Here Comes Skippy Care. You Have to Pass It To Know What's In It.

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And So It Begins. This will be fun.

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CVS Ordering Workers To Reveal Weight, Health Info.

March 21, 2013 12:37 AM
CVS Ordering Workers To Reveal Weight, Health Info
SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — Pharmacy giant CVS has told workers in the Bay Area and around the nation to reveal their weight and other health information, or pay extra for health coverage.
The company announced Wednesday what it called “A Plan for Health,” that features a mix of rewards and penalties for employees.
Among the measures, employees must report their weight, body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Workers must also be tobacco free or enroll in an addiction program by next year.
Employees who refuse will have to pay $50 more for health coverage each month, totaling $600 a year.
In a video released by CVS, a top executive said the plan is progressive and cutting edge. “These changes aren’t just about costs, they’re about us, each of us taking personal accountability for our own health,” said Lisa Bissacia, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.
“(CVS Executives) better get some pretty good legal counsel and decide whether your policy is really legal, because the policy as announced is not legal,” said Richard Schramm, a Bay Area employment lawyer.
Schramm told KPIX 5 the company is trying to tell employees what they can and can’t do on their off time.
“If we granted that right to employers, employers could tell employees who to date, who to see, what kinds of foods to eat, what to drink, all kinds of behavior off site could be controlled. And that’s absolutely not the law in California,” he said.
KPIX 5 tried talking to employees at a CVS location, but they refused to comment on the plan.
Company officials said personal information is given to WebMD, and that CVS will not have access to employee’s personal health information.

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0 responses to “Here Comes Skippy Care. You Have to Pass It To Know What's In It.

  1. They aren’t the only ones. Many companies now have policies that encourage people to lose weight, stop smoking, etc. Many of these are health care providers as well.

  2. Melinda Sanders

    I live in Louisville, Ky, work for a non-profit and we have a “wellness” program that initially required us to submit to a weigh-in, blood work and an extensive questionnaire which included such questions as “Do you have a handgun in the home?” and “Were you unable to participate in a family function due to mental illness?”. If we don’t meet our goals, we will pay for our coverage…it’s everywhere.

  3. I wonder if this is part of an insurance scam. Companies in the past have taken out death insurance on their employees without their knowledge. It’s time everyone realised that these psychos don’t care about your health.

    • The “death” insurance you’re thinking of is called “key man” insurance. It’s a little expensive and the insurance is term until the employee quits or retires. It’s intended to cover the cost of retraining, but in some cases it can be used to buy out the portion of the business that person had from the estate. This is especially useful i the case of a partnership.

  4. It is still all about profit and obumma care will not change this at all. Just a lot more smoke and even more mirrors and higher costs. What I do on MY OWN TIME is none of anyone’s business. The profits will be shuffled around and a few people will become a lot richer at the expense of people’s lives and profit upon their death.

  5. Employees who refuse will have to pay $50 more for health coverage each month, totaling $600 a year.
    I bet it winds up being several times that.

  6. My family’s insurance is with my wife’s employer. As we entered 2013, her company added this same kind of intrusive program. We have to have phone calls at regular intervals to track our progress, or our cost for insurance goes up about as much a Dave just said.

    • That is terrible. It puts your blood pressure up just thinking about it, seriously it puts you under more pressure to “perform”. Micro-managing on steroids.

  7. Why not? The railroad (Union Pacific) has been doing this for years with their policies on drinking, smoking and even chew! The union stands to lose too much income and influence if it protests too loudly so it just idly dismisses the oppression of the employees and unlawful limitations on what they can or cannot do on their personal time.
    What? You thought the unions were there to help you?

  8. Is it just me or is anybody else fed up with the term ” HUMAN RESOURCES “?Think about what that term implies ! Also , that word ” PROGRESSIVE ” should be flushed down the toilet .

    • LOL!
      Human resources = human energy units
      Progressive = things will change but you ain’t gonna like the changes

  9. The employees should start dictating what their bosses can and cannot do. No more 3 hour seven-course lunches with unlimited alcohol. Bike to work and ditch the limo. No visiting web porn sites or extra-marital affairs with secretaries – bad for the ticker because of the high fat and alcohol diet.
    If they don’t comply they lose their bonuses.
    Surely someone can come up with a health plan for bosses!!!


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