Hillary Clinton: ‘If that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses’

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I’ve read on the AltMedia that Hillary Clinton had an outburst, in which the pathological liar said probably the only truthful thing she’s ever said:

“If that fucking bastard [Donald Trump] wins, we all hang from nooses.”

So I did a search and found the source of that quote: Bill Still, of The Still Report videos on YouTube.

On his website, Still describes himself as:

A former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos.

According to Still, during last year’s presidential campaign at the Commander-In-Chief Forum on September 7, 2016, moderator Matt Lauer went “off script” and asked Hillary about her using an illegal, private email-server when she was secretary of state.

See “Hillary Clinton wore an ear phone at Commander-in-Chief Forum

According to Bill Still’s source — an unnamed “NBC associate producer of the forum” — Hillary was so enraged that, after the forum, she went into a ballistic melt-down, screaming at her staff, including a racist rant at Donna Brazile, calling Brazile a “buffalo” and “janitor”. Brazile recently turned against Hillary — now we know why.

This is the NBC associate producer’s account of what happened:

“Hillary proceeded to pick up a full glass of water and throw it at the face of the assistant, and the screaming started.

She was in a full meltdown and no one on her staff dared speak with her — she went kind of manic and did not have any control over herself at that point. How these people work with this woman is amazing to me. She really didn’t seem to care who heard any of it.

You really had to see this to believe it. She came apart — literally unglued. She is the most foul-mouthed woman I’ve ever heard. And that voice at screech level — awful!

She screamed she’d get that fucking Lauer fired for this. Referring to Donald Trump, Clinton said, ‘If that fucking bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished, and if I lose, it’s all on your heads for screwing this up.’
Her dozen or more aides were visibly disturbed and tried to calm her down when she started shaking uncontrollably as she screamed to get an executive at Comcast, the parent company of NBC Universal, on the phone. Then two rather large aides grabbed her and helped her walk to her car.”

Remember this? February 4, 2016, in Charleston, SC.

Bill Still said:

“Matt Lauer was massively criticized for the rest of the week on air by the Clinton campaign and the rest of the MSM as having conducted ‘an unfair and partisan attack on Clinton’. Calls were made to The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post and Twitter executives, with orders to crush Matt Lauer. One staffer on the Clinton campaign told the NBC staff that they all fear Clinton’s wrath and uncontrollable outbursts, and one described Hillary as ‘an egotistical psychopath’.

Since Hillary does not allow any staff to have cell phones when she is in their presence, no footage is available.

Interim DNC chairman Donna Brazile, the first black woman to hold the position, was singled out by Hillary during the rant. She screamed at Donna, ‘I’m so sick of your face! You stare at the wall like a brain-dead buffalo, while letting that fucking Lauer get away with this! What are you good for, really? Get the fuck to work, janitoring this mess, do I make myself clear?’

A female NBC executive said Donna Brazile looked at Mrs. Clinton and never flinched, which seemed to enrage Hillary all the more. The executive continued: ‘It was the most awful and terrible and racist display. Such a profane meltdown I have ever witnessed from anyone, and I will never forget it. That woman should never see the inside of the Oval Office, I can tell you that. She was unhinged and just continued to verbally abuse everyone. She was out of control.'”

Below is Bill Still’s video report:

According to Secret Service agents, Hillary Clinton is known for her foul mouth, and for being rude to the agents who protect her with their lives, and dismissive of White House staffers. When she was first lady, she ordered everyone to not speak to her or look her in the eye if they encountered her in hallways. Staffers were said to hide behind curtains when they saw her.


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41 responses to “Hillary Clinton: ‘If that f-ing bastard Trump wins, we all hang from nooses’

  1. Hadenoughalready

    Imagine this slithering black mamba with her trembling fingers on the nuke button? And “it” says Trump’s “unstable”???

  2. Wow! Finally we get some detail of Hillary’s outbursts. And also, perhaps it was Matt Lauer going “off script” that sealed his fate and caused him to be thrown under the bus this week.

