High school boy can dress as a girl at prom

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Spring High School reverses decision; transgender student can wear dress to prom

KHOU: (SPRING, Texas) – Spring High School has had a change of heart and will now allow a transgender student to wear a dress to the upcoming senior prom, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.
Tony Zamazal made headlines in February when he said the school would not allow him to wear women’s clothing to the prom. He said he feels comfortable dressing as a woman and was ready to make his big debut at the big event, but the school put the brakes on that idea.
A school administrator told Zamazal that wearing a dress would be “unacceptable” because boys have to wear tuxedos and girls must wear dresses.
He decided to take a stand and go public and the ACLU stepped in to help. The organization sent a letter to the principal on March 18, explaining that both federal law and the U.S. Constitution protect Zamazal’s right to wear a dress to prom.
The school district responded last week and affirmed that it will allow Zamazal to attend the prom in the formal clothing of her his choice.
“Tony has the right under both federal statutes and the U.S. Constitution to express her his gender identity,” said Adriana Pinon, ACLU of Texas Senior Staff Attorney. “Students’ legal rights aren’t something that public schools get to put up to a vote. We’re happy to see the school do the right thing.”
The 19-year-old was elated. “All I wanted was to get to wear a dress to prom, because I wouldn’t have felt comfortable at all showing up in a tux,” said Zamazal. “I’m so grateful that my school has agreed to let me be myself on such an important night.”
Amanda Goad, Staff Attorney with the ACLU Lesbian Gay Homosexual Bisexual Transgender Project said, “Like every other student, Tony deserves to feel comfortable and be herself himself at prom. We’re glad that Spring ISD for has affirmed Tony’s First Amendment rights.”

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0 responses to “High school boy can dress as a girl at prom

  1. School officials should have cancled the prom and told everybod it was because of this one student. Peer pressure can work wonders. In military boot camp, when one person breaks the rules, everybody gets punished. That usually puts the brakes on the screw-up.

  2. Hey laser boy seems you misunderstand that in a democracy you have the right to be protected from the tyranny of the majority.

    • We live in a republic nation where the majority have the right to be protected from the tyranny of our government, although it doesn’t feel like it under this admin.

    • Well if it was to be democratic they should have let planned attendees vote. I wonder if some of this new “gender identity” stuff is a way to get attention. Seems like he got that accomplished. I have to say from this photo a dress wont help much either.

  3. The boy clearly needed someone’s help in the hair and makeup department. I didn’t know he wanted to go as an ugly girl.

  4. i don’t think that this was the right time for the first appearance. should take more time and perfect hair and makeup. hope that you go to beauty shop and get a professional makeover for hair and make up. then go as the best woman you can be.

  5. There is a certain sadness that this young man would decide to made a circus out of prom night, thus ruining the grand adventure for all of the other students–but I suppose that is what he intended. By the way, why is a “19” year old still in high school, normally even the older students as seniors are only 18–wuz up!!! It makes me wonder, usually the transgender boy to girl persons I have seen, have a more feminine look to them. Let’s face it–this really is one ugly girl! I’m not sure, unless you get a drag queen to do the make-up that you could do much improvement on him/her.

    • Yes, it is selfish of him. Other students want to remember the magic of the evening and instead this boy wants to make it all about him and his feelings.

  6. Auntie Lulu…
    I was 19 when I graduated…. blush….

  7. Surfer: Since you read this site, I take it on faith that you are “A-okay” I just wondered about the age 19 thing. I graduated when I was still 17, so it just seemed like an unusual thing to be older than 18. Sorry, I did not mean any personal offense–so I hope that none was taken, or that you will forgive me. It just seemed unusual to me. As I looked at his picture again, he seems to have a certain smug look on his face–like “I really flipped everybody off on this move.” Hopefully, some day that smug, hauty look will be gone. Again, I apologize for any offense that was taken due to the age 19 comment.

    • i thumbs up your reply as no hard feelings were EVER involved. There is nothing to apologize for. i never took offense!

  8. Hey Auntie,
    No, no personal offense. Just a slow learner in school.
    I like what you and others post on here. You all make me laugh or giggle. I don’t take myself seriously at all and am usually the one making jokes about myself and always welcome the laugh. I am the one that has a smile on my face daily and try to give it to as many people possible through out my day.
    I agree with the comment smug, hauty look of the picture. It just makes me sad for this person.
    I look for Steve, you and some others on here to lighten my day when I am down and need a smile. That’s why I put the blush on here… grin.
    Love you all and have a fantastic weekend!!!! :o)


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