Hero rabbit saves owners from house fire

A pet rabbit is being credited for saving its owners from a house fire in south eastern Alaska.
It was early in the morning of September 13, 2011, around 4 a.m.
In Ketchikan, Alaska, a resident of 142 Austin Street was awakened by her pet rabbit scratching her chest.
Upon waking, the woman realized her house was on fire and was full of smoke. She roused her daughter, and the two fled the house.
The first call came in to 911 dispatchers at 4:09 a.m. and the caller reported “smoke and flames coming from the residence”.  Ketchikan Police officers arrived on scene and reported fire coming from the basement of the house and that all the occupants were outside and accounted for.
The first fire crews arrived at 4:13 a.m. and observed heavy smoke and flames from the basement. Attack lines were stretched to the home and the fire was brought under control quickly.
The basement of the home suffered moderate damage from smoke, heat, and water. There was light water damage to some areas of the main level and smoke damage throughout.
While there were no injuries to the mother or daughter, the rabbit was not so lucky. The animal succumbed to smoke inhalation and did not survive, the fire department said.
[Source: Ketchikan, Alaska’s Sit (Stories in the) News, Sept. 14, 2011]

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Chuck Ring

Woman’s “inhumanity” to Rabbit. All hail the Rabbit!


Brave rabbit.


The poor dear little martyr rabbit. Didn’t the woman hold on to the dear little rabbit? The rabbit will be in heaven as according to St. Bonaventure, the great theologian who taught at the University of Paris with St. Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic doctor, animals are creatures without sin. The rabbit saved the entire family!


Sorry the little guy didn’t make it.