Heartless Obama admin puts 1,200 military dogs to death

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military dogDouglas Montero reports for The National Enquirer*, June 19, 2014:

(*Please note that it was the National Enquirer that, alone, pursued and broke the story of former Democrat senator and VP candidate John Edwards’ adultery and illegitimate child, for which the tabloid was nominated for a Pulitzer.)

In a heartbreaking tragedy of war, more than 1,200 brave military dogs used to protect troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere were killed by our government after they were retired, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

The heroic service dogs were euthanized because they were deemed too “dangerous” for civilian adoption or jobs with law enforcement agencies, as well as for medical reasons according to U.S. Air Force reports given to Congress.

Shockingly, 16 retired pooches that once worked as guards or bomb sniffers were “put down” between 2001 and 2005 simply because “they were not wanted” by anyone, according to official documents.

Army Specialist Luke Andrukitis was so upset by the practice that he tracked down and found his bomb-sniffing Belgian Malinois – a fearless pooch that had saved many lives, including his, in Afghanistan during a nine-month deployment in 2013.


Side note: Read more about Andrukitis’ efforts to find his bomb-sniffing dog Robbie here.


“(The euthanasia) is absolutely horrible!” he said. “They served their country just like we did.

Luke Andrukitis and RobbieLuke Andrukitis and Robbie

The military maintains a force of about 2,500 dogs worldwide, with about 1,000 of them stationed at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.

Although more than 400 “retired” dogs are adopted every year, many have been deemed unsuitable for adoption because of their “repeated unprovoked aggressive action,” said Collen McGee, a spokeswoman for Lackland.

But animal rights activist Beverly Gaines insists that the military is not doing enough to rehabilitate the dogs or find them a suitable home.

Currently more than 300 people are waiting to adopt a military dog, with an average waiting time of 18 months.

“We don’t have dogs waiting for homes,” said Collen. “We have people waiting for dogs.”

Update (June 21, 2014):

After two comments by clearly illiterate readers (see here and here) who, being IQ-challenged and deficient in English reading comprehension skills, somehow read the Enquirer article to mean only a total of 16, instead of 1,200, military dogs had been euthanized, I found a PDF document, United States Air Force Report to Congressional Committees: 2011 Military Working Dog Adoption Report, December 2011. On page 3 of the report is stated:

“In CY11 [calendar year 2011] … a total of 116 MWDs [military working dogs] died while serving on active duty…. 16 MWDs were euthanized because they were unsuitable for law enforcement transfer and too dangerous for adoption.”

In other words, 16 military dogs were euthanized in just one year, 2011.


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0 responses to “Heartless Obama admin puts 1,200 military dogs to death

  1. Just another instance where our government shows just how fowled up they are. These dogs should be adopted out to those of want them. Plain and Simple!

    • Don’t believe EVERYTHING you hear people.
      Obama for one is a dog lover.
      Some people listen to and spread every bit of gossip they hear.
      Chose not to.


  3. People, we should not be surprised at this. The government won’t rehabilitate humans who have served with honor, why would they rehabilitate “animals” ? It sickens me, that our goverment is as it is.

  4. It would be great if more soldiers who worked with these dogs would commit to adopting them after they retire since they know how to relate to them best. We citizens need to pressure the military via our representatives to provide rehabilitation for the most aggressive dogs. And, those dogs who don’t respond positively to rehabilitation, should be allowed to live out their lives in a setting where they can have access to a grassy area, fresh air, good food and water and play time with other dogs if possible. After all, they didn’t ask to be trained to do these military jobs. I know that’s a tall order when the VA can’t even provide proper care for our human veterans.

  5. Where is the outcry from the Leftist animal activist wackos????

    • It’s the Leftists activism that’s important for those dudes, not individual animals… just like they treat people.

  6. TheRepublicOfTexas

    we’re going to take 2 dogs later this year.. he was raised in cultures that a) do not keep dogs in their homes, and b) one culture eats canines. This should be enough info to understand barry soetoro’s mindset.

  7. Healthcare reform in action… coming soon to a hopsital near you.

  8. Reblogged this on SilentSoldier.

  9. Yet another reason to despise the jug-eared scumbag…

  10. I would guess two other things: 1. that the dogs were exposed to depleted uranium and the govstapo did not want dogs developing cancer, thus making a trail to the use of vile munitions in afghanistan that leads straight back to them and 2. that the dogs may well have been used for experimentation on the side, because the govstapo is psychopathic like that. (lest we forget mad science’s growing an ear on a mouse, making cats with flesh that glow in the dark, and other horrible abominations against God’s natural order). Just speculation on my part, of course… but I seriously doubt “dangerous” was the legitimate reasoning for such a vile action.

  11. Not one dog came home from Vietnam. The excuse then was “they may be carrying a nasty disease”. I said “Horsepuckey” then and I say Horse shit now!

  12. This is just practice for what’s coming.

    Only it won’t be our four-legged friends.


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  14. This is the most assinine thing to have done. Those dogs are soldiers and we should respect them as such. There’s no reason to euthanize a beautiful animal. My thought is that they were trained to do their job and maybe…just maybe Obama doesn’t want the Brotherhood harmed when they start bombing, etc. America so he gets rid of keen trained animals in an attempt to save his precious Muslim Brotherhood from these animals. I don’t put anything pass this evil one in the W H

  15. These military trained dogs are not being killed by our “government”, they are being killed on unlawful orders from illegal alien usurper of Office of POTUS using I.D. Fraud named Barack H. Obama aka Barry Soetoro citizen of Indonesia never a Citizen of the U.S.A. And those other people who carry out such unlawful orders from Obama Regime are guilty, too. Obama aka Soetoro is the number One enemy of our real government: The Constitution for the united States of America the Supreme Law of the Land is our real government protecting Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of those Criminal people like Obama aka Soetoro who act against it to fundamentally change USA into Islamic Communist 3rd World Dictatorship.
    Save the dogs; euthanize Obama aka Soetoro !

  16. Did any of you READ this? The title states 1200 dogs, but then in the story, it states that 16 have been put down in the span of 5 years. It’s THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER! You really believe that’s a credible news source? I’m a military working dog handler, and this story is bull. Yes, if a dog is too aggressive and unsafe to be adopted, and it cannot be rehabilited (YES, we try to rehabilitate these dogs!), then it is euthanized. You small minded people will latch on to anything as long as it fits your political beliefs. And NO, I’m not an Obama supporter. He may be my Commander