Hey Kids! Want to be a Junior Special Agent for the FBI?

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As part of their Community Outreach Program, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has a snazzy website with a plethora of programs for people of all ages, including a handy 9 page booklet for kids in Junior High and opportunites for adults to attend FBI training camps. 
Our Community Programs
Citizens’ Academies | Story
Community Relations Executive Seminar Training (CREST)
Community Partnerships
Adopt-a-School | Junior Special Agents | Junior Scientists
Honoring Community Leaders
Our Outreach Partners
News and Features
Photo Gallery
Be Crime Smart
Parents Against Gangs
The School Shooter (pdf)
Workplace Violence (pdf)
Numbers to Know & Websites to Visit

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0 responses to “Hey Kids! Want to be a Junior Special Agent for the FBI?

  1. While I haven’t read through all of this while on my iPhone, I find it interesting they would develop a profile of a “school shooter”. Heaven forbid TSA develop a profile of a terrorist…

  2. It all reminds me of Hitler Youth and Future Brownshirts of Amerika.

  3. Your right lowtechgrannie… That’s their goal…

  4. This is so special. USA Hitler youth!! Jr. Stassi!! Just makes me want to salute that flag. Heil Hitler!!

  5. Wouldn’t that be ‘Heil Obummer’…

  6. Sounds like kissing up to your local commoonity pisser-offer (block captain) to me.
    How much longer before people start turning in their family members?
    After all, it worked for Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Uncle Ho, Castro, and Hitler.
    Why not the Dear Ruler?
    This is normally when I would point out that we’re royally f*cked, but somehow I don’t think that is necessary here.
    At least I hope not.

  7. And let’s not forget Disney’s contribution…

  8. Im 17 I would like. To train here

  9. My dream is to become a agent

  10. I’m confused..
    I want to be a junior FBI agent but how do I become one. Please let me know.

  11. Agent in the case



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