Help Wanted: Be an "Occupy" Revolutionary for $650/week!

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What Marxist revolution advertises on Craig’s List?
What Marxist revolution pays its cadres $350-$650 a week?
The Occupy Wall Street “Marxist” Revolution!

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[Source: The Right Scoop]
H/t beloved fellow Anon.
So who/what is Working Families? Who’s paying the salaries of these “revolutionaries” at $350-$650 a week?


Just heard Rush Limbaugh say Working Families is an offshoot of ACORN.

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0 responses to “Help Wanted: Be an "Occupy" Revolutionary for $650/week!

  1. What say you Pelosi about this astro-turfing? “crickets”…

  2. ha ha ha….. fake, paid for revolutionaries not an original thought to be had among the bunch. and its all paid for and orchestrated by a puppet master
    i guess with this high obama unemployment you take a job where you can get one. the obama fix for unemployment pay protestors to protest against employment.

  3. Make big money… do well by doing good! (Isn’t hire-a-commie self-contradictory? Oh, wait, left/liberals don’t have to obey their own philosophy if their ends justify it!)

  4. Sorry to spoil the party, folks, but you want to know the truth? The job ad in question is for fundraisers. Many many years ago I responded to a similar ad for a progressive lobbying group, and worked for them for a few months. The job consisted of going door-to-door, delivering a spiel, and asking for donations. I’m pretty sure the Working Families jobs are the same or similar — it might be telephone fundraising, though.
    The pay depends on fundraising ability, and it’s a really tough job. I suspect that’s why the ad doesn’t explicitly mention the nature of the job: they hope to get folks to respond who don’t realize what it involves until one of their managers has a chance to deliver a spiel about what a great job it will be. So yeah, ironically, it’s all about salesmanship.
    It has nothing to do with Occupy Wall Street.

  5. This protest is not spontaneous at all but paid by the unions. The left cannot seem to organize anything on their own, and the protestors, with their “want a handout” attitude, will not participate in any protest without being paid…

  6. Job opportunity for all those Sara Lawrence grads with various “studies” degrees after seven years of college…
    “America’s Most Expensive Colleges,” by Daniel Fisher, Forbes via Yahoo! News, 10 Oct 2011


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