Hillary Clinton's changing appearance: Special lighting and body double

I have posted before on the puzzling changing appearances of Hillary Clinton. See:

Thanks to WikiLeaks, we now have an answer.
On Feb. 26, 2015, John Podesta received a forwarded email from asowers@shangrila.us, of a long email chain from Patrick Woodroffe (of lighting designers Woodroffe Bassett Design) to Huma Abedin and others on procuring two lighting directors to provide Hillary Clinton with special, i.e., flattering lighting for all her campaign appearances.
Below are the pertinent quotes from Woodroffe’s email, followed by screenshots I took of those quotes. To see the email on WikiLeaks, go here.

sending to you all again with some more edits and clarification on the idea of two lighting directors. Wanted to make it clear that only ever one at any time attending and being paid!”
I think we are all agreed that the idea of HRC’s campaign having someone who is specifically looking out for the way she is lit in all her television and public appearances, is an important one.”
“We should also meet and of the clothing, hair and make up people you have in place with a view to working as a team to make a complete package.”
“I am suggesting that we have not one, but two people to be available on call. Only one of them will ever be on the on the touring team at any a time, but they will both know exactly what is required of them and they will both be known by the campaign staff.”
“Personally I don’t believe that the fact that HRC has people who take care of her hair, make-up and lighting is such a big deal, but although we will do everything in our power to avoid such a leak, we should also be clear as to how we respond if the thing is ever made public.”

After she lost the election, there was no longer any need for special lighting/makeup/hair, which would account for why Hillary looked like a cadaver in her first post-election public appearance on November 17, 2017:
Another explanation for why Hillary Clinton sometimes looked younger and better during the 2016 presidential campaign is the employment of a body double.
Below is a video on compelling evidence that Hillary Clinton used a body double. As Professor Jim Fetzer explains:

“The ratio of the distance between the pupils to the bottom of the upper teeth . . . appears to be constant throughout one’s life. Hillary had an eye-teeth ratio of 1/1.2, but her double–who was by far the best and even substituted for her during the debates–had an eye-teeth ratio of 1/1.06.”

See also Fetzer’s latest outstanding post on Michael Vabner being alleged Sandy Hook child victim Noah Pozner: “Sandy Hook Charade: ‘Noah Pozer’ was Michael Vabner as a Child“.

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I can remember for the longest time ever since Hillary made her decision to run for President, my son constantly said that she has a body double. Even strange how so many times her physical health was in shambles one day, the next day it was if she had the health of a twenty year old person. And even if Hillary did win the Election, who would always be seen in speeches and public appearances, Hillary, or her double?


The video is very compelling. I wonder if angle has any effect on the eye-tooth ratio? (Doesn’t seem to.)
I watch very little TV (especially national news); I was astounded at the treatment Trump is getting! I knew his relationship with media was adversarial, but holy cow, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears!

Steven Broiles

How I would love to see this woman prosecuted, But Alas, by the time Sessions gets to it, it will, in all likelihood, be too late. But at least Attorney General Sessions can go after the Obamas and the Podestas.


If this Admin. does a good job,and gets things rolling the right direction,even if we get a different Atty General,it’ll be someone who has HRC on his/her “hit list”. No way this will go un-prosecuted. I think the only thing that would take the HRC issue of Sessions’ list is just the sheer volume of work he’ll have to get done-he MIGHT have to pass it on for lack of time/resources to get to it.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

There is basically something morally wrong with trying to pass off a body double, when we are talking about someone who is running for POTUS. It kind of burns my cookies that it had to be a woman who tried to pull off this major deceit . . . it rather makes all woman look like charlatans. That first picture of her after she lost the elections is beyond awful!!!! Wouldn’t you think she would have paid to have her hair done, and a make-up artist apply make-up? Hasn’t she stolen enough monies that she could afford to prolong the… Read more »


IMO….Hillary doesn’t look “bad” in this pic provided on this post for the post-election pic…..she just looks like someone aged 70…without special lighting, without special make up or hair styling….and maybe after a week of heavy “I lost the election” drinking…..so….pretty “average” for a 70-yr-old woman in her circumstance at the time……


How interesting!


Nasty woman. Shameless liar. The type that will look you straight in the eye and swear she’s telling the truth. I do believe her daughter has inherited many of the same characteristics.
With lighting, hair, specialized skin tightening and make-up to worry about, its no wonder she needed two weeks off between engagements. And as long as she was being provided with debate questions ahead of time, I guess her crushing defeat just ran like clockwork – body double and all. Good riddance.


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Every time I go back in the archives the videos are “no longer available.”
I think if the video was still up I’d be suspicious, but the fact that they’re always taken down is wayyyyy more suspect and intriguing!