Here's the "Fleet of UFOs" Predicted for Oct. 13!

Please see an UPDATE of this, CLICK HERE!
Yesterday, I had a post on a retired Air Force officer who wrote a book predicting October 13 as the “tentative” date for a “fleet of UFOs” to descend upon Earth. According to Stanley Fulham, these extraterrestrials are Al Gore types who will make First Contact with we dastardly Earthlings in order to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from global warming.
Well, after scouring news sites all over the world, this appears to be the predicted “fleet of UFOs”: Silvery thingies that appeared in the sky over New York City. Here’s one of them:

Here’s a video of those thingies:
Here’s an account of the thingies by Daniel Bates for the Mail Online, October 14, 2010, which doesn’t tell us anything terribly new beyond what we can see in the pic and the video:

Was it a bird? A plane? A flying jellyfish? Or just a set of balloons that had caught the sunlight?
A mysterious set of shiny objects sparked a UFO alert over Manhattan yesterday when they were spied drifting over the trendy Chelsea district.
Traffic ground to a halt and thousands of people stopped in the street to point at the sky and the cluster of dots hovering overhead.
Police and the Federal Aviation Authority were deluged with calls and despite mounting an investigation were unable to ascertain what it was.
Within minutes of the first sighting on Wednesday, pictures posted onto microblogging site Twitter and video on YouTube showed a number of tiny silver dots floating around 5,000ft above 23rd St and Eighth Avenue.

Gee, I wonder how much Stanley Fulham paid for those silver balloons? LOL

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russell collins
russell collins
9 years ago

Their is a teacher saying that it was a school project. I she crazy, what kind of balloons does she have, i would like to see what kind of lady this is, that could do such a thing, and another thing what doe she teach. on to a more important subject, Retirement social security payment and cost of living allowance, HOW DARE THEY!! This administration has the gall to offer a $250.00 Dollar Bonus to cover up what they are doing to our country (U.S.A) for two years now our Senior Citizens had to suffer for our country so that… Read more »

9 years ago

look up in the sky its a bird no its a plane no its a frog. neither bird nor plane nor frog its just little old me under dog under dog…. speed of lightning power of thunder under dog … the pics of people looking into the sky and pointing started reminding me of the old cartoon under dog which they made into a movie which wasn’t too bad.