  3. Could DoJ hurry it up?

  4. LOL..and she wonders why she lost….

  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    It is a crying shame that no one, except Prez Trump, has ever stood up to this witch and put her in her place. I hope to see that happens whenever she enters any public forum.
    It is disgraceful to call her a woman – in fact, when she uses such foul language, I feel sorry for the people who had to endure this arrogance that she feels for others.
    Who gave her the idea that she could treat people like this?
    Time for the public to ignore and dismiss this woman from any public forum.

  6. I would prefer a web cam in Hillary’s cell. Watching her over the course of time. Knowing that she can’t hurt anyone anymore, while profiting would be a comfort.

    • The perfect punishment besides the barren cold cell would be a video of election night playing over and over and over for her to watch…talk about a living hell for her!

  7. My wonderful friend, Dr Tom OBrien, deceased only a few years before her downfall, was the chief financial advisor to the Duo of Duplicity when they were still hustling and on the make in Arkansas. Despite earning them millions legally, they immediately went against his advice and stashed those funds in foreign banks in the Caribbean. He said that as evil as Billy BobO was, she was evil incarnate, so he maintained distance as much as he could from both, but especially her. Ah, Tom, if only you could see her squirm and rot before our eyes!

    • Sadly this drunken bitch will not go to JAIL, she and Billy Goat although they have no morals, have been subjected to so much worldwide shame they are paying dearly. I believe there are too many countries that will not welcome them afraid they will cast a shadow in their relations with the US.

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  9. Hillary is Queen Jezebel reincarnated

  10. Finally ‘Hell-bound Hillary’ tells the truth, but I think a Firing Squad for her would sell lots of PPV tickets, maybe a half-time show prior to her execution would be nice

  11. I can only wonder how some one like her (and bill, of course) can weasel their way into such positions of power, as if they are surrounded by admirers of equal vile evil ready to prepare a place and welcome them into their cult.
    Clearly this kind of evil does not begin or end with the clintons.

  12. “You really had to see this to believe it.”
    I’ll take his word for it. I wouldn’t want to be within 10 feet of her during one of her outbursts.

  13. If I am ever to be called “an f—ing bastard” (again), I want it to be from Hillary Clinton.
    Bill Still is an excellent source of information.

  14. I am sure you all saw Trump’s Tweet on “When will all the NBC and Comcast Executives be fired”…..Trump KNOWS something we don’t, and it’s something the press won’t cover truthfully. WHY OH WHY would Hildebeast ask to get a COMCAST Executive on the phone simply because Matt Lauer (for once) asked a real investigative reporter question? For all those liberal/never Trumper naysayers that say Trump (his tweets) is/are “unhinged”, I say “What do you have to hide? It won’t be a secret for long”! MAGA and God Bless Trump!

  15. Bill Still was one of my “go to” sources during the campaign. Quality guy, IMO. As for Hillary, this is what happens when someone’s life is built on lie after lie after lie and they’ve broken so many laws (including many murders) that they can’t even keep track of them any more… For an early case in point, governor Bill Clinton (and presumably Hillary, to some degree) was involved, at least peripherally, in enabling the shipments of cocaine into Mena, Arkansas connected with the “Iran Contra” affair — no doubt working with Bush, et al. During this period, according to a special ops pilot named Chip Tatum who learned during the course of his work that cocaine was making the return trip back to the U.S. (which he exposed in his report, the “Tatum Chronicles”), both Bush and Clinton were present at a small Iran Contra related meeting that took place in Costa Rica. Birds of a feather…

  16. she is a sick and evil bitch, this whore is full of demons as well as everyone around her.

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  18. I for one believe the USA is colllectively insane for voting people like Clinton’s, Bushes, Obama, etc. into any office of any kind. These people are some of vilest people on the Planet. They have gotten away with their corruption and murders for decades. I feel very sad the country. At the current rate of self- destruction, the USA (a private owned corporation) is not likely to survive. The globalists are using the simple divide and conquer strategy on the nation. Unfortunately there is little time left to repair all damage that has and is killing your country. Best of luck to Trump in cleaning up the corrupt. Ken Wallace, northern neighbor.

