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Rich idiot

Man asks Obama to raise his taxes at town hall

Following in the footsteps of billionaire investor Warren Buffet, former Google employee Doug Edwards asked President Obama to raise his taxes at a town hall meeting in California Monday.
“Would you please raise my taxes?” Edwards asked, a request that drew applause from the audience. “I would like very much to have the country to continue to invest in things like Pell Grants and infrastructure, and job training programs to make it possible for me to get to where I am. And it chills me to see Congress not supporting the expiration of tax cuts that have been benefiting so many of us for so long.”
Obama told Edwards, a major donor to Democrats over the past decade, that he wanted to take tax rates back to the rates in the 1990s.  “We all benefited somewhere from somebody making an investment in us,” he said. “If we make those investments how do we pay for it?” (oh, a little thing called sales tax, county tax, property tax, federal tax, etc.)
I certainly do benefit from someone making an investment in me.  And that’s NOT the government.  It’s employers that have spent money on my training, giving me a paycheck, and the ability for me to afford an education.
Nothing is stopping you from writing the IRS a big fat check Mr. IDIOT. 
Update: Michelle Malkin says this was “staged”, shocker!

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0 responses to “Hey Idiot…

  1. Idiot! yeah,write that check there.

  2. So, Edwards, does Moochelle have her fat ass sitting on your checkbook or something?

  3. You got it wrong to say he is an idiot. You are thinking too highly of him.
    He’s a stark raving babbling imbecile.
    What dumb pandering bucket of rocks.

  4. Everything is a scam with this guy…EVERYTHING! There never was or will be an honest bone in this man or his administration!

  5. A Muslim, a lier, a communist and Democrat
    walked into a bar
    and asked for a drink.
    The bartender said
    What will you have Mr. President.

  6. The staged president had a staged commenter? I’m SHOCKED! Just SHOCKED! LOL
    Doug Edwards, the “please raise my taxes” guy looks like a white Klingon.
    Doug Edwards is a stooge
    Doug Edwards is a Klingon

  7. The only thing that is missing is the turtle shell on the forehead.

  8. The thing is, I have a hundred times more respect for Worf than I would ever have for Doug Edwards.
    Worf actually had a spine.
    Edwards is a squishy jellyfish.

  9. What concerns me is that Obama does not distinguish between Federal Income Taxes and Capital Gains Taxes. He is misleading the American people making many of them believe that the rich do not pay their fair share of Federal Income Taxes. People like Buffet do not work for a salary like his secretary, he lives on his capital gains. Capital gains is new income on money that has already been taxed. Long term capital gains tax on stock held longer than one year is 15% or 5% if one is in the lower income bracket. Short term capital gains tax on stock held less than one year is 25%- for instance if you make 100 dollars, you get only 75 dollars, which is a higher tax than many other countries pay. Raising capital gains taxes on short term investments will not be too impressive. Dividends are already being taxed as income. Any increase in capital gains taxes can have some serious conseqences on the economy.

    • Exactly. But it gets the ignorant masses to go along w/this class warfare.
      My dad is retired yet pays a lot more in taxes than I do on his capital gains. He’s not rich by Buffet standards, though, darn lol.

  10. And there are things called donations, charities, educational trusts etc… So you get that ‘lil checkbook o’ yours and let’s get to writin’! 😉 Share your wealth please Mr.Googleman… er um, Mr. Edwards…

  11. I thought we were supposed to take on City Hall and not assist it?

  12. Crony Capitalism entrance requirement… make big money a left/liberal-favored enterpreneur, just utter pro-distributionist statement in public (hey, you got loans to pay-off and the IRS can be unpleasant, you know).

  13. “…And that’s NOT the government. It’s employers that have spent money on my training.”
    I take it you went to nothing but private schools then, your entire life? From pre-school, through kindergarten, middle school, high school, & college?
    I didn’t think so.

    • First of all, I didn’t go to preschool. Had a little thing called stay at home mom.
      I went to public school through high school (which my parents supported through taxes) that qualified me to get my first job at a fast food joint. After that I did go to a private college that enabled me to get into business in an admin role. After that, the training I have received to advance to where I am now was private training/association courses paid by various employers.
      Think again…

  14. “I went to public school through high school (which my parents supported through taxes)”
    That’s what I thought.
    My point has been proven, thank you.

    • And what is your point? State law required me to attend public indoctrination as my parents didn’t choose home school. Don’t even know how widely it was accepted/practiced back then.
      My public education was weak, at best. K through elementary teaches you basics that my parents taught me at home before classes anyway. High school was a joke – I was never challenged and made Honir Society with never having to push myself.
      As for advancing my career, I owe that to my private education and training through employers.


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