to get around due to health factors. Sometimes you see her entourage barely distanced from her, as if they expect a collapse at any second, and other times it seems like she walks without a single issue. Things like that don’t add up at all. Medical doctors have posted videos, stating because of her physical condition, and the traumas she has suffered, her coughing fits won’t go away.

          • If she passed out from dehydration (tied one on, AGAIN, the night before), an IV and some O2 can work wonders in an hour or two. Ask any med-student. I’ve zero doubt the scooby ambulance had both on-board. Zero.

          • That one that appeared from Chelsea Hubble’s house was NOT Hillary Clinton. She was younger, much more fit, and actually seemed likable. THAT was the dead giveaway. They would have done better to have killed Hillary and ran the double.
            I think she’s sick, alright. A lifetime of excess and nastiness has consequences. Her love of Old Granddad doesn’t help either. They should hook her up to a bourbon bottle, IV drip.

        • Supposedly body doubles have been done before, like “Paul McCartney”, one of the Popes (I forget which one), so wouldn’t be surprised at all. Some of those NWO plastic surgeons work wonders. They say that the real “Alex Jones” is now a body double, not sure when but it was supposedly when Bill Hicks “died”. Truth is stranger than fiction- even Hillary’s “books”, HA!

          • Many “celebrities” have doubles. She has at least triples. She may even have more. They were trying to please their master, Soros. They have to keep bodies on tap in case the old girl blacks out.

  7. The Clinton’s always thought they were head & shoulders
    above everyone. Its been known she’s been into witchcraft since the 80’s? So this is nothing new? Just that the media is just picking up on it now😕 She and her followers are detestable and can’t see the forest from the tree’s?

    • What makes you think “the media” is picking up on Hillary being a witch? I challenge you to find any news of Hillary’s visit to The Wing — a witches’ coven — on the MSM. You find this news only in the Alternative Media.

      • She has been doing things like that for years, even back when her and slick willy were governor of Arkansas, and the media (what I am aware of) never made any mention of her satanic associations.

        • Bills memoirs notes these 5hibfs though, that they are were married in a voodoo ritual. But since most people are no longer literate, they couldn’t be bothered to pick up a book. Same as Obama’s books. He admits things. When it comes from the horses mouth, you can’t deny it.

      • Yeah, the REAL alternative media. Not the fake alternative media like infowars.

      • Yep. And thank you Dr. Eowyn and the FOTM for being my favourite source of news; I appreciate your measured, thoughtful reporting.
        First thing I read each morning 🙂

  8. Look at all those “Empty” kitchens. Sad really…

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  10. hell we all know Hillarie is an old witch and not just she looks like one either….
    Vampire, Werewolf’s clubs are kicking in Manhattan

  11. Hillary’s getting her required Continuing Education (CE) credits done:

  12. Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all the instruments of His Holy Passion, that Thou mayest put division in the camp of Thy enemies, for as Thy Beloved Son hath said, “a kingdom divided against itself shall fall.

  13. Actually a ramp is more accessible. It’s easier to get to the top without stumbling.

    • But it doesn’t generate enough damage when falling to the bottom.

      • Since witches melt nicely in water (might explain why Hillary stinks to high heaven because she never bathes?) then just put a nice kiddie pool at the bottom of the ramp ;). Slip n slide n melt. I might have to market that lol.

  14. Kevin J Lankford

    hillary still looking for acceptance, from some body, any body.

    • She is a narcissistic piece of trash. She is the perfect counterpoint to her hubby, “Pan” Clinton. The whole country needs a retreat to ponder how they ever found themselves with creatures such as these as “leaders”.

      • How, indeed? You may want to look into the book “None Dare Call It Conspiracy,”

        • Don’t forget “The Rockefeller Files” and “Kissinger on the Couch” (both by Gary Allen. 🙂 Other great ones are (it’s traumatic just to read them!) “The Franklin Cover up” by John Decamp and “Thanks for the Memories; the Truth Has Set Me Free” by Brice Taylor.

