Help Wanted: Supreme Court Justice

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Che Guevara, the Punk's nominee for the Supreme Court

The Punk has been in office for only 14 months and he has already inflicted untold damage on our country.
Last Friday, liberal Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens announced that he is retiring – giving Obama his second seat to fill on the nation’s high court. Stevens’ retirement, while widely expected, means the court is losing the head of its liberal wing. Stevens plans to step down when the court completes its work in June or July.
On Sunday, April 11, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that a plurality of American voters nationwide, 39%, believe the Supreme Court is already too liberal. 25% think the high court is too conservative, and 27% feel the court’s ideological balance is about right.
Of course, that more Americans believe the Supreme Court is too liberal than conservative won’t stop the Punk from nominating the most liberal, most activist judge. Below is a not-so-parody from Team Sarah, posted by Thomas Schmitz:


Ideal Candidate should hold solid Marxist views.
Must be willing to ignore and/or re-interpret the U.S. Constitution.
Deep hatred of America a plus.
Undocumented Americans and illegal aliens encouraged to apply.
Please Contact: Barack Hussein Obama (202) 456-1414

~Eowyn & Steve

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13 responses to “Help Wanted: Supreme Court Justice

  1. it is truly a sad day for America when this actually is pretty on-target for what Barry is looking for! I am beginning to wonder just how all this is going to end.

  2. Don’t fret DW we will get our country back. Granted we will have some work to do but we will get her back.

  3. I pray that the GOP’s will do everything they can to prevent another liberal being appointed to SCOTUS. We need justices who INTERPRET the law as it was written. We don’t need the judicial branch making or changing our laws.
    Stay strong!
    Vox Populi

  4. We do indeed need Justices who do not make up non-existent Constitutional protections, such as “the right to privacy,” which is the basis for the decision on Roe v. Wade. By the way, did you know that the actual litigant in this case converted to Catholicism and is an avid fighter in the Pro-Life movement!
    It is very clear that Obama will appoint a liberal with the qualifications set forth so aptly by Eowyn. God help us fight this culture of death!

  5. Actually, I’m hoping the Comrade Chairman nominates Broom Hilda for the SCOTUS.
    At least it would be fun to watch. 🙂
    We’ll get a lib on the court no matter what, as the repubs don’t have the votes to stop it at the end of the day.

  6. This country belongs to Mexicans , they has been here before Europeans aliens invades AMERICA.

    • Hi, Fred Dung!
      Going by your logic of “This land is mine ’cause I came here first,” then “this country” really belongs to Celts/Scandinavians, or haven’t you heard about the Kennewick man? Silly me for thinking you would know — you who cannot write a sentence without TWO grammatical errors!
      Oh, one more thing: I hope you enjoy the America you’ll have by the time Mexican illegals are done with their “reconquista“!

  7. Mexicans are just taking back their lands.

  8. Who’s Fred Dumlop???

    • Whoever he is, Fred doesn’t know what URL is ’cause he put “Comcast” as his URL.
      Hey, Fred! By URL, wordpress means the URL of your website or blog, IF YOU HAVE ONE. WordPress doesn’t mean your Hi-speed Internet connection provider. I hope this helps!

    • Just some idiot who never took English Comp.

  9. Hey DW — don be so hard on im. I be educated an Ah still has troubles.


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