Here's your Barack Bullsh*t Bingo card!

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Forget about all those other Barack Obama Bingo cards.
This is the only one you’ll need.

Design by Eowyn

The rule is simple:
Make a stroke in the appropriate box each time he utters “I,” “me,” “my,” and “mine” during the State of DisUnion speech tonight. You’ll need a lot of space. That’s why the boxes are so big. LOL
Alas, there are no winners in this game. We all lose. 🙁

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0 responses to “Here's your Barack Bullsh*t Bingo card!

  1. I will depend on y’all to let me know what the SOTU address was all about. I cannot stomach hearing his voice and seeing his face. He truly makes me want to throw up. Sorry for being so graphic…but he is graphically EVIL!

    • That’s okay, because he makes me want to choke, hurl and puke – all at the same time.
      I can’t even listen to his soundbites on talk radio shows.

    • Dennis H. Bennett

      Gee……..that’s strange……that’s the same reaction(s) my brother-in-law had near the end of election night 11/08. This is S & M gone wild..

  2. I had 2.5 hour commute home tonight. Most painful part? The 30 seconds I actually tried to listen to Skippy!

  3. Nuff Said.

  4. I never watch or listen to Mr. soetero. I was reading. How can he have approval ratings in the forties???????

  5. Bingo! every 10 minutes… should’ve made it a drinking game, would’ve been more fun then.

  6. ROFL !!! Great comic relief !!!

  7. Dennis H. Bennett

    Equally disgusting: The “O” speech and
    He tries to outdo even Jesus’ use of personal pronouns in the scripture!

  8. We watched, my husband played poker on his Iphone and cussed BO out periodically. My daughter and I watched my twitter feed and periodically called him a liar and refuted him, we had fun. I guess the family that cusses and hollers together is happy… 😉

  9. By the way did anyone notice that he looked yellow last night and the top of his ears did not have make-up but his ear lobes did. His coloring looked very strange…

  10. oops, by the way Dr E, that was the best BINGO card I have seen… loved it…


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