          • I’ve been wanting to read Brice Taylor’s book for so many years after reading this: https://educate-yourself.org/mc/nwomcbturireview.shtml . But to order online (in Canada) it’s always over $200. I always have it in the back of my mind that I will stumble upon it in a used bookstore… one of these days!

            • Ziggy- you can order it from Brice Taylor Trust I think- hold on a second….okay. Not sure what the price would be for Canada, but here is the contact info: BriceTaylorTrust.com and mailing address is: PO Box 1432 Morganton, NC 28680. I bought it for $60 USD.

        • I read that book in 1971. WHAT an eye opener! Another good one is “,SATAN’S Angels Exposed”!!!

        • I have this on order, as well as “Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler”; heard they are good reads 🙂

        • After that book broke my liberal ways, I went on to John Stormers none dare call it treason, and none dare call it education. En route to global occupation by Gary kah. Loads of good books. So I am a former New Ager, former liberal, former Democrat, former evolutionist, ( yes that grew from there, the Collapse of Evolution and now our favorite Dr Dino creation series gets into everyone’s hands via thumb drive, there really is a LOT of science), and due to all these books pointing out reality, I accepted Christ too. Because these exposes led to the reality the elites are Luceferians.

    • Looking for acceptance? Not here….. I’d say she is already right at home here being a dyke witch herself. This is who she relates to. Seriously.

      • I think you’re right. They are “her people”. Just think how removed from normal thinking you have to be to believe that she would be accepted by voters. Of course she doesn’t care what they think, but she needs their vote.
        My guess is that she completely believed that her little army had it all sewn up. I also believe she went completely apoplectic when she lost.

      • Silly Hag-let wants to be worshipped, but the dupe doesn’t know the devil don’t play that way.

      • Not strictly a dyke though. When Bill was gov of Arkansas, her state troopers reported about her and Bill swapping partners beginning in a restaurant with another lawyerly couple, and they were sloppy kissing before they got to the car. So this is a committed open marriage and they have no jealousy over it. They are fine with it.

  15. There was once a book titled, ‘ The beautiful side of evil’. I forgot the author’s name, but the author was a woman. The book title and contents actually were meant to inform the reader that evil in all its ugliness actually hides behind a facade of beauty in order to deceive the masses, lure them in, then literally destroy them.

  16. The fact that anyone, especially women, can “identify” with this disgusting hag is sickening. Words do not exist that describe my revulsion of this rhetoric. “Oppressed” women, “toxic masculinity”, et al.
    It is deeply and completely evil. It is also profoundly ignorant. She is not only perverse but amazingly stupid if she actually believes that her brand of hatred is sufficient to rise to the Presidency. What a goon.

    • I’m with you Lophatt. I find this rhetoric not only extremely revolting, but it fills me with every bit as much anger as all the anti White propaganda. Every time I hear this bullshit about oppressiveness of males and the blah, blah, blah, I consider it an attack on the men I love in my life as well.
      My father was an alcoholic and abusive. There was a time when I was young that every time I heard a story of a woman raped or abused around the world, my thought was, “MEN!” But I never saw the answer in collectivism, which is what all this rhetoric is really about. I straightened my head out from the damage of my personal history, stopped being a victim, and took responsibility for my feelings, myself, and my life. The fact is, the only answer to any problem is a spiritual solution- what are you and God going to do together to change your life? But as with everything these days, political activism and the gov is put in the place of people’s lives where God only should dwell.
      I sometimes wish I had the opportunity to address groups of young women about these issues having walked through them myself, but I wouldn’t know where to start, and I don’t think I have the energy.

