Here We Go Again

Just how do I get off this crazy thing, anyway?

Is it just me, or does it seem that every time you turn around we are in yet another financial crises, and if the congress does not act immediately by spending billions we do not have, in three day’s time the Earth is going to promptly reverse its rotation, and all life on this planet will cease to exist?
Well, that is how Sen. Harry Reid always makes it sound, anyway.
Via the Washington Times:

Calling for a weekend to “cool off,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid set up a Monday vote on replenishing the almost-empty federal disaster relief accounts as all sides race to beat a deadline to keep money flowing to disaster-stricken states and to keep the federal government at large running.
“Cool off a little bit. Work this through. There’s a compromise here,” Mr. Reid said Friday, minutes after the Senate blocked back a bill drafted by House Republicans that would have replenished the disaster fund accounts through Nov. 18.
Without an agreement, the government could shut down in a week, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency could run out of money even before then.
The House, on the strength of Republican votes, passed a bill early Friday morning that directs an additional $3.65 billion to FEMA, with some of the spending offset by cuts to a clean-energy program popular with Democrats and the Obama administration.

You can read the rest here.
Harry Reid has rejected the House bill in favor of his own, which eliminates the cuts inserted by the republicans and will therefore add to the swelling budget deficit and thus the growing national debt.
This is exactly the sort of thing this country can no-longer afford to do.

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8 years ago

money money moneyyy. $500 million dollar loan to solyndra michelle and her $10 million dollars worth of vacations this year… spend spend spend blame the republicans blalme bush blame the tea party and the delusional morons of the democratic party suck it up and will try to force more obama down americas throat… end the tyranny now vote obama out

Vic Bailey
Vic Bailey
8 years ago

Bama and his Regime has to go, that includes Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Hank Johnson and ALL the rest of his Socialist, that shouldn’t have been in office anyway, a Socialist can NOT honestly take and fulfill the oath to be in office, they lie taking the oath. They are NOT sworn to uphold our Constitution, they are out to DESTROY our constitution, just like Newt Gingrich, BASTARDS we DON’T need in government!! Semper Fi.