Higher Education: Professor who called Republicans ‘American terrorists’ to be awarded honorary degree

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The College Fix: A popular yet openly liberal communications professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst who has publicly disparaged Republicans and the Tea Party, and declared capitalism will be responsible for the deaths of millions, has been tapped to receive an honorary degree.
Sut Jhally, a communications professor at UMass Amherst who tweeted “The New Republican Party – American Terrorists,” among many other controversial statements, will receive the recognition from Simon Fraser University this fall, its website states.
Jhally is a prolific filmmaker and author whose work spans decades, and he continues to be an academic darling among leftists. The honorary degree is one of many awards he’s received over the years, including “best professor.” But some conservative, libertarian and pro-Israel students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst have found his bias to be overt and intimidating.
“I fully support First Amendment rights for everyone. I also think his comments are false, outrageous, offensive, and demonstrate the hypocrisy of UMass,” Soroche Kohistani, a student and member of UMass GOP, told The College Fix this week. “For a professor to make such statements about Republicans or opinions different from his [own] is meant to intimidate and indoctrinate students.”
And while Jhally is often praised on RateMyProfessor.com, with an A-minus grade on the website, comments about his bias are also evident.
A review from May 7 of this year stated: “The class is ‘media, PR & propaganda’ but ironically the whole class is his own propaganda, especially when he gets to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. From the beginning he left out facts and demonized Israel – NOT OK.” Another from Dec. 2014 noted: “Sometimes is a bit preachy with his agenda, very liberal (shocker), but its not too bad.”
Other students find his class to be “mind blowing” and “life changing,” RateMyProfessor reviews note.
So what has he said outside the classroom, exactly? SoCawlege.com, which last week broke the news about Boston University assistant professor Saida Grundy’s tweets disparaging white college males and declaring slavery is a “white people thing,” focused in on Jhally’s online statements this past week as well.
Increasingly, Twitter is becoming a tool to expose the thoughts and biases of professors, and Jhally is no exception. In a series of tweets in 2013, he declared “The New Republican Party – American Terrorists,” and in another called conservative members of the Supreme Court “frat-boy fascists.” Both of these tweets, respectively, were link to articles (here and here) that do not mention the phrases or terms Jhally used, which indicates calling the GOP American terrorists and conservative members of the Supreme Court “frat-boy fascists” is the professor’s own editorializing.
jhally tweet
Jhally also tweeted in 2013 the Tea Party wants to bring America back to a “pre-civil rights” era, and in another stated the Second Amendment was ratified in order to protect slavery. His Twitter account has been inactive since January of this year. Professor Jhally did not respond to a request for comment from The College Fix.
The professor is no stranger to controversial statements. He has a history of denouncing traditional American values and institutions, such as capitalism. In a 2010 speech, Professor Jhally said:
“[A]dvertising is the most powerful and sustained system of propaganda in human history and its cumulative cultural and political effects, unless very quickly checked, will be responsible for destroying the world as we know it. In the process of achieving this, the masters of the advertising system, global corporations, bent on nothing but private profits, will be responsible for the deaths of … millions of people, mostly non-Western. In addition, the peoples of the world will be prevented from achieving true happiness. Simply stated our survival as a species is dependent upon minimizing the threat from advertising and the commercial culture that has spawned it.”
Jhally’s apparent support for communist notions was also illustrated in a 2013 tweet in which he bemoaned the misrepresentation of Hugo Chavez upon the dictator’s death. Some students, however, have found it ironic that a communication professor supports a regime that repressed independent press and built up a state propaganda machine. The UMass Amherst communication department website states Jhally teaches the undergraduate classes “Advertising as Social Communication,” “Gender, Sex and Representation” and “Media, Public Relations and Propaganda.”
Additional tweets of the professor’s highlighted on SoCawlege.com include one in which he tweeted a link to a Glenn Greenwald piece on the Islamic beheading of a British soldier in the U.K. The piece argued that the act shouldn’t be called terrorism, mostly over semantics.
According to an open UMass’s database of educator salaries, Jhally earns roughly $100,000 annually from the public university.

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  1. My Political Science Colloquium Prof Miles Wolpin never hid his bias, we all have them, however, this did not interfere with his interaction and grading. It was all based on your research, knowledge and presentation. I received a 3.5 on my research-presentation paper, sent it back to him after the Fall of the Berlin Wall for a .5 Bump Up he stated not in this Life Young Mr. Kelly. [North Korea had not broken up].

  2. Robert McElhaney


  3. Lance Jackson

    WTF! kind of name is Sut Jhally. He she or it looks like one of the villainous races from an old Star Trek episode
    I was in college from 71-75 and almost all profs in th humanities were spewing commie propaganda, and the students ate it up with a spoon, except for those of us who were vets going back to college under the GI bill
    Most of these staff slimes were foreigners or related to the sheckleman tribe

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that the UMass would have a character like this on their staff since they have been a for-runner for the “liberal dialog” for quite some time. It does surprise me that they would grant him an additional degree. When they do that, it takes away from people that worked hard to get a degree in the same field. Being a good professor doesn’t have anything to do with “being popular”. In fact, my experience, has been that some of the most “un-popular” prof.s were the best ones. But then, we are talking about a LIBERAL University, not one operating in the realm of reality. The big problem here is that almost all the colleges these days have turned into liberal producing machines. Put a moron in on one end, and out pops a double moron on the other end. If you don’t believe me, just look at our Government today.

  5. traildustfotm

    One of my nephews graduated from there a week or two ago. I am concerned for him.
    And just look at the face on that professor. I mean, he looks like he was chosen by central casting to play the role of an evil pervert in the latest Hollywood movie.

  6. Why are America-hating leftists, male & female, so darn ugly?

  7. What, it’s not Bill Ayers?!

  8. Why would party, class, sex, religion, government or a host of other subjects, be in a communication class? I am confused, but I thought it had something to do with actually learning how to communicate, not the professors feelings or agenda. Silly me.

  9. So they’re giving out degrees for “Nincompoopism”? Guess they’re running out of stupid ideas, though THAT hardly seems possible. Learning how to communicate–nah–learning how to sell a load of “bull”.

  10. Dr. Eowyn, perhaps their ugliness stems from a lack of inner beauty and truth.

  11. I guess this idiot perfesser missed the part about how communism (his favorite from of goobermint) was responsible for the deaths of between 100 and 200 million people in the last century.
    -And it’s still killing people today.

  12. Well I have to say she is the most attractive female professor who is a Leftist I have ever seen. Most of them are so ugly. At least this one doesn’t have muscles.
    What do you mean its a man?


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