Hey Pelosi, here's a REAL spitting incident by the pigs you support

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US Coast Guard: Occupy Boston Protesters Spit On Female Officer

The Coast Guard is confirming Friday morning that one of its female officers in uniform was spit on an harassed while near the Occupy Boston protest.

“The woman was walking to the train and said protesters spit on her twice, called her foul names and even threw a water bottle at her,” MyFoxBoston.com reports.
Now, the Coast Guard is warning all staff working on Atlantic Avenue to avoid Occupy Boston protesters while in uniform.
“The peaceful protestors say the violence wasn’t supposed to happen and a group of anarchists were the ones rebelling. They say they do not condone that type of behavior,” MyFoxBostong.com says.
Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey isn’t buying it, however:

A spokesman for Occupy Boston tells Fox that anyone could have shown up at their protest to spit on and harass Coast Guard officers in an attempt to “defamate” the movement. Uh, sure. Two men spent time at Occupy Boston just on the off chance that a uniformed member of the armed forces might walk by so that they could spit on her — just to discredit the movement?

And that raises other question: Does the Occupy Boston crowd encourages and foster this type of behavior?
Morrissey concludes:

I know that this is already going to be the first reaction to this story among readers, but let me state it anyway. Had even one Tea Party rally resulted in 140 arrests, defecation on police cars, speakers calling for a violent French Revolution-style change in society, or members of the military getting attacked with spit and epithets, would the national media have offered such a balanced report — or would the media have used any of these incidents to warn America about the latent hate and violence in the movement?

The answer seems obvious. Knowing the left’s fondness for scare tactics, had members of the Tea Party engaged in any of the aforementioned behavior, the media would be warning of increases in rape, murder and that women would die on the floor.
They are starting to ramp up the violence and sooner than later it will get out of control of the police and it will be up to the people to bring about order. These filthy bastards have no idea of the pandora’s box of kick-ass that is about to be opened on them.
Tom in NC

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0 responses to “Hey Pelosi, here's a REAL spitting incident by the pigs you support

  1. The “policies of the previous administration” will figure in there, somehow, for the left/libtard crowd…

  2. Commies are so classy.

  3. Low life’s. Utterly antagonistic an immature… Also the contradictive reply they had when questioned and denying they condone such tactics when it was and is clearly laid out by their protest organizers, et al.; very disturbing.
    But my favorite line… “These filthy bastards have no idea of the pandora’s box of kick-ass that is about to be opened on them.”… Good one, Tom 🙂

  4. The female offficer wasn’t “spit” upon; rather she was SPAT upon, past tense. In any event, a disgusting display of ignorance.

    • “in today’s New York Times story, ‘When Passengers Spit, Bus Drivers Take Months Off’…the headline on page one…was…’Spit Upon, Some Bus Drivers Go on Paid Leave for Months.’ That use of spit reflects Times style — the verb is supposed to be spit in present, past, and past participial uses, spit-spit-spit. … In fact, Bryan Garner, in Garner’s Modern American Usage, lists spit-spat-spat, spit-spat-spit, and spit-spit-spit as possible conjugations of the verb.”
      Now, who’s the disgusting one, Amy?

  5. Just wrong. I recall how people compared the OWS to the Tea Party movement. There’s just no way you would see this with a TP protest. I know a lot of people involved with OWS for legitimate valid reasons, they don’t hate anyone, they’re not rude or inconsiderate! This kind of behavior is just wrong and people who do this were probably brought up not to have any respect for ANYONE, not even themselves! 🙁


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