High school football player’s National Anthem goes viral: “I’m proud of my country”

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I predict a promising career for this young man.

From Fox News: A Maryland high school football player’s unique version of the national anthem is going viral.

Jackson Dean wowed the crowd last weekend by singing his country rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” while playing the guitar.

The defensive end played a stripped-down version of the anthem before his teammates burst through a banner at the end of the tune.

Dean plays for Arundel High School and said Saturday on Fox & Friends that the amount of attention he’s getting is “very awesome.”

Videos of the senior’s performance are racking up hundreds of thousands of views on Facebook and YouTube.

“I’m an American, and I’m proud of my country,” he said on Saturday.

Dean added that once he graduates from high school, he’ll be hitting the road and performing. “We’ve got some things in the pocket that have been working that I can’t really talk about,” he said.


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8 responses to “High school football player’s National Anthem goes viral: “I’m proud of my country”

  1. He has a good voice!

  2. Beautiful! We need millions more like this young man and his teammates.

  3. I hope he performs at an NFL game soon, in his uniform, that has known “kneelers” on one or both teams. Then if a player kneels, that Dean goes over and smashes his guitar over said player’s head.

  4. And he’s wearing 45 jersey

  5. No all our youth is lost, they are just too busy studying, working, having a good time and defending our country instead of smoking pot, marching, and destroying our values inherited from our forefathers.

  6. Great find, this is the type of behavior that must go viral

  7. Beautiful!! He makes me proud to be an American. I hope Jackson Dean does his rendition of The National Anthem for something the the entire country can see… Kneelers should be ashamed of themselves…

  8. He did this in Maryland? I’m surprised he wasn’t arrested.


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