Hillary Clinton slipping in polls big time

Hillary For Prison 2016Excerpts from ConservativeIntel:
Clinton is in big trouble. We may be reaching the tipping point at which Democratic voters decide she is not just a scoundrel, but something far less tolerable — a loser.
Take, for example, a few of the most recent polls:

  • The latest Washington Post poll has her at only 46% and leading Donald Trump by only three points nationwide.
  • Clinton ties Trump, trails Ben Carson by five points, and trails Jeb Bush by two points nationwide in the latest CNN poll.
  • She trails Trump by five points nationwide in a recent Survey USA poll.
  • She trails Trump by five points and Jeb by 11 points in Iowa in the latest Marist poll.
  • She trails Bush by five and Trump by one in New Hampshire, according to Marist.

These numbers are ominous for Clinton, especially when we add the customary disclaimer about her universal name recognition. As a candidate whom all the voters know already, she has little room to grow. Any result that puts her too far below 50% is quite bad, even if she happens to have a small lead. And there is no poll that shows her with a large general election lead.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden fares better in nearly every matchup — although he does not lead in all of  them.
We are now reaching the point where these polls are emboldening the Democratic opposition and challenging the faith of Hillary’s die-hard supporters. It is no coincidence that just as Clinton is looking like a less-than-inspiring general election candidate, both Bernie Sanders and Biden (still just a theoretical candidate) are surging in state and national primary polls. For example:

  • Quinnipiac now has Sanders leading in Iowa by a hair.
  • CBS/YouGov, though it uses a less reliable methodology, now has Sanders up 10 points in Iowa.
  • Sanders continues to lead in New Hampshire by a much wider margin of nine points.
  • As recently as June, Clinton led her Democratic rivals nationally by somewhere between 40 and 60 points. The latest CNN poll has her lead down to 10 points, with both Sanders and Biden exceeding 20% support.

The great fear for Democrats at the rank-and-file level is that they could end up stuck with an unelectable nominee. And this cuts more than one way. It may be that their two current choices are both unelectable — Clinton because she is perceived as untrustworthy and dishonest, and Sanders because he is just too far to the left politically.
If Clinton is unelectable, many liberals would rather take their chances with Sanders. And of course, there’s always the third potential option, if Vice President Biden actually decides to run.
Of course, Biden hasn’t jumped in yet, and the clock is ticking. As we have noted previously, the last candidate to wait until October and still succeed was Bill Clinton in 1992, and that happened under a very different set of circumstances.
To most people, Biden’s choice might seem like a no-brainer. The market demand is definitely there  for a formidable, mainstream Democratic candidate, and they are in short supply. With the Democratic field thinned significantly by the 2010 and 2014 elections, Biden is now the only realistic third alternative to those two. Neither former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee nor former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has managed to gain any traction, and so barring some kind of miracle for one of them, there just aren’t any other choices.
But as Biden makes up his mind, it’s also important to remember that politicians are people, too. Biden’s son died this year. He also knows it will not be pleasant to go up against the Clinton machine, and that a bloody battle against her could leave the eventual winner in a hopeless position for the general election.

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4 years ago

All politicians with communist handlers are going down now!
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4 years ago

“If Clinton is unelectable, many liberals would rather take their chances with Sanders the future of this country.” We can’t afford a socialist. $19 TRILLION is not sustainable.

Robert McElhaney
Robert McElhaney
4 years ago

Yes!!! Lock the Crook Up!!!

4 years ago

And it’s only because of liberals pollsters and polling samples (wink, wink) that Hillary’s doing as well as she is… does anyone really think the same percentage of average Americans who’s impression of her is “dishonest” would actually vote for her?

Steven Broiles
4 years ago

The Clintons are a strange political pair. I remember when Bill was running for the nomination in 1992. At first, all the Democrats were tripping all over themselves, trying to figure out how to get rid of him. And then he won the nomination! Hillary, once enamored of becoming the Nation’s first hectoring, harrowing, harranging Harridan-in-Chief, seems haggard, shop-worn and washed out. She is running, so it seems, and yet, her heart is not in it this time. Could it be that her political career is beginning to fossilize? I know that the Clintons have always been tight with the… Read more »

4 years ago

How can they LEGALLY run ANYBODY for office? They ALL are GUILTY of giving us a muslim INVADER for the last one, and that makes ALL of them subject for PRISON! They ALL committed TREASON! The ONLY way to get America back is to put an end to all THE BS. On BOTH SIDES, no more lobbyist and NO MORE ELITIST on the puppet strings! QUIT making ASSHOLES into Heroes, we have some REAL Heroes that are NEVER recognized. Semper Fi.

4 years ago

As far as the Republicans, Prescott Bush helped Hitler and tried to overthrow our government, HW Bush helped kill Kennedy, GW Bush hired 9/11, no telling what they have in store for Jeb! THINK PEOPLE THINK! Semper Fi.

4 years ago

Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post which fostered hope in my soul! God, please help us!