Help Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

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The United States Army has decided it will court martial courageous Army surgeon Bronze Star-recipient Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, who is risking everything by questioning Obama’s birth eligibility to be Commander-in-chief and President — something that the deceitful and pusillanimous members of the U.S. government have all refused to confront. Read all about Lakin HERE and HERE.
Please help Lakin to defend himself in military court. The American Patriot Foundation (APF) is asking for our help. I wouldn’t ask you to help if I hadn’t made a donation of $50 myself. Please give what you can, even if it’s $1 or $5.
To send words of support to Dr. Lakin, CLICK HERE.
May God bless Lt. Col. Lakin. I humbly ask the Almighty God to send His mighty Archangel Michael to watch over and protect Dr. Lakin from the evil ones,
Here’s APF’s appeal:
apfphotos4Please make your maximum tax deductible donation now to the legal defense fund of a courageous officer standing up for the Constitution.
American Patriot Foundations’ defense fund will pay for a lawyer and for Terry’s legal defense.  We must raise $50,000 in the next ten days in order to assemble a top-flight legal defense team for LTC Lakin.

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13 responses to “Help Lt. Col. Terry Lakin

  1. The fact that no one until now has put their career and in fact their very freedom on the line to discover the truth about Obama says a lot about this man.
    This could be the catalyst that finally brings the truth to light since a Court Martial will require evidence to be presented. Now I am not a lawyer and don’t claim to be , but I do know that Lt. Col Lakin’s attorneys can and I’m sure they will subpoena any and all documents and individuals with any knowledge to this case.
    This brave man needs our support and prayers, he’s in for one hell of fight, he needs to know that the American People are behind him 200%.

  2. No SCOTUS judge ever said that. And the LTC is a cowardly traitor. The COL that gave him the order is a MOH winner, by the way.
    Obama’s nationality has been proven over and over and over again. Except to those that will not believe ANY proof.

    • DaLies,
      “Obama’s nationality has been proven over and over and over again.” Really? Do point me to where, other than the image of the computer-generated Certification of Live Birth on FactCheck? And if indeed, it’s been “proven over and over,” just humor us “birther” nutballs and show the evidence IN COURT. But, wait…. Hasn’t Obama spent $2 million to avoid EXACTLY that? We promise we’ll forever shut our mouths if he produces IN COURT his birth documents, certified to be true by forensic document experts.
      So how about it, uh?
      So, how much is Organizing for America paying you to crawl all over the net to deposit comments like pieces of dung? You can tell us. Or are you instead in the pay of SEIU or ACORN?

  3. BTW, which American people? The less that one tenth of one percent that have no brains and still believe that crap about Hope and Change.

  4. At this point, not releasing the birth certificate is a problem (and has been for a while) just in and of itself, giving an impression of impropriety (even if there isn’t any) which isn’t good for anyone in a leadership role. One word: doubt.

  5. Terry Lakin will find out that beliefs and facts are two very different things and in the end his courts-martial will be his own public humiliation for believing something he can not prove. I would love to be there during the military trial and find out what facts he has, internet gossip? Let’s face it no one will take the Birthers seriously until they win a case, but until then, you will continue to appear dumb, crazy or racist, or maybe all three. The old GOP Confederacy, that is what these liars want, good luck with that.

    • Mont,
      Don’t you even follow the news or at least read the posts on this blog? If you had, you’d know how woefully uninformed you are. The Army does NOT want a court martial, which is why they’re “reassigning” Dr./Lt.Col. Lakin to Walter Reed Army Hospital instead of “deploying” him to Afghanistan.
      Gosh, do you think the Army command know something that you are too blind to see and too stupid to realize?
      Finally, you libs really should try and be more creative. Your stock accusation of racism is getting really really tired and just plain B-O-R-I-N-G!
      P.S. Not only are you uninformed and boring, you are also repetitive ’cause you left THE IDENTICAL comment on another thread. Can’t you come up with, say, another thought, or at least a different way to express the same thought? So I did you a favor and deleted your second IDENTICAL comment. The CONSERVATIVE readers and friends of FellowshipOfMinds are not simpletons like you: We do not need to read your comment twice to “get” that you’re a braindead Obamabot.

