Heebow, the Jewish football star!

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H/t my ol’ friend Sol.

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0 responses to “Heebow, the Jewish football star!

  1. If Goldman Sachs hadn’t been mentioned… I’m tired and insulted by the inferences to Jewish bankers.

    • You’re offended, I’m offended, everybody is offended in today’s America.
      This was a funny video produced by Jews and e-mailed to me by a Jew. They evidently have a better sense of humor than you do.

    • Now June… lighten up my friend… there are far too many people who wear their feelings on their sleeve already. If one sets out ‘looking to be offended’, then it’s likely to be… But life is short… so Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much… 🙂

  2. worthy of Weird Al Yankovic :)….who is ,indeed ,
    an acquired taste…Baruch Hashen, roflol


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