Hillary Clinton memoir to be released June 10

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Can you say Photoshop?

Can you say Photoshop?

NY Daily News: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book on her time as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state will be released on June 10, her publisher says.

Publisher Simon & Schuster said Wednesday that Clinton would share “candid reflections about key moments during her time as Secretary of State as well as her thoughts about how to navigate the challenges of the 21st century.” The book’s title and jacket design have not yet been released; the publishing date was released by the publisher on a website for the book: https://www.hillaryclintonmemoir.com/

Clinton’s book has been widely anticipated as she considers another presidential campaign in 2016. The former first lady and New York senator is already a best-selling author: Her 2003 memoir, “Living History,” sold more than 1 million copies.

Clinton has been traveling the country giving paid speeches to industry organizations and appearing before a variety of constituency groups that comprise the Democratic party. During a speech in San Francisco on Tuesday, Clinton said she was seriously considering a presidential bid and all it would entail.

“The hard questions are not, ‘Do you want to be president?’ ‘Can you win?’ The hard questions are, ‘Why? Why would you want to do this?’ and “What? What could you offer that could make a difference?” she said.

Her new book and accompanying media tour will offer Clinton the opportunity to share her outlook for the nation and offer hints about another campaign. Clinton said during a March speech to a publishing industry trade group that her upcoming book will address the “rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent world” and 21st century challenges from “Crimea to climate change.”

“Just another light, summer read,” Clinton joked to the Association of American Publishers. Clinton said at the time that she was still working on the book, so the June 10 date would represent a quick turnaround by the publisher. Simon & Schuster declined comment on whether she has finished the book.

Clinton is scheduled to be in Chicago on June 10 to address the United Fresh Produce Association and Food Marketing Institute.

Clinton has said she is working with a team of friends and advisers that includes her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and daughter, Chelsea Clinton, and her editor at Simon & Schuster, Jonathan Karp.

Wonder if she’ll address Benghazi or the missing $6 BILLION from the State Department under her watch?

At this point, “what difference does is make?”




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0 responses to “Hillary Clinton memoir to be released June 10

  1. Too bad she didn’t get hit by that shoe the other day!

  2. By now frequent readers know of my loathing for this creature & her stand-in husband, as I learned how completely evil both are from my recently deceased friend Dr Tom OBrien. As far as I’m concerned, both their entire miserable lives can be summed simply as “Living Lies to Live By”.

  3. “The hard questions are not, ‘Do you want to be president?’ ‘Can you win?’ The hard questions are, ‘Why? Why would you want to do this?’ and “What? What could you offer that could make a difference?” she said.
    Notice she studiously AVOIDED saying,”…that could make a GOOD difference?” ANY stooge could get elected and change a bunch of stuff that would ruin the economy,negate people’s rights and lower the Country to the level of the third world Countries,as is proven by ALL the Democratic “leaders” in recent History.

  4. How can she have any memoirs ? I thought her pat answer was ” I’m sorry , I don’t recall ” ?


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