Higher Education: Professor dresses as Dick Cheney, 'shoots' students during class

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Campus Reform: A political science professor dressed up as former-Vice President Dick Cheney (R) and pretended to shoot around the classroom.
In a video and photos obtained by Campus Reform, John Gruhl, a professor of political science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) donned an orange vest and Cheney mask and then pretended to shoot around his classroom. Some students in the classroom can be heard laughing at Gruhl’s antics.
“When Professor Gruhl walked in to the class on Halloween dressed as Dick Cheney, I felt as though he had overstepped his boundaries as an educator,” Matt Server, a freshman political science major told Campus Reform. “By dressing up, and in my eyes, mocking the former vice president, I felt that Professor Gruhl had gone to another level in his attacks on Vice President Cheney. His costume, and subsequent remarks, were inappropriate for an institute of higher education.
Server told Campus Reform that although he respects his professor, he was disappointed in Gruhl’s “level of disrespect for a man I [also] admire.”
Gruhl’s costume debuted in his class on The Presidency, which covers the “[c]reation, development, structure, powers, and functions of the office of the President of the United States.”
In a separate audio recording obtained by Campus Reform, Gruhl went on to critique Cheney’s policies by saying he “gave us a black eye around the world.”
“He was the driving force behind some of the biggest mistakes in the Bush administration,” Gruhl can be heard telling his students.
Gruhl blamed Cheney for wiretapping American citizens and the Bush tax cuts “which proved to be the single biggest factor in the government’s deficit and to this day a huge factor.”
“If you remember when we talked about Cheney as the vice president, Bush didn’t have experience, didn’t have knowledge about federal policies, and he was naturally inclined to delegate,” Gruhl said to his class. “And Cheney was naturally inclined to grab all the power that was delegated.”
Server told Campus Reform that Gruhl has consistently painted conservatives in a negative light throughout his class lectures. 
Gruhl did not respond to a request for comment from Campus Reform.

Comments from ratemyprofessors.com:
“Guy teaches a political science class like a law class. He doesn’t even have a law degree. I would not use him as a reference in constitution law at all. He speaks very monotone. Do not ask him about your grade because he will not change it and only grade you harsher.
“Dr. Gruhl is the best professor I have ever had. Left leaning, but who cares he’s an awesome human being.
“Good professor. Very liberal. Relativey easy class compared to the other Honors Seminars.”
“Harsh grader. He speaks very monotone. His political science classes he treats more like pre law classes. He expects everyone to have prior knowledge when they come in which does not help the student at all. If you don’t know court cases don’t take the class. He also does not like to change your grade if you question him on it.
“He is such a sweetheart and he is always there to help his students. I love his sweaters!” (Now, that’s important.)
“Dr. Gruhl is a nice guy and kept our class interesting. He seemed to be a pretty lenient paper grader (which was nice). He is a liberal but tries to present both sides; he tends to make conservatives look bad. He showed a Michael Moore documentary, if that says anything (I think it does). Michael Moore is worthless.”
“A truly briliant (sic) man. Yes he is left leaning, but he presents unbiased information in class.
Right, because nothing says “unbiased” like bashing Bush and Cheney.

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0 responses to “Higher Education: Professor dresses as Dick Cheney, 'shoots' students during class

  1. Robert McElhaney


  2. Gruhl’s blatant political/ideological partisanship has no place in academe. It is painful to read the brainwashed students’ uncritical praise of this despicable man who calls himself their teacher and professor. But it’s heartening to read the evaluations by students who are not brainwashed and have kept their critical thinking faculty.

  3. I can’t believe what these students are learning in schools and colleges. If I didn’t know who this article was written about, I would have sworn it was about Obama. If you substitute Obama’s name, the comments certainly fit, especially these: “[Obama] gave us a black eye around the world.”; “He was the driving force behind some of the biggest mistakes”; “Blamed [Obama] for wiretapping American citizens and the [Obama Stimulus and ObamaCare] which proved to be the single biggest factor in the government’s deficit and to this day a huge factor.”
    I’ve found that the Left are the most angry, violent, lawless and anti-religious people on this planet. Looking at Gruel, he looks like he’s got a Bill Gates mask on—another Left-leaning idiot. It doesn’t surprise me that Gruel put a Conservative’s mask. The Left has always worn masks to hide who they really are. He should have worn a Saul Alinsky mask because in true Alinsky form, he and the rest of those flaming Liberals ALWAYS accuse Conservatives of doing EXACTLY what they are doing, and this story is just another example of that.
    Some people are so stupid that they can’t see beyond their nose. If these clueless idiots could look beyond their noses, they’d see what this country has morphed into in the past 6 years. I do believe, though, that the rest of us have enough faith that this country will not go down as the Liberals all want. God is a heck of a lot more powerful than all of them put together which is why they’re trying to “silence Him”. We must stick together, and God will protect His country, America…

    • Everything Leftists hate about Capitalism, conservatives, the religious, etc. are usual their own qualities they project onto others they don’t like…

  4. Look at this guy’s face. Why is it that when we hear of these kind of shenanigans (unpatriotic episodes) we see that the doer looks like a weirdo–that is certainly true in this case. Just look at his face. It grieves me to my very core that malcontents like this teach our nations children. And in their teaching–they poison these young people with their lies. I guess I’ll just have to wait until the hereafter to see that this goon gets what is coming to him. For me that’s rather a test, because I tend to be inpatient in these sorts of things.

  5. Ironic that in MANY Schools a student would be suspended or arrested for that exact behavior

  6. As an “alleged Instructor”,charged with the job of educating his students,he should know better,and he’s a threat to his Students just on that alone,not to mention the liberal amounts of Liberal BS he’s filling their minds (??) with. He needs to be canned;let him get a REAL job.

  7. Another wimpy, small man pretending to be something he’s not…smart. If a grade school kid pulled this kind of stunt they would be expelled. I guess only stupid Liberals can pretend they are shooting guns in the classroom and get away with it.

  8. Education is a field I am glad I am out of, and I can tell you from my own experience it attracts not only leftist people, but all sorts of maladjusted people.
    I rubbed elbows with three Communists who got their students to blackball their teachers, teachers who were into witchcraft, teachers who were New Agers who gave their students their home phone numbers for voluntary calls, and even a crazy cat lady.
    I also witnessed a lot of criminal activity in education from one administrator and a colleague.
    But the worst part of it is that the field and job of teacher is too political. If you’re a conservative or a Christian, they have their ways of getting rid of you.
    What we have in education are inmates running the asylum!
    (I was fired for failing to obtain a Masters Degree which, according to New York State law, I had to have. Those classes were political B.S., too!)

  9. I’m itching for the Final Judgment when the decent, God-fearing folk are finally vindicated!!!


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