Hillary Clinton FULL Press Conference On E-Mail Scandal (3-10-15)

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Her first comments are about gender equality and the meeting hosted by the United Nations.  She then goes on to speak about women’s equal rights and that there has never been a time in history as now to have been born a female.  I’d like her to tell that to all the Muslim women and little girls around the world.  The United Nations upholds the moon god religion of Islam where female children are mutilated and women and worse than second class citizens.  What an affront to all of us who know Hillary!
Next, she goes into all these questions about her emails and claims she did nothing at all wrong.  Watch her closely as she seems to hesitate from time to time.  I believe she’s lying through her teeth just as she did about Benghazi.
I went to high school with this woman.  She was a year behind me, and we both lived in the Village of Park Ridge.  (Remember her book, “It Takes a Village?”)
She was a brilliant student, and a Constitutional conservative at the time, and a Goldwater girl with me in 1963-1964.  That doesn’t mean I liked her, but it does mean she was “one of us” at the time.
Then along came youth Pastor Don Jones in the Park Ridge Methodist Church where Hillary attended.  Jones was a Saul Alinsky student and basically changed a good number of youth before he left the Park Ridge church.  Hillary was one of them.  Up until Jones’ death a few years back, he would occasionally travel with Hillary as her spiritual advisor.  Remember too, Hillary was a member of “The Fellowship,” or “The Family,” in DC.  In the series on Enemies on the Left, Part 10 discusses Jim DeMint’s membership in “The Family.”
I believe Hillary is a full fledged communist, and she is a foul mouthed evil woman.  Want more information?  Get Ed Klein’s book, “Blood Feud,” all about how the Clinton’s and Obama’s hate each other.  Barbara Olsen’s book, “Hell to Pay,” about Hillary is also excellent.  Barbara and I spoke on the phone several times.  She was killed in the Pentagon plane crash.
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0 responses to “Hillary Clinton FULL Press Conference On E-Mail Scandal (3-10-15)

  1. My mother was raised in the Methodist Church. I was raised in the Methodist Church. The Methodist Church I attended in the ’50’s-’60’s, even at that time, was so far removed from the Methodist Church my mother was raised in. Today, the Methodist Church’s theology is so far out there only the name remains the same. Having said that, I quilt on Monday’s at that same small country Methodist Church of my youth with several ladies I have known since day one. We also have two Catholics. Wonderful people but thankfully they do not totally ‘buy into’ what the Methodist hierarchy pushes. I can say the same for the Catholics. My Dad was a Baptist and since I married a Baptist that is what we attend now. To me ALL organized institutionalized religious organizations have fallen off the wagon of preaching the full council of God. I truely do enjoy this site. It helps keep me on my toes.

    • I was raised basically in the Lutheran church, but did catechism in the Catholic church, and was baptized in the Episcopal church, and great grandfather was a Baptist preacher and physician and founded the First Baptist church in Bozeman, MT. So, you see the variety I got. The Lutheran church was the one who fell the farthest. We were members of the Lutheran Church of America (LCA) who later joined with American Lutheran Church (ALC) to become Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA). The latter is so filthy with admitting sin that I wouldn’t enter its doors. Missouri Synod was the most conservative, but they got into the “growth movement” and some other things that led us to leave. We are basically Baptists now, but the Rick Warren filth in the Baptist church and freemasonry keeps us from their doorways. I miss the liturgy of the Catholic and Lutheran churches, so from time to time we go to the Catholic church up the street…I miss the hymnals and the wonderful songs that were prayers. I don’t like the repetitious mantras printed in the bulletins that they sing now at the contemporary services…so basically faith is with friends and mostly at home. Sad that satan got in the pulpits. I wrote an article about that, should publish it. Thanks for your note, I know what you mean. Oh, and by the way before momma had a car, we’d walk to the local Methodist church on sundays. My daddy died young, car accident…so it was just me and Mom

