Here's your non-PC Blonde Joke of the Day!

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What does a blonde do if the bathwater is too cold?

H/t FOTM’s dee and Big Geek Dad

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0 responses to “Here's your non-PC Blonde Joke of the Day!

  1. Son of the Rabbit People

    How is it that, year after year, decade after decade, they continue to feed us the number of 5 to 12 million people. Given the flood of people coming in, with few leaving, they must have one heck of a mortality rate. Why then would they continue to come?
    I’ll bet there are at least 2 million in our prisons.

  2. Leeann Springer

    Funny!! Nothing like a warming blanket in a cold bath. Gotta love those blonds! Leeann

  3. It could have been worse though . She could have plugged in an electric blanket and had a shocking experience !

  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Some how I knew what was coming. Should I be Concerned?

  5. That’s pretty funny!

  6. What she did was dumb-everyone knows,if the water’s too cold,you microwave it.

  7. Giving new meaning to the wet suit.


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