Hillary Clinton has INDUCED mental disorder to prevent her from running for POTUS

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There are rumors that, contrary to popular belief, Hillary “what difference does it make” Clinton won’t be running for president in 2016 because of her ill health. Recall that right before she stepped down as the POS’s secretary of state, she had that strange health incident wherein she supposedly fainted, fell, struck her head and sustained a concussion.

But Rev./Dr. James David Manning says that Hillary’s disorder is “mental.” More intriguing still, Manning claims that his source says her mental disorder has been “induced,” the purpose of which is to ensure that Obama will continue as POTUS beyond his second term and in violation of the Constitution’s 22nd Amendment.

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0 responses to “Hillary Clinton has INDUCED mental disorder to prevent her from running for POTUS

  1. Ever notice that people who do rather distasteful things to others seem to age rather ” un-gracefully “……. As this pertains to this piece of sh2t , could not happen to a more deserving so-called person . Ride your broom off into the sunset runt .And may you crash and burn !

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  3. treated or induced while in the hospital….

  4. Lord, deliver us and our families from the fury of the Hilda Beast! Keep our nation free of her filthy contamination and endless fecal droppings as she flies to and fro over the nations, seeking fresh blood. And may her terrible breath –a single one fatal to any & all!– expire when You hear our prayers. We beseech Thee in Your Son’s name, now and forever, Amen.

  5. After seeing today’s post and the five others referenced after it, I wonder, how much more contempt and loathing do the few selecting such as the Clintons to rule have for us than do the actual candidates? Except for the Bush family, which is part of the group that picks the candidates, the politically ambitious grovel before the shadow masters. What will the menu presented for 2016 offer? Maybe nothing but scraps of leftovers, or maybe the CFR’s will close the restaurant and make a single choice for us. The last president with respect and love for country was President Kennedy, and he was murdered. Read Isaiah 14, and you will see the evil kings in hell with maggots and worms rise to greet their master, Lucifer, when he joins them. In historical time, that greeting may not be far off.

  6. I’ve said for months or years, however long it’s been, (seems like forever) that yes, she was kept in a mental institution but for a different reason – because she REFUSED to tote Zero’s water anymore and was going to tell the Congress everything she knew about Benghazi and maybe a few more things while she was at it! Seriously! The way she looked when she finally came out into public was a woozy “wha??” Actually, as for the glasses, I know, the hard way, that one of the side effects of Haldol, an *extremely* doping med for schizophrenia will mess w/ your eyesight to the point I had my glasses on, a basic magnifying glass and the paper up to my nose to even try and figure out one word, when by chance my pharmacist and poison control (best folks to ever hit up for side effects!) told me that my blindness was coming from the meds. If she’s getting a maintenance dose, she’s going to be wearing specs when she has to read, minimum. See I think she got tired of playing his rotten nasty games and taking all the crap for them, and she was going to come clean, which if true, just yanked her out of contention! They SO locked her down until she was willing to play ball, cuz a nuthouse can be a terrifying place to be when you don’t know there’s ever going to be an end of it, ya know? I can’t fault her for folding, but as long as Zero’s in office, she will STAY doped up so she doesn’t run her jaws and bring down his dictatorship.

    And let me tell you how GOOD it feels to hear someone else say how the candidates have to grovel before a shadow group and the candidate that will win is chosen when they sign their name on the dotted line and accept their 30 pcs of silver. I’ve said that for years and everyone thinks I’m nuts, besides my husband who thinks I DO know things! Well, it’s not good that they have to do it, but that others recognize what’s going on and opening their mouths. Thank you marblenecltr! Also Joseph – AMEN! Halleluiah!

  7. Are you SURE that it was “induced?” 🙂

  8. God, help us!


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