Highway prank, funny or not?

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Take a look at the prank this guy did on his wife while driving on the freeway.  I gotta ask:


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0 responses to “Highway prank, funny or not?

  1. Oh, it’s funny. He may be sleeping on the couch for a few days, but it’s funny. I refrained from voting, because it’s both hysterical and cruel. I want the buffet – you need c – all of the above!

  2. Nothing funny about frightening his wife half to death just so he gets his jollies. That man is a sadist.

  3. Dennis H. Bennett

    To subject a person, who is descending into a restful sleep into a sudden state of hysterical awareness, is nothing short of cruel. If the woman is strong, and this is common behavior for her jerk ?husband, then I give the “marriage” less than 5 years. This is truly a Jerk in action.

  4. I feel this falls into the “terminally stupid” category of pranks. She could have been so startled that she grabbed the steering wheel, causing a very serious accident at speed. As a victim of five rear-end collisions from 1993 until 1999 in Victoria, BC, I know how wretched it is to live w/PTSD, which this seems likely to induce.

  5. “Mommy, why do you hate Daddy so much?”

  6. That guy is a total jerk. Poor wife.

  7. winstonsmith6079

    I’ve got an idea: in a week or two she lets him back into the bedroom. But on her side of the bed there’s a blow-up sex-doll with a note saying “My lawyer will be contacting you.” Then, after he’s torn the place up and/or bawled his eyes out and/or screamed himself hoarse she pops in saying “That was a FUN prank, wasn’t it?”

  8. When traveling to New York in an 18 wheeler my daughter was sleeping in the sleeper, My wife was in the right seat and 2 small boys also in the sleeper. As we were coming out of a tunnel on I-80 I woke my daughter and she thought we were going to drop of the side of the mountain at the end of the tunnel and also screamed her head off.

  9. What evil clown is giving the “thumbs down”, which appeared all at one go over-night?

  10. Annoying… great guy fun amongs themselves, but not appreciated by wives.


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