Here’s lookin’ at you

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0 responses to “Here’s lookin’ at you

  1. Here’s what I thought I heard those two saying. Honey do you see the guy standing on the other side? Yes honey i do. As soon as he turns around to walk away then we jump him. Honey why can’t we just jump him right now? Well honey things are different now, king Obama made a new rule, you can’t jump someone until they turn away from you.

  2. Cute!

  3. Aren’t they just gorgeous? Wonderful creatures of God!

  4. reminds me of a story about a daddy shark taking his son out to dinner they swam over to the beach and spotted a group of surfers. the dad says follow me and do what i do. he circles around one of the surfers and shows his dorsal fin and then submerges telling his son do to the same they do this a few more times and the dad says that should just about do it. and he leads his son and attacks the surfer they had been circling. after enjoying the meal the son asks dad why did we circle around him before attacking him and the dad says they taste much better without the shit in them…


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