Help Seattle Police find these May Day criminals!

KIRO News:  The Seattle Police Department on Wednesday released photos of five people wanted in connection with the vandalism and violence that broke out during planned May 1 protests.

Police said they combed through hours of video to, as the department stated on its blog, “put faces to some of the crimes committed.”
Photos of the five — multiple photos in some cases — are available in the slideshow on KIRO’s website.

  • “Suspect 1” is wanted for smashing windows at Niketown.
  • “Suspect 2” is wanted for smashing windows at Niketown with a skateboard.
  • “Suspect 3” is wanted for assault after police said he threw something at officers.
  • “Suspect 4” threw a bottle at police and struck an officer in the head, police said.
  • “Suspect 5” is wanted for a hit-and-run attack in which he ran out of a crows and stomped on an officer’s knee, police said.

The department is still reviewing video and photos from May 1 to possibly identify other suspects.
Anyone who recognizes the people in the photographs, or has photos or video of the violence, is asked to call 206-233-2666 or email

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8 years ago

Ah, those peaceful, tolerant leftists working for the betterment of mankind…

8 years ago

Why are they asking us? Everyone knows they hired them ,it has already come out in courts around the world,all over the news except of course the controlled main stream media.Also check out