Higher Education: Students hold ‘Shit In’ to demand more gender-neutral bathrooms

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College Fix: As students walked through the main thoroughfare at San Diego State University on Tuesday they were greeted by students with their pants down sitting atop a row of toilets.
Such an appearance in the middle of a college quad is sure to raise questions, and that was the hope of the Transgender Action Advocacy Student Coalition with their “Shit In” protest.
Five toilets – sometimes adorned with students – set along Campanille Walkway had newspapers with the words “Gender Neutral Bathrooms Now” written in bold letters. Students were encouraged to sit on a toilet and take selfies with the hashtag #SDSUShitIn.
The protest aimed to raise awareness about what some deem is the limited number of gender neutral bathrooms on campus.
There are only six specifically gender-neutral bathrooms at SDSU, the protesters told passersby, and one of the six is in a faculty area, so transgender students who are not comfortable in traditional men’s or ladies’ restrooms only have a few options when going to the bathroom.
The protestors handed maps of SDSU with each of the gender-neutral bathroom locations circled to show how the bathrooms are spread around the far ends of campus, in locations that are often inconvenient for trans students to access.
PottyPrivilege-251x400The Transgender Action Advocacy Student Coalition is asking that every building have one bathroom that is gender neutral. The advocates argue that, depending upon class location, trans students have a difficult time making it to one of these bathrooms if they only a 10-minute break between classes.
The choice is often between holding the urge and being late to class, they said, adding that having more bathrooms throughout campus would eliminate the need to choose wither of those less-than-pleasant options.
Using either the men’s or women’s bathrooms can be an uncomfortable or even scary experience for a trans person, especially for those still transitioning.
Paul Rhodes, an LGBTQ activist who attended the Shit In, explained why to The College Fix: “When I was transitioning, the choice was often between going into the women’s bathroom and getting yelled at, or going into the men’s bathroom and getting beat up.”
A woman transitioning to becoming a man, Rhodes looked too manly to comfortably go into a women’s restroom, and too feminine to feel safe in a men’s restroom. Many trans people have similar experiences, which is why they prefer gender-neutral options, Rhodes said.
Part of the campaign is also the Gender Neutral Bathroom Challenge, which asks the campus community to avoid using gendered bathrooms for a week. Gendered bathrooms are designated for “men” or “women” by a sign. A follow-up discussion is slated for students to discuss their experiences with the challenge.
I knew it would happen – now bathrooms are a right.

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17 responses to “Higher Education: Students hold ‘Shit In’ to demand more gender-neutral bathrooms

  1. Since “gays” are only 2% of the U.S. population (CDC & UCLA figure), “transgenders” body dysmorphics must be less than 0.1%. And yet their “rights” have become all the rage.
    Friends, there is a systematic agenda being waged and rammed down our collective throat.

  2. Wow – their parents must be sooooo proud of them. Talk about $$$ going down a potty!!

  3. Alrighty then… people actually want to have folk of the opposite sex barge in on them in the bathroom in public?

  4. So much for “higher” education at that and many other institutions in this country.

  5. I’m so glad I don’t attend an American university… I’m attending a university in Copenhagen, and even though Danes are a rather liberal people, I don’t think one would sit on a toilet with their pants down in public. I have no idea why, but the younger generation of Americans seem to have completely lost their self respect…

    • Self-respect is “racist” and not “authentic” or something today…

    • I wonder if they get arrested for “Indecent Exposure” in the transition from standing to sitting and back. I’m pretty sure anyone else,in another part of town would.

  6. Shit into the brains at these schools, shit out. What better can we expect from these propaganda puppets.

  7. When I saw the title of this post, having awakened only moments before and sitting down to catch up on the overnight news to start my day, my poor sleep-fogged brain completely missed the word play, and my first thought was “Well if they want to constipate themselves over such foolishness, let ’em!”

  8. Students, do a sit-in against ignorance and stupidity in a classroom providing good instruction. You will need all of that you can get to avoid the troubles the near future, or at least deal with them. As followers of FOTM know, we are facing Lucifer in every way. Humanity is given hemorrhagic fever, emitting blood in every way possible, to be replaced by reversing the flow with demonic transfusions. I am sorry if I seem excessive, but I believe it.

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  10. Ya know-it these “trans-gender” people wouldn’t rub everyone’s faces if their “transgenderedness” all day every day,they would very likely be left alone in whichever bathroom they feel comfortable with. THAT is information that SHOULD be kept very private,not broadcast to the world to enhance their self-induced victimization. I’d go so far as to say MOST people don’t really CARE if you’re a man,woman,man becoming a woman or woman becoming a man,as long as you don’t force the focus of THAT particular event into the foreground of everyone else’s lives. I’m pretty easy going,but when someone starts “wearing a neon sign over them that screams I’M A VICTIM,or NOTICE THAT I’M NO LONGER A MAN”,THAT gets my attitude up automatically. And THIS particular behavior serves to show us how the Liberal Mindset “breaks” the youth of America,it MAKES them DECIDE to become victims.

    • Trouble is Truck, that is the nature of this disease, for transgenderism and homosexuality are mental-spiritual diseases, mimicing closely the physical and biological model of the virus, actually, finding healthy cells that they can forcibly ram their illness into to turn them into more vectors for the same illness. Made even more insidious by the fact that the healthy cell need not be “turned” they only need to go as far as becoming an “ally” to become a vector for the disease (Read: propaganda distributors). For them to “leave other people alone” would be against the core nature of the disease, that is, to spread and corrupt. Heres hoping these students in question get demerits at the very least for their trying to push for sexual assault rooms (which is what unisex bathrooms would quickly become in this day and age.)

  11. I’m speechless….almost. Comedy writers couldn’t make this stuff up. Between recently reading an article about a “gender neutral” version of the NIV Bible will be available soon. This among all the other abominations I have read about and seen…….I give up Lord Jesus please take me now I’ve seen it all

  12. Our tax dollars at work!

  13. This country is totally screwed. I am very thankful to God that I have more days behind me than I do in front of me.


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