Hilarious Friday Headline: Michelle Obama muffs Braley’s name

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Michelle Obama

And if that’s a woman, I’ll eat my shoe

Via Politico.
LOL – And that is as far as I am going with this one. 😀

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0 responses to “Hilarious Friday Headline: Michelle Obama muffs Braley’s name

  1. Looks just like Flip Wilson. In drag.

  2. Hey people tranny’s are people to you know. BTW Flip Wilson was much better looking than Mooch.

  3. Remember now,they’re pushing full tilt for gender-generic language in the schools. So from now on they want everyone in school to be called “purple kangaroos”. (Haven’t heard yet what they want adults to be called,but I have some good names reserved for those who are Liberals…)

  4. She looks as a buff as a Corpse-man !

  5. It’s purple penguins, not purple kangaroos… Pretty pathetic huh?

  6. Dude looks like a lady? well….not so much.

    • So true…sure looks like a man to me. Seen “her” feet? That ain’t no lady! So disturbing. We all need to shout it out. If it freaked them out when Joan said for, they had to get rid of her within weeks…we need to keep repeating the truth several times for every lie they tell.


  8. Yeah, BO is a fake, Michael is a fake and I’m convinced those kids are not theirs either. I don’t have a problem with adoption but it’s all just a huge fraud perpetrated upon WE THE PEOPLE…who they are supposed to be working for. This is the highest form of TREASON!


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