Higher Education: Boston University professor tweets, "white masculinity is THE problem for america’s colleges"

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Fox News: Critics say a newly-hired Boston University professor has crossed the line with recent tweets bashing whites, but the school says it’s simply free speech.
“White masculinity isn’t a problem for america’s colleges, white masculinity is THE problem for america’s colleges,” Saida Grundy, an incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at Boston University, tweeted in March.
In another tweet from January, she wrote: “Every MLK week I commit myself to not spending a dime in white-owned businesses. and every year i find it nearly impossible.”
In another, she called white males a “problem population.” “Why is white America so reluctant to identify white college males as a problem population?” she asked.
grundy tweet
The tweets were first noticed by student Nick Pappas, who posted them on his website “SoCawlege.com” and questioned how Grundy could be able to teach a diverse classroom given the racial hostility in her tweets. (Her tweets are now protected. She must be so proud of her free speech!)
“You have to teach college aged white males eventually, no?… this seems like you are unqualified to grade their work as you clearly demonstrate some kind of special bias against them,” he wrote.
Pappas, a junior at University of Massachusetts Amherst, told FoxNews.com that he hopes to “show the rest of America how nasty people on the far left can get at colleges.”
Those who follow campus politics say they are not shocked. “I’m not surprised that Boston University is hiring a racist to teach African American Studies,” David Horowitz, author of “Reforming our Univerisities” told FoxNews.com. “Anti-white racism is rampant in Black Studies programs which are generally indoctrination programs in left wing politics.”
Boston University stands by the professor, who will start working at the college in June.“Professor Grundy is exercising her right to free speech and we respect her right to do so,” Boston University spokesman Colin Riley said.
Grundy did not respond to a request for comment from FoxNews.com, and has made her twitter account private.
Horowitz said the university’s reaction betrays double-standards on race. “If she were a white racist rather than an anti-white racist, she would never be hired. Professors are supposed to be experts in some scholarly field, and professionals in their classroom discourse. They don’t have a license to indoctrinate students in their prejudices – whether those prejudices are right or left,” he said.
Grundy posted a number of other controversial tweets, for instance claiming that only whites enslaved entire generations of people. “Deal with your white sht, white people. slavery is a *YALL thing,” she said.
Free speech advocates say that Grundy should have a right to her speech, but say the university speech policy is hypocritical because it allows the university to censor offensive or bigoted speech if it wanted to.
“Professor Grundy should and must have the freedom to publicly express her opinions on controversial topics. Unfortunately, though, [she] could be punished if she were to send such tweets through the BU computer network, as the university bans ‘transmitting…offensive’ material,” Robert Shibley of Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) told FoxNews.com.
“In addition, if she were a student, she could also potentially be punished for violating policies banning ‘bigotry, hatred, and intolerance,’ and for not expressing her opinion ‘in good taste and decency.’ … [BU] should eliminate these policies so that it can defend every student and faculty member’s right to free speech – not just Professor Grundy’s.”
Just another day in the world of US “higher education”. See also:


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0 responses to “Higher Education: Boston University professor tweets, "white masculinity is THE problem for america’s colleges"

  1. The towering intellect (sarc!) Saida Grundy’s Twitter account says “Lord Commander“. I dread to think who her “lord & commander” is….

  2. …somehow I just can’t believe that she believes in equal rights–that is, free speech for EVERYONE.

  3. Lance Jackson

    The bitch should be fired. it’s way overdue time that these race baiting savages get dope slapped and sent back to da muddaland if they don’t like it here. they have been getting away with wayyyyyy too much for too long

  4. traildustfotm

    Great article, DCG! It’s been going on for a long time, too. When I took a course in African art in 1971, I was one of two white guys in the class. Everyone else was black. The teacher and the subject were great, but most of the black students in the class absolutely dripped race hatred at the 2 white guys. That’s more than 40 years ago.

    • Same thing happened to me when I took the very first “Black History” class every offered in the south. The class was FULL of blacks, except for 3 whites, and the blacks had an incredible amount of disdain for us whites. But the really ironic part is, almost all the blacks failed the class, where the white students came out in all the top positions, myself first, followed by the other two whites.

  5. Channeling for Drs. John R. Silber and Martin Luther King, channeling for Drs. John R. Silber and Martin Luther King, you are needed in the faculty lounge right now, report to the faculty lounge right now!
    Colin Riley Spokeswhiteperson (I assume), “Professor Grundy is exercising her right to free speech, and we respect her right to do so.” Loook for full professorship with tenure for Pamela Geller in Theology, Fine Arts, Political Science, or Sociology.

  6. I think she has a Right to say whatever she wants;that being said,that Right theoretically ends when she’s being paid to teach her Students certain things. Then,she is Ethically obligated to teach the things she’s HIRED to teach. On her OWN time,she can be as Racist and WRONG as she likes. All things considered though,she shouldn’t be any kind of teacher-her values are too messed up for her to be any kind of a good influence in young people’s lives.
    That’s how I see it.

  7. She IS over the line. She is issuing “hate speech” which, last I checked was on of hte few “speech” issues you COULDN’T do. I say, throw her in jail, and fire her, in that order.

  8. White male students at BU should practice their free speech and protest outside her classroom. These poor kids don’t even know her and she hates them because of the color of their skin and their gender. It’s amazing that BU allows an employee to denigrate their own students. I would not want her teaching my children anything.

    • Lance Jackson

      this happening on all campuses part of the Trotskyite marxist jewish plan to destroy the west, making it one big global communist asylum.

  9. This behavior will definitely NOT bring about positive change. But, perhaps that’s not the intent of this type of person. Their goal is based on revenge and retaliation for events and attitudes of a long ago past with people who are no longer living. Doesn’t this seem unrealistic to them? She certainly isn’t hurting from the color of her skin! So, where’s the injustice??? The blacks who are living in poverty and feel they are being abused and can’t get out of their karmic situation are being held down by the very people and policies they vote for. They need help in changing their psychology to being positive about themselves and realizing the problem isn’t their skin color – it’s within themselves about how they think and feel about themselves, their life and all of society. And, the freebie consciousness and wanting freedom while demanding to be taken care of like a wee little child isn’t going to bring about any change at all, but keep them exactly where thy are and sink them even deeper into material decay. Black people like this professor are harming them tremendously. I definitely wouldn’t want a child of mine in her classroom!

  10. Wow, that gal is a real gem but, of course no one will hold this against her. Why? She’s Bla African American for Christmas sake, she can say or pretty much do anything she F’in wants.
    This country is going straight down the toilet because of unwarranted white guilt which “those” people (yeah yeah yeah saying it that way was racist, I know I know I know) and the liberal media are constantly feeding in our minds.
    Good grief. I should have just picked the cotton myself. Dang.

  11. In 2008, Saida Grundy was charged with identity theft and using computers to commit a crime (both felonies), and malicious use of a telecommunications service — a misdemeanor for which she was convicted — for creating a fake account for a woman, a love rival, on the adult website Fling.com. Court records and police report say the other woman was dating a man with whom Grundy was also involved. Grundy created the fake account by using photos of the other woman from the man’s email account. Grundy pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor count in exchange for the dismissal of the felonies. Her probation ended in June 2009.
    Boston University says the 2008 conviction will not derail Grundy’s employment.
    I don’t think anything would derail Grundy’s employment. It’s called Black-skin privilege. If she were white, she would never have been hired, nor would Boston U. still stand behind her.
    H/t FOTM’s MomOfIV


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