      • That was very beautiful. You have a great attitude. I know it sounds trite, but I really do believe that men and women are two parts of a whole. I love women. I imagine (as I have no way to “know”), that men can be exasperating to women. It works the other way round as well.
        We are not alike in all ways. We can, and do, compliment each other. That’s especially true if we concentrate on that. It is a trap to fall into thinking “all men are this” or “all women are like that”.
        The same applies to race. If people would stop fixating on it I suspect it wouldn’t be such a large issue in their lives. Neither ones gender or race is an excuse for laziness in our quest for grace in this life.
        As you clearly know, The Controllers are deliberately appealing to people’s basest natures. They are being told, “you should never have challenges. It isn’t fair. There is no God. You should get whatever you want”. We used to “uplift”. Now we drag down.
        I’m so happy to hear how you turned it around. I’ve worked with people who wallow in self-pity their whole lives. It’s not only unattractive, it’s unproductive as well. What an insult to God, who gives us everything we need and more.

        • Thank you After one has been a victim, and then given it up, one sees clearly that being a victim does not equate to being blameless or a saint,.but clearly that is the psychology that is peddled in all these leftist circles, be it on race or gender. What a lie!!! Nut how liberating to out from under that delusion- if only people knew.
          ….. and yes I think that is why this is all so maddening as well….
          … the beauty of a man and woman together- the complimentary nature of the two together, feels so sacred, IS sacred as God intended. How vile, how blasphemous, to denigrate men and the relationship between men and women. The old James Brown song, It’s a Mans World,( but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl), works the other way too. Can’t imagine a world without men – how empty, how nothing. But I think that is the goal of these freaks- no more sexes, just clone everywhere!

          • I applaud you for seeing how it is. Many women who have abusive fathers (and the flip side, men who have abusive mothers) end up hating all men or all women. I try to keep in mind for myself to not let the evil one divide all of us. That is so great that you see through the propaganda that’s being foisted on everyone.

            • Thanks Chem! I can’t say it didn’t take an enormous effort though- years of work literally jumping off s cliff into the unknown where I told God either you catch me, or I die. That’s what it felt like, but in order to get rid of the fear you first have to be willing to walk through it. I can honestly say the stress I went through felt like a did a few tours of duty in Vietnam, and my body paid for it, but what else is greater than being free from your own darkness?
              Human nature is to project our own minds onto others, and reality in general. It is the way Satan uses our own darkness against us, and to create discord in the world around us. It is so simple, and yet seems the hardest thing to do for most people to get out from under. What a world this world this could be…if only.

              • I think where a lot of us get into trouble is when we start writing scripts for our lives. The more inclined a person is to envision how every encounter is “supposed” to go, the more likely they are to be disappointed.
                This is both a fear and a control issue. The fear makes some want to orchestrate everything. Of course that never works so they get very frustrated and disappointed.
                I have enough trouble managing myself. I certainly can’t manage everyone else. I try to meet them where they are. If I find that a good match, that’s great. If not, I walk away. I’ve learned to just “offer it up”.

              • Throwing off programming must be like the heaviest cement blanket ever created! Emotionally we humans can get tied up with our beliefs which then makes it all the harder to see reality sometimes. I’m so glad you made it! 🙂 I wish more would turn to God instead of the alternative. But, I get the feeling more are turning to Him than we realize, good news doesn’t sell.

    • There are always those who don’t know or refuse to see reality. Just like the peasants being starved to death by Stalin, they would say “Oh but if Stalin only KNEW this was happening he’d stop it”.

  17. She’ll fit right in even if she’s old school with the eye of newt thing.

  18. Seems like a totally appropriate fit.

  19. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    The progressives don’t think – they just emote.

