Hillary Clinton viewed even more favorably in new poll, despite scandals

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sheeple watch TV
We truly are a nation of sheeple.
Despite all the recent news about Hillary’s corrupt Clinton Foundation — of “donations” from foreign donors in return for State Department favors, and the “non-profit” (i.e., tax exempt) Foundation not claiming the foreign donations on IRS tax returns going back 15 years — a new NYT/CBS poll says Americans, specifically Demonrats, view her even more favorably than before.
From the New York Times, May 5, 2015:

Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to have initially weathered a barrage of news about her use of a private email account when she was secretary of state and the practices of her family’s foundation, an indication that she is starting her second presidential bid with an unusual durability among Democratic voters.
Americans now view Mrs. Clinton more favorably and more see her as a strong leader than they did earlier in the year, despite weeks of scrutiny about her ethics, a New York Times/CBS News poll has found. And nearly nine in 10 Democrats say the nation is ready to elect a woman president. […]
Mrs. Clinton remains a polarizing figure — nearly the same percentage of Americans view her positively as negatively — but her favorability rating has improved by nine percentage points since the disclosure in late March that she did not use a government email account as secretary of state.
And the number of Americans who think Mrs. Clinton has strong qualities of leadership has risen by eight percentage points, to 65 percent from 57 percent, in that period. Still, Mrs. Clinton begins this campaign with fewer voters saying she possesses such qualities than did in July 2007, near the outset of her first presidential bid.
Mrs. Clinton has one primary opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, and more Democrats are likely to enter the race, but her party seems particularly unbothered by questions relating to the emails and to the foundation that she, her husband and their daughter oversee.
While roughly 48 percent of Americans say Mrs. Clinton is honest and trustworthy, about four of five Democrats think she has those traits — and about the same numbers of Democrats say she shares the values most Americans try to live by.
Fifty-two percent of Democrats said they knew nothing or very little about the Clinton Foundation, and only 10 percent said foreign donations to the foundation affected Mrs. Clinton’s decisions while she was the nation’s top diplomat. Just 9 percent of Democratic voters said they would not consider voting for Mrs. Clinton.
”I think the whole thing is political and it’s going to wash away eventually,” Herbert Levengard, 83, a Democratic retiree from Maryland, said in a follow-up interview. “There are always going to be people who mess around and look for things to yell about, but I don’t care.

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head bangCrap. Why am I doing the “See also” list? No one cares about the truth. Certainly not Democrats. To quote my erstwhile faux (because she’s generous only with other people’s money) socialist friend Stephanie: “I’ve made up my mind! Don’t confuse me with facts!”

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0 responses to “Hillary Clinton viewed even more favorably in new poll, despite scandals

  1. Where are the ” Woodward’s and Bernstein’s ” of today ? They would have a field day with this biotch ………I would think if they held true to their beliefs of the ” peoples right to know “

  2. Northerngirl

    It’s true, you can’t fix stupid and that’s exactly what Democratic voters are. They don’t care about corruption, all they care about is that she has a D after her name or that she’s a woman. The sad part is that we Conservatives have to take the ride to political hell every time the Democrats elect another crooked politican.

    • Lance Jackson

      I agree but it’s no better voting rethuglican today, they’re same church different pew. I have an I after my name, although an independent with strong moral values who loves the former USA stands a better change of being struck by lightning 100 times than getting elected

  3. Never underestimate the intellect ( or lack there of ) of a democrap

    • Lance Jackson

      Also never underestimate the evil that pervades the hearts of those who lust for power, who’s intellect pledges allegiance to their god satan

  4. Lance Jackson

    Is this all part of the grand delusion that the sovereign God himself, Jesus Christ said he would spread across the land. People have to either be lobotomized OR…..supernatural intervention has to be taking place to make people this blind. Hell resident Lucifer, Killary Soros could be standing grinning in a pile of dead babies and elderly people, machetes in hand and the masses would still erupt in orgasmic applause and approval.

  5. traildustfotm

    Once again, how can the Democrat voters be so stupid?!!!!!

  6. half of this country is out of their minds

  7. Remnant Faithful Christian in Amerika, the day is at hand to “shake off the dust under your feet.” The Judgement on Amerika has already begun.

  8. Poll oversampled Democrats by a huge margin to confuse you sheeple.

    • Even assuming that to be the case, what the poll found about Democrats is still the same — which is that most of them didn’t pay attention to the news of the corrupt Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s illicit use of a personal email account to conduct business as secretary of state. Nor do Democrats care what kind of person Hillary is.

  9. Kevin J Lankford

    This should only be seen as proof that these polls are fabricated, the numbers just fixed to give the impression of favored status, and perhaps a real indication of the chosen victor of their voter fraud scam.

    • Polls,and Statistics,can be so easily manipulated to show whatever result is desired,that they are absolutely WORTHLESS.

  10. “Strong qualities of leadership”…..that can be a very dangerous thing for one without any conscience whatsoever who would lead this country straight to hell. Hard to imagine they are unable to recognize the “wicked witch of the west”, among other things. I wonder, will she melt if someone throws a bucket of water on her–maybe some holy water, huh?

    • Lance Jackson

      The air over washington AC/DC will be filled with the flapping of flying monkeys

  11. Well there’s your answer why she is doing so well… A poll conducted by CBS/NYT. If I sampled my choice of group and was responsible for fabricating- I mean publicizing- my findings, I could make Saddam Hussein look good in the American polls.

  12. The last line of the article, to quote the brain dead 83 year old Maryland Moron: “I don’t care” ….. that is the driving force of all ‘Democrat/Socialist” voters. They just don’t give a damn…. and they’re rather successful at imposing their distorted will on the rest of us….. even if they have to manipulate the voting machines to do it. Nothing is beneath them.
    The Democrat/Socialist/Marxist motto:
    “No Morals, No Integrity, No Decency, No Honesty, No Values”
    Truly the Party of ‘No”……

  13. I would surmise the poll wasn’t taken in strong Christian and Republican states.

  14. Don’t forget. POLLs show what the creators of the Poll want them to show.

  15. A NYT/See BS poll isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

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