Heckler at Hollywood Fundraiser Calls Skippy the AntiChrist

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Free Republic reports that last night, a heckler interrupted Skippy’s fundraiser at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.
The man positioned himself up in front of the stage and started shouting loudly right after Skippy started talking. The heckler proclaimed that Jesus Christ is God and a Christian God.
Obama stopped talking. Then the crowd started chanting “Four more years! Four more years!” and drowned out the heckler.
As he was taken out by security the man called out that Obama is an Anti-Christ.
Later, another, more-friendly heckler shouted out, “Don’t forget medical marijuana!,” to which Obama responded: “Thank you for that.”
The Los Angeles Times says that about 800 people paid $250 or more each to see Obama, which means Skippy’s haul from the House of Blues fundraiser is at least $200,000.
Skippy’s remarks followed rapper B.o.B, who sang his hit tunes “Nothin’ on You” and “Airplanes,” and the West Hollywood Gay Men’s Chorus singing “True Colors” and “We Belong.”
H/t Spirit Daily.

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0 responses to “Heckler at Hollywood Fundraiser Calls Skippy the AntiChrist

  1. Only thing is, Obama isn’t that smart.

  2. I don’t know if you have heard of the Ulsterman. He is a blogger that says he has an anti-Obama White house insider that he interviews now and again. He reported on this, this morning and says he has an e-mail from the insider that addressed his question about it. I do not know if the insider is real, but it makes for interesting reading. Here is a link, if I may, otherwise you can delete it. https://theulstermanreport.com/2011/09/27/obamas-real-life-anti-christ-moment/

  3. A whole room full of MORONS yelling 4 more years, can they not see what damage he has done to America? We can’t afford Bama another 4 years at the rate Michelle is wasting money, and bama is putting the miles on AF1, our fuel reserves will be depleated. Semper Fi.

  4. the heckler should have thrown his shoe at obama.

  5. When I hear people screaming “4 more years” at an Obama meeting I kind of lose hope in mankind!

  6. The heckler was right on all accounts. To bad we can get arrested for telling the truth.


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