  6. Those who have read the Constitution, works of our Founding Fathers, and any of the lawsuits attempting to get “Discovery” in court know full well why Soetoro/aka Obama has spent over two million, $ 2,000,000.00 just to avoid discovery. If the facts were on his side he would have spent the $ 12.00 for a certified copy of his birth certificate, called a press conference, and ended all speculation. When the facts are not on your side even fools who gain by supporting Soetoro/aka Obama pursue every avenue to avoid exposing the truth. Any lawyer worth his salt knows that once discovery is allowed in court that Soetoro/aka Obama and his supporters will be indicted for crimes.

  7. Stephen Olof Wikblom

    I have just read comments by DaTruth and they are the same steroetype redneck comments that the whole world sees daily and makes the whole western world despise America.
    Your nation is set for total finacial meltdown some time towards the end of this year or early next year.
    With 1,000,000 homes set to be forclosed on this year by the very same banks that your President bailed out with your money.
    It is only men like Lt.Col. Terry Lakin that will have the strength to seek to help you (not that you are deserving). What will you do when the shit hits the fan DaTruth, take up arms and perhaps even kill your neigbour to survive, or will you put your reputation or even your life at risk and seek to rectify things with non violence. Act now while you still can, while the losses are minimal, or come to a time that the loses are catastopic with little chance of survival. This Lt.Col. Terry Lakin is made of the right stuff and and piss ants like DaTruth just show themselves what cowards they are. In fact they are worse than ChickenHawks.

  8. Stephen Olof Wikblom

    Well I suppose, I was far too strong on DaTruth and my appologies to him because I lost control and so I appologise for my less than Decorous words.
    I am more sorry for not better explaining why the so-called ‘whole western world’ see Americans in a negative view. It is because the world media (run by who?) always seem to show America in the negative by constantly showing your worst types of people including some of your leaders such as your previous President.
    If you go to countries like Finland, they are so anti-American that many businesses will not accept American Express for payment. My father went on holidays there and he had a devil of a time trying to pay for things. Also while in Europe he read the papers which in a nutshell, depicted America as some sort of Satan.
    Basically, it is the American government that the people of these countries and others distrust and even hate and so that often regretfully, is applied or sticks against the American people because time after time you vote these corrupt bastards into office.
    I realise the type of voting system you have means that anyone with enough money can get in because many people just simply don’t vote.
    Also, it angers many in the world at how insulated you are in that many are so aloof that you can’t even see over the years at how many thousands of your people, and others elsewhere throughout the world have been murdered by your own government . One example of many that comes to mind is the USS Liberty which was continually bombed for 2 hours by Israeli jet aircraft in 1967 to wipe it off the face of the earth. It was meant to be a false flag attack to blame on the Egyptians and it backfired because there were many survivers. It is reported that L.B.J told the Israelis to leave no one alive.
    See –
    Perhaps one more example of false flag in recent times were the MOSSAD jumping with joy as the twin towers were falling and trying to blame the Palastinians for leaving a truck with explosives near ( Problem was they got caught.
    Guess what happened, the FBI let them go.
    The CIA and MOSSAD sometimes work together so I will let you figure that one out.
    I could go on and on for many pages on what your government has done over the years to its own people including the 1950s tests on soldiers regarding radiation and other poisons killing hundreds of your own soldiers. Anyway I think that you might get my drift now.
    I think that many of us outside of America know more than some of you living within.
    Sincerely and sorry for being too strong before.
    Stephen Olof Wikblom Australia

  9. Stephen Olof Wikblom

    Ps. Forgot to mention that my words ‘not that you are deserving’ was aimed at DaTruth and others like him and not the good and decent Americans which of course make up your majority.


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