  20. Hillary just proved that all the rumors are true: Her other car really is a broom.

  21. My first Uber call on Tuesday was to 52 Mercer Street, where The Wing has one of their spaces. Traffic is always awful in Soho: I could not cross Broome Street, a major artery to the Holland Tunnel.
    I checked out their website. I did so just to see if there was anyone in it or on it I used to know. No names yet. But as I’ve said, when I was a teacher at one school, at least two women in my department admitted that they were witches.
    Apparently, witchcraft and satanism are on the rise in America. I blame two primary movements for its inception and rise: Theosophy (which has its main meeting center on E. 79 St., Manhattan) and women’s liberation, which Dr. Henry Makow has blamed on the Rockefeller gang. And from what I have read and heard, there are witches and satanists in every state of the Union.
    Evil is on the march, and it’s bigger than Hillary Clinton. The real problem here begins with Hillary’s absolute refusal to concede an election she justly lost: She may be part of a plan to stall the Trump agenda, if not part of an outright coup. (I have heard the same of Barack Obama). The problem with this is that this movement will outlive Hillary.
    Well, good post with good intell. But let’s also remember that Skull & Bones has been on the march for almost 200 years and has “graced” the Presidency with at least two losers already!

    • “Broome” street? LOL! That’s pretty funny.

    • I read a piece last night where this “Wing” outfit is expanding to D.C. and several other cities. They were running ads for it. It looks like another entry for their New World Religion. Apparently this one is a matriarchy.

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  23. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for further unmasking this skinwalker wendigo called Hillary.

  24. I do believe in the bad against the good. Don’t we, brothers and sisters before God, Jesus Christ children, know that we are entering the anteroom of humanity’s destruction? Satan waits, then the Second Coming awaits for us righteous followers of the truth.

    • If they had any brains or a soul, they would be mourning that date because that is the beginning of the END for them- Christ died for all of us, the whole world, and in His death He judged satan and changed everything and brought about the chance for our salvation.

  25. There’s some serious money funding this “club.”
    How ironic and hilarious would it be if it was George Soros.
    So much for their girls’ club.

    • Ultimately, Soros is just the Devil’s agent. Apparently he is designated as the “political” face of Rothschild ownership. There are many others. It really isn’t “HIS” money any more than “Epstein” is a “self-made billionaire”. He just happens to be the face of the pedophilia arm of the Rothschild operation. Etc., etc., etc..

  26. Before Hillary’s appearance at the witches coven Humaalmcollc@a scoured Hillary’s hairy rectum with 20 mule team Borax to keep the flies away

  27. Can you imagine knowing someone who could announce “I’m going to a witches coven in Manhattan Friday? How about “I’ve set aside $2,700 for dues to my witches coven”? Remember, they tell us this is s “mainstream politics party”.

  28. This occurred on April 3, which is the real date of Jesus crucifixion…April 3, 33.
    They were celebrating Christ’s torture and death.

  29. Dan, don’t forget the over 400,000 that died fighting in the Libyan civil war that erupted after we destroyed their country (killing over 40,000).

  30. Just how much STOOOPID can you get into one room?!!!
    To bad we can’t HEX them ALL to be ragging at the same time….
    Then we could watch them all SCRATCH EACH OTHERS EYES OUT!!!!
    That’s not a “Coven of Witches”…. that’s a “Room Full Of D1pSh1ts”!!!!

  31. FemtardedFantasies

    It’s the Female Rocket Science Foundation….

  32. Wow! Awesome work! Truly awesome! Thank you!

  33. If the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified on April 3, then why did we celebrate on April 1st, I mean Easter truly should be celebrated when the Lord was resurrected.
    Hillary and co better repent before it’s too late.

  34. You are all really weird fuckers

  35. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:
    Read the rest of the story. Crucifixion April 3, 33 A.D.; rose from the dead three days after, will return and destroy Lucifer and followers.

  36. Dave Hodges over at The Common Sense Show has written that Hildebeest was (is?) a 4th degree witch, which I’m assuming is a REALLY HIGH-RANKING witch, because a “High Priestess” is only a 3rd degree witch.
    Larry Nichols has also stated that while First Lady of Arkansas (the first time around), she’d fly out to LA (sans broom) about every 4-6 weeks to drink some witches brew (my words), or at least a coven gathering.

  37. That pic sais April 3, 2018…..yet I hear HRC is out of the country on the run from indictments….the pic of her is small but I think it’s not her, maybe some clone propped up……if so then they are using her image to play with the witches for some reason….games never end if they can game

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