Hillary Clinton nutcracker? It's sexist, of course!

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Yahoo: Urban Outfitters is back in the spotlight again for their questionable product choices. This time it’s for the Hillary Clinton Nutcracker, an actual nutcracker in the shape of, you-guessed-it, Hillary Clinton. These days it seems as if Urban Outfitters’ marketing plan is largely based around generating press on derogatory items such as a “one of a kind sweatshirt featuring the Kent State University logo” with a suspicious blood-like spatter, and an array of T-shirts that perpetuate stereotypes against Native Americans, Mexicans, Jews, and Irish among others (at least the fact that no one is safe is slightly comforting?).

The Clinton Christmas stocking-stuffer is no exception to the retailer’s controversial rules. The gag gift has actually been around since at least 2007, along with its mate Corkscrew Bill Clinton, is part of the company’s online boutique that sells vintage, kitschy, one-of-a-kind items. The nutcraker, which has already sold out online and was available at $60, is absolutely sexist, sure, but it would be more insulting if it was any less boring. Calling powerful women nutcrackers reveals men’s fear of powerful women and this degrading school of thought is SO old-school! In the current cultural climate where “feminism” is the word buzzing on everyone’s lips and faux-misandry is the new irony, this nutcracker fails to become the mocking, demeaning thing that its creators probably intended it to be and instead is a sign of triumph.

Reactions on Twitter have been mixed with some accusing UO of getting a head-start on the kinds of things Clinton will surely face if she decides to run for president in 2016, and other conservatives relishing the fact that they are really “sticking it” to the former Secretary of State and her supporters.

“Stainless Steel Thighs!”? A girl’s best friend, who wouldn’t want them? “Cracks Toughest Nuts!”? Well, someone’s gotta do it! It’s time to throw everyone’s weapons of discrimination and mocking back in their faces. I bet Clinton will have one of these in her office (and all the Hillary Clinton fangirls will get or give one during the holidays this year). Better try harder next time!
Maybe they should make a doll of this:

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0 responses to “Hillary Clinton nutcracker? It's sexist, of course!

  1. It’s not sexist. It’s realist. Just ask Bill, and the Secret Service agents with the misfortune of being assigned to protect her.

  2. Reality keeps getting weirder and weirder. I never know whether to laugh or cry. From all IO have read about Killary from those who knew her, Killary’s nut cracking skills would put any feminist to shame. how about valuing die-versity version with Moochelle Obunko

  3. Well I like it and I want one!! Sexist, racist, I’m so sick of all the labels. Labels are for the Liberal fools that have no way to make a reasonable argument so they turn to the label as a way of ending a debate immediately through fear and intimidation. Get over it Liberals, some of us could care less what label you try to pin on us. You know, stick and stones and all that good stuff some of us learned young.

  4. Is America ready for this deceiver? Slithering forked tongue! Spews endless lies!

  5. THEY SAID CRACKER!!! nut CRACKER-That’s RACIST!! (sarc)
    Wouldn’t mind having one,but probably,just like everything she’s involved with,it wouldn’t WORK!

  6. Really?? They have been selling these for years!!! Why the fake outrage from feminists?? They should be proud.

  7. If it was a Sarah Palin nut cracker, it would get a guest spot on the view and the whole world would be invited to “enjoy the audio” as it made the rounds everywhere.

  8. “stainless steel thighs” more like cottage cheese thighs. The doll looks better than her.

  9. I am disgusted by the fact that Ole Hill isn’t in prison. WTF does a politician have to do to get locked up in this lawless nation???


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