Herman Cain Did Good -Won Debate

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0 responses to “Herman Cain Did Good -Won Debate

  1. Cain did very well but not surprisingly the usual suspect did not agree with your analysis LTG. Byron York had an article in the Washington Examiner stating that Cain struggled (you should have read the response ,the bloggers fried him on that and rightfully so) John Gibson from fox news radio was beating the “they were okay but where were the “real” candidates” drum so loud your ears would split. Which is no surprise John Gibson loves his RINOS. Damn shame (as I say this once again) when you have to worry about fire from the enemy and friendly fire as well.
    The media (liberal or pseudo conservatives) will ignore Herman Cain and will once again trying to elect for us those who can keep the liberal dream alive or those who can easily be defeated by their messiah.

  2. I thought Cain won the debate as well. I had it: Cain, Pawlenty, Santorum, Paul and Johnson.
    Cain hurt himself with his answer about foreign policy though; he basically wrote the campaign ad against him by saying he needed more information on foreign policy. He was right, and honest, and factually correct, but he needs to have advisers now that can help him to develop a thoughtful policy in that area.
    Pawlenty was good on policy, I thought, and I appreciate his admission that cap & trade was a mistake. He’ll struggle connecting with voters though as he’s already carrying the uncharismatic label.
    Santorum was also strong on policy and probably the most conservative of the group given his strong religious background. Being labeled as the religious right though, won’t be good. This country sorely needs a return to it’s religious roots, but unfortunately in 2011, it’s electoral suicide.
    Paul has the loudest supporters. Other than that, he’s a joke.
    And Johnson is pro-choice. He’s a non-starter. Bigger joke than Ron Paul. Both he and Paul should run on a Libertarian ticket if they’re serious- though that will surely hurt the GOP candidate and guarantee an Obama victory.
    At this point, I’m still holding out to see what Sarah does. I like Cain, though I think I’d like to see him either on the ticket as the VP or in the cabinet as an economic advisory or Treasury Secretary. That’s his specialty and he’d be perfect in either of those positions. I’d like to see Bolton as SecState or Foreign Policy adviser to the eventual GOP winner. Pawlenty should have a roll as well.
    Romney needs to go away and take Newt, The Donald, and Huck with him. I like Bachmann shaking things up in the House. A committee chairmanship would be nice. I really like Alan West though he’s still young and offers a great future for the GOP along with Marco Rubio (provided he doesn’t get corrupted in the Senate.) I could see West on the ticket as the VP for 8 years, followed by another 8 in the top spot. Leadership is not in question for West. He can bring Rubio in as the VP in 2020, then Marco can take over in ’28. 24 years of GOP dominance might just be able to repair all the damage done by democrats in the last couple of decades and Obama during his one term.
    My one real hope, however, is that the GOP candidates keep it clean and don’t turn this campaign into a blood bath. The larger goal should be kept in sight- win back the White House, as well as the Senate and build on the majority in the House. Circular firing squads won’t make that happen.

  3. *I thought
    Any way to add an edit function Eo- I never get them right the first time!

    • Bob,
      Wordpress does not have an edit function for comments. 🙁
      The only editor is human. (I just added “t” to your “I though….”)

  4. the goal is to replace obama not to destroy each other in a bid to do so.

  5. Go Cain!

  6. Go Hermanator!

  7. just got to see this lastnight-Herman Cain pretty much mopped the floor up with the rest of these guys.


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