Hillary Clinton makes joke about black people: “They all look alike”

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Imagine the outcry if a white republican had said this.

Hillary Clinton gets a free pass from the demorat-loving media EVERY SINGLE TIME.


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23 responses to “Hillary Clinton makes joke about black people: “They all look alike”

  1. That witch also pandered to blacks by feigning a southern accent. Why blacks aren’t offended escapes me. Plantation mentality.

    • Didn’t she also claim to carry peppers in her purse. This comment was almost as precious as her in black face a few years back and Bubba was dressed as a southern hick in coveralls. They thought they were oh so cute. Such hypocrites.

      • There was a piece out a couple of days ago by a former Whitehouse worker who claims he heard her calling some of the staff by a name that rhymes with Roy Roger’s horse.

        • Yep, just ask the Marines that guarded her sorry rear what she called them. Even down to her helicopter pilot, she has a mouth nastier than any drunken pirate. Sadly, the media always covers her nastiest.

  2. It’s a “who” thing, not a “what” thing. They are such disgusting hypocrites. Of course, they do not understand the meaning of the word. For them words are just something you use to get your way. Whether they are true is unimportant.

    There have been a lot of awful politicians over the years but I have never seen one as bad as her. She is utterly unable to have empathy for anyone. The fact that her “followers” can’t see this is really an “Emperor’s new clothes” thing.

    Of course, anybody stupid enough to actually consider voting for her needs to seek a power of attorney. How insane do they have to be to run her?

  3. A friend of mine was stationed as a USMC White House guard. He took a 2 stripe bust to get out of there. He said Hillary was a foul mouthed POS that screamed at everyone and threw things. Everyone tried to stay out of her way as much as possible. Nothing surprises me where she is concerned.

  4. What my friend Dr Tom OBrien told me about them, when he was their Merrill Lynch financial advisor –trading Commodities on their behalf when they were still in the Arkansas government– is that as bad as the two of them are, she is by far the worst of the Duo of Duplicity. We’re talking more than 20 years ago, so you know that these are long time traits of hers.

    • Their former partner in greed in Arkansas has written much about them and their MO’s. SHE is decidedly the wickedest of the two. It is said that nobody could understand why Willy teamed with her. She was unattractive (inside and out) and smelled bad.

      When I worked for the Government I used to have a contingent of SeaBees nearby who told me their experiences working “State Department Duty” at Camp David. Boy, did they have some mean things to say about her. They described her as a drunken lunatic.

      I suppose that’s the sort of selfish emotion one must have to bite and claw one’s way to the pinnacle of power. The long and short of it is that we, by design, elect insane people to office. I don’t think that’s what The Framers had in mind.

      • @Lophatt,
        The Clinton body count is way past 100. When he was governor of Arkansas they were running a cocaine for weapons op that left a load of Mena witnesses dead.

  5. Killary can say they all (blacks) look alike and everybody laughs…..Republican Ron DeSantis sayd electing black opponent Andrew Gillum would “monkey this up” and he was crucified.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      I seem to recall he was talking about how electing a Democrat *in general* would “monkey up” (we say “throw a monkey wrench into”) the current Republican recovery; he wasn’t even referring to his future opponent’s race/color, but that’s what they claimed and jumped on to get POCs to turn against him.

      Reminds me of how VA Senate candidate George Allen got caught on video at a private party by a Democrat spy with a camera… not for what he was saying to his potential re-election contributors, but for calling the spy out as a monkey for the left (called him a “macaca”). They ruined his career over it.

      I worked with a PhD scientist from Canada (while we were working together in Texas, no less) who good-naturedly called me (and other grad. students) “monkey boys” when we hung out in his lab watching him to learn about what he was doing. We didn’t take it harshly; he was Canadian, for crying out loud.
      It’s just a saying that comes from how monkeys will watch and repeat what they see — “Monkey see, monkey do.” And repeat it, often times wrongly… whether verbally or physically.

      But that’s the M.O. of the MSM: report everything the Right does in the most biased, offensive light, even if it means leaving the truth out or lying outright.

  6. The unravelling Hillary is the person Rick Morris tells us of on his Lunch Alert! Those brief posts provide much information.

  7. The connection between the leftist elite’s fabrication of this Second Reality spewing from her lips, in which they assume godlike power for the transvaluation of all Christian values, and Luciferian occultism is not just some tired metaphor. Wurmbrand’s Marx and Satan (free at archive dot org) meticulously proves Marxism is motivated by psychotic hatred rather than any love for mankind. Hillary is a cultural Marxist.

    In The Brothers Karamazov Ivan/Hillary’s gnostic plans, in her case, amongst other evils, for lobotomizing and emasculating men, are proved an ugly fraud in the chapter on The Grand Inquisitor.

    On another theme from that novel, the Dems’ white, middle class women, most of whom know nothing about our government, glibly vote for her frumpy, all-too-human foibles because of her desire to remake the world in the image of themselves, even if it takes annihilating Western Civilization—without ever realizing this mirror image of themselves in Hillary Clinton is an image of the Devil himself.

  8. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Billary REALLY needs to stop talking publicly.
    She’s getting as bad as her husband.

  9. Well, it is KKKomrade Broom Hilda, after all.

  10. AFA is encouraging God’s people to pray and fast on Monday, November 5, for God’s will to be done on Election Day. Let’s appeal to the God of heaven to intervene and motivate his people to select godly leadership to guide our country.

  11. And when it comes to democrats….they all bitch, complain and cheat alike.

  12. My late father contracted polio and was in a wheelchair for the last two thirds of his life. Small consolation, but once that dread virus did its damage, it left him. Hillary, on the other hand, is like a bad case of herpes that, although not crippling (ostensibly), never seems to go away. For once we turn around, there she is again!
    Hillary, you Klownish Koughing Kween, you put the Energizer Rabbit to shame! NOW GO AWAY!

    • Sorry, Steven, to hear the facts/story about your dad….but…having worked for the US Public Health Service in the past…I have OFTEN thought of Hillary in JUST these terms—–a plague…a scourge…..a public menace that we can’t get ahead of/can’t irradicate…..Just when we think we sent her packing—she “mutates” and comes back at us in an altered state…..ready to move on in a “re-invented” form. Oddly, the only “altered things” are her multiple hair-cuts/hairstyles. Her wardrobe and politics always remain the SAME REGRESSIVE talking points/policy as always. Like all those other career politicians who are “serving” in our supposedly “citizen representative” government…..she is not only our worst nightmare, but also the WORST example of what the founders tried to guard against…….

  13. Red Tsunami on Tuesday. Keep America Great!

  14. Off topic Dr Eowyn, but I think this will interest you & FOTM readers. Whitey Bulger has ties to Robert Mueller & top FBI/DOJ criminal/traitors.

    Was Whitey Bulger’s Prison Murder a Deep State Hit to Protect Mueller?


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