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We are heartsick. Please pray for the souls of the departed and for their families.
~Eowyn & Steve

Scott and Jean Adam

4 Americans on hijacked yacht dead off Somalia

CBS News February 22, 2011
U.S. Navy warship shadowing seized vessel takes action after gunshots are heard; 4 hostages apparently killed by captors, some pirates dead.
The four Americans aboard a yacht hijacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia are dead.  
Hijacked last Friday off Oman, the Quest was being piloted toward the Somali coast – and was being shadowed by a U.S. Navy warship. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin reports that gunshots aboard the yacht were heard, and the warship took action. 
All four Americans were dead, killed apparently by their captors. There were more than a dozen pirates on board, some dead and others captured, Martin reports. 

Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle

The Americans were Scott Adam and his wife, Jean, of Marina del Rey, Calif.; and Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle, both of Seattle. Adam, in his mid-60s, had been an associate producer in Hollywood when he turned in a spiritual direction and enrolled in the seminary a decade ago, said Robert K. Johnston, a professor at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena and a friend of Adam’s. “He decided he could take his pension, and he wanted to serve God and humankind,” he said.
Johnston and Adam worked together to start a film and theology institute. Adam also taught a class on church and media at the school. Since 2004, the Adams lived on their yacht in Marina Del Rey for about half the year and the rest of the year they sailed around the world, often distributing Bibles in remote parts of the Fiji Islands, Alaska, New Zealand, Central America and French Polynesia, Johnston said.
Johnston said that despite an adventurous spirit, the Adams were meticulous planners who knew the dangers they faced. The couple had sailed with a large flotilla to stay safe from pirates near Thailand earlier in the trip. 
“They knew and we knew they still had to go by the Somalia coast,” he said. “We’re asking people to pray for them.”
Craig Detweiler, a professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu, who attended Fuller with Adams in the 1990s and early 2000s, also recalled his friend’s adventurous spirit.
“It is safe to say all of his family and friends covet the prayers and concerns of the international community,” Detweiler said.

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Joseph E Fasciani
Joseph E Fasciani

Why did the US ship not take action sooner? “U.S. Navy warship shadowing seized vessel takes action after gunshots are heard….”
These pirates have only one objective, which the US Navy surely was aware of, so why the delay?


Can we go back to summarily hanging pirates? I think that might help.


Just so sad of an outcome….


I am so sorry to hear of their death. They didn’t deserve to die. I am sickened because all government should band together, send in warships,and destroy them. Enough is enough.


Linda,I am with you 2000% if we had a real President,that was a real man-