Higher Education: Dartmouth student – America must ‘fix free speech’ with censorship

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Campus Reform: An Ivy League student says that America “has gone too far in allowing people to say whatever they want,” and asserts that the country needs to censor free speech.
In an editorial in The Dartmouth titled “ Fixing Free Speech,” Traynor claims the extent in which the First Amendment protects American’s right to express their views and ideas is “distasteful.”

“[T]his country has gone too far in allowing people to say whatever they want, and should curtail speech that is obviously harmful to society, such as hate speech,” writes Traynor. “This kind of speech, despite being clearly distasteful, has long been upheld as legal in America because of the First Amendment.”

Traynor claims that censoring speech in America would never progress to the degree of authoritarian regimes such as China because of cultural norms and social media presence.
“[G]iven America’s deeply-held cultural norms and the power of the Internet and social media, such a scenario is highly unlikely,” writes Traynor. “We need only small but significant change to the freedom of speech in this country: namely, the prohibition of unambiguously destructive, hateful speech.”
Traynor goes on to cite examples of other democracies that do not legally protect certain kinds of speech, and suggests Americans can learn from them. “South Africa outlaws ‘advocacy of hatred that is based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion’ and war propaganda,” writes Traynor. “Many European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand, have similar laws regarding racist speech.”
He continues to ask readers how America can justify allowing speech that other democracies “have wisely deemed to be against their modern values?”
“A line can be drawn and hate speech can be defined through the democratic process,” he writes. “Many other developed and democratic nations have passed laws and instituted legal mechanisms that are quite simple in nature.”
“America should do the same: hate speech is not acceptable and should not be legally protected.”
However, Traynor’s proposition did not settle well with readers who voiced their concerns about censoring speech through comments posted below the article. “Mr. Traynor, your views are repulsive, and I am ashamed of you for propagating them. There are no ‘sensible restrictions on free speech,’ and whoever thinks that stifling speech eliminates hatred, anger, and violence, is plainly wrong. The answer to hate speech is more speech, not less.”
Another comment read, “You don’t want to be the guy constantly defending their actions with the First Amendment, but you DEFINITELY don’t want to be they [sic] guy championing censorship.”
Traynor did not respond to Campus Reform’s request for comment in time for publishing.
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0 responses to “Higher Education: Dartmouth student – America must ‘fix free speech’ with censorship

  1. My only question is: who decides what is hate speech? Because nowadays everything is hate speech… peanut and jelly? Hate speech! Constitution? Hate speech. Christianity? Hate speech…
    what is the result of this? We wont be able to communicate verbally ever again. Simple conversations will be passive of censorship. Wanna bet? I prefer white roses… You racist!!!

    • Anything left/ liberal progressives don’t like or is said by someone they don’t like is “racist”…

  2. I think the Graphic at the bottom tells the whole story. This is what I have run up against everywhere I go. If you are conservative, you are an idiot because you won’t agree with the left regardless of the facts. Same Song, Second Verse.

  3. It’s stinking commie pukes like Traynor that are the reason we have a 2nd Amendment.


  4. It’s an idea so stupid that only an educated mind could have thought of it.

  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Free speech is fundamental to a free society. Limiting the content of speech beyond accepted moral limits is oppression. The real concerns should be on actions rather than words. Has it not always been said, “actions speak louder than words”?

    • We’ve ALREADY lost our “free speech”,in a way. Next time you’re on Jury Duty,waiting for the proceedings to begin,start a discussion with the person next to you about illegal aliens or guns,and see how fast your name gets put on a “List”. Sit in a Court House and talk about guns,Socialists or your dislike of the alleged president,and see if you get checked out closely by the Security people.

  6. Great post, DCG.
    Funny how often Privilege and Elitism go hand-in-hand. And the more of this we see, the greater our risk of repeating the French Revolution. God forbid!

  7. If they REALLY wanna push this stupidity,let’s START with ANYTHING in or broadcast out of the COLLEGES in the US. Let’s see how they like their censorship when it’s applied to THEIR right to speak.

  8. Only modern liberal education could create such ignorance and intolerance.


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