Hero Catches 4 year old Who Falls from Escalator

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Amazing video!  This happened at an Istanbul shopping center.  ~LTG

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5 responses to “Hero Catches 4 year old Who Falls from Escalator

  1. I would like to know where the parents were? If that happened here in the US..we would have Child Protective Services knocking at our door within a day!

  2. Patriot Angel, that was precisely my thought! The parents are probably in a store in the mall somewhere! Terrible! Thank God for the quick-thinking man who literallly saved this child’s life!

  3. Where are his parents/caretakers?
    I, my daughter Melinda, and son Robin were once in my apartment’s swimming pool together. Robbie’s seven years older and much more active than her, and can get into trouble more quickly than she can. Or so I thought.

    When he started raising a ruckus at the far end of the pool, I put four year old Min on the edge [shallow end] and told her to sit there until I got back. By the time I got to Robbie and turned him around, Min had somehow fallen into the pool and was floundering under water. Less than a minute had lapsed. I got her out and comforted her, but it was a lifetime experience: NEVER turn away from kids in a potentially hazardous situation!

  4. good move by that man to help that kid!

  5. Who knew Guardian Angels wore jackets and light pants? Amazing! And wonderful.


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