    • Today, the Methodist Church’s theology is so far out there only the name remains the same.
      Ain’t that the truth…. and it’s so very sad when one remembers that the “Bible Belt” becameso largely because of the influence of the Methodist circuit riders. Here in the South, we still have a very few independent evangelical Methodist churches, the small remnant thatseparated themselves about the time that the Methodist Church became the United Methodist Church and fell into the World Council of Churches, but they are rare.
      To me ALL organized institutionalized religious organizations have fallen off the wagon of preaching the full council of God.
      I am strongly in agreement with this. Because you say this, and because you are comfortable with the Baptists, you might like to know that there is a substantial number of churches across the nation and around the world that are very loosely known as the assemblies, the fellowships, the Bible churches, and sometimes as the Plymouth Brethren, but all of these names are unofficial, and only to recognize this large group of like-minded believers. We are small-B baptists, seeking to preach and teach the whole Word of God, with each church organized after the New Testament pattern. We have no organization or headquarters, and recognize no authority over the independent local church other than Scripture and Christ Himself. Each local church is completely autonomous in all regards, and even when we may meet with members of another assembly in a nearby city, it’s only in Christian fellowship.
      I would strongly encourage anyone who would like to be out of organizational religion and under sound Bible teaching to investigate the assemblies yourself, but even though there is at least one such fellowship in or within driving distance of nearly all cities, I can’t say for sure what the name would be! Very often, but not always, the word “Bible” will be in the name, something like “So-and-so Bible Fellowship”, or “Something-or-Other Bible Chapel” — as I say, each church is completely independent, even down to the names. It is remarkable, however, how consistent these churches are in matters of belief and practice.

      • Check out http://www.ariel.org as they’re very sound indeed

      • I apologize for the formatting mess that makes my post above so hard to read — I don’t know how all the misplaced line breaks crept in; I used the text entry window here on the page.

        • j.case,
          I tried to fix your comment, but I couldn’t — even when I copy-&-paste it to a Word document. If I try to close the gap between, e.g., “k now,” both WordPress and Word would just swallow the “n” so that the word becomes “kow.”
          This has never happened with a FOTM comment before. I think we need an exorcist! LOL

          • Thank you for trying to fix it. The text window was acting funny even as I was entering my remarks, breaking the words instead of wrapping them, but still I was surprised to see the result when I clicked the button to submit the text.

  2. This seems like the fox guarding the hen house . . . what assurance do we have that she only deleted “personal emails?” What is this about her setting up a personal “server,” that seems rather lame. All government emails should be done using government sanctioned servers . . .period! She is, and has been a liar, I doubt that will ever change. She did not follow government guidelines regarding having that personal server.

    • Yes, she’s a liar, and a foul mouthed vile woman…if you want a good quick read, pick up Ed Klein’s book, Blood Feud about the Clintons and Obamas and how they hate each other.

  3. Her mouth was moving what does that tell you?

  4. Son of the Rabbit People

    Is it just me or do you just start hearing “blah blah blah” after a couple seconds? Maybe because I don’t speak Weasel.

  5. It is difficult to stay on the narrow path and enter through the eye of the needle.

  6. Damn, will we ever rid ourselves of this Arkansas white trash family?

  7. Like forty-nine (not Obama’s fifty-six) other states, Arkansas is a state of good citizens. And remember, Hillary was from Illinois, and not from a trailer park. If she had been, it is possible that she would have been a better person.

    • Actually he said ” 57 states “………Which makes him one state dumber ! Unless he was considering Iraq , Iran , Egypt , Syria , Afghanistan , Libya , and ( toss in another one for the hell of it ) !!!

    • Remember dear Marble that she was raised in the very very conservative Village of Park Ridge and up until her late h.s. she was a hardcore staunch Conservative Republican…then the change happened and Alinsky got to her through her Methodist youth minister. The whole story is in Barbara Olsen’s book, HELL TO PAY about Hillary.. Having said that, I didn’t like her much when she was a Conservative either, pompous arrogant nasty woman

  8. “She then goes on to speak about women’s equal rights and that there has never been a time in history as now to have been born a female. I’d like her to tell that to all the Muslim women and little girls around the world.”
    She also lectured about “gender equal rights” when she visited China, but made no mention of China’s one-child-per-couple population control that results in gender-selective abortions, female infanticide, and grotesquely-skewed birth gender ratios, which in turn has led to MILLIONS of “excess” males.
    The information about “pastor” Don Jones of the Park Ridge Methodist Church and Hillary’s “spiritual adviser” [gag] is fascinating. Another false Christian shepherd — a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  9. Concentrate on the good feelings the speeches and promises in general provide and stop spoiling it for us with your revelations of reality and truth. (Sarc)


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