    • The Cannibal Queen had a book signing yesterday at Strand Bookstore, and people were lining up for hours for her signature. Sad, isn’t it, that so many Americans are still so deluded.

  19. How do I know Hillary Clinton is possessed by the Devil? Allow me to explain.
    When I taught at the last school I was assigned to, we had a supervisor, an Assistant Principal, who screamed and ranted and raved on a daily basis, almost as bad as the Hillary episode today’s post illustrates.
    Now, as Hillary went into a nuclear meltdown, the Question remains: Well, why didn’t someone punch her in the mouth or something? The Answer to that question IS NOT “because she’s a woman,” because the behavior is so awful, there is a part of the mind that is willing—or would be willing—to suspend that belief for one reason: PHYSICAL SURVIVAL.
    People don’t understand something: “The power of Life and Death is in the tongue,” Scripture teaches us. People do not understand (given the fact that we cannot be analyzing every last thing we observe) that language, that words themselves, actually have the power to kill.
    This is what happens when someone like my former A.P. or Hillary Clinton goes into a meltdown: The physical or somatic or affective reactions occur, triggering the survival response. But that person is able to “cast a spell,” as it were, over her victims. Think this is silly? Think this is a joke?
    The screamer is able to hypnotize her victims and shoot her load unobstructed.
    The mere fact that Hillary or my former A.P. may have been uttering things that were true, or would be conditionally true upon discovery means nothing. The hater’s objective, in the moment of rage, is to cripple the victims mentally, through intimidation, yes, but that intimidation can only happen with the victim’s “consent,” as it were. BUT THAT “CONSENT” IS MANUFACTURED, as if one were reacting without his free will.
    That is EXACTLY what happened with Hillary and her rant, as it was exactly what happened when our former A.P. ranted at us. We may not be able to see the paranormal effects with Exorcist green vomit: No Matter: The entire episode is spiritual. It is an almost preternatural event, with the Intelligence behind it hiding behind the surface, as it were.
    The sad truth of the matter is, We’ll never see anyone, let alone Hillary, “hang from nooses.” But we may yet see her arrest—or at least the public announcement of her indictment. Yes, that will tantalize and whet our appetite, and we may have to settle for that: For The Devil, for his part, WILL NOT make his presence known, or ADMITTED, unless God Almighty Himself COMMANDS it. No Matter: Know that The Devil is there.
    Hillary, go meet Your Master. (Ditto to my former A.P.)

  20. I would like to know what happen to the money that Obama said on the National News that he gave a check to the Clintons to give to Haiti to help them through the terrible Earthquake that they had. Haiti said they never received any of the Millions of dollars that people contributed for them. I remember an Official meeting with Trump during his campaign telling him about this. I would like an investigation on this and see who cashed this check that Obama said he gave to the Clintons to carry to Haiti because they were going over there.

  21. Might I add the word should hang if Trump wins. On a perfect day I would love to see everyone that works for the Clintons to walk off the job, for they are the enablers. I would love to see her standing there and looking for a ride home and nothing but crickets around her. Yes, a perfect day.

  22. I think all of you are confused. This is a Strong and Powerful Woman TM. How dare you impugn her entitlement to comport in this manner. You all are standing in the way of progress. You just can’t help but keep her down. And it IS all YOUR fault that she lost. It’s a War On Women TM, don’t ya know?
    Solipsism rules the world, no sorry, parasites rule the world.

  23. This “entity”, like so many others of her ilk, is demon possessed. The foul mouth, the tantrums, the uncontrolled rage, the demonic presence people feel when around her are all indicative of this. Death and murder follow her wherever she goes. She’s sold her soul to Satan, and as soon as she’s of no further use to him, he will come for her. Her brand of evil makes Obama look like a school boy in comparison.

  24. Yup, she did say it, and now you have those that should hang from nooses, trying to hang Trump before he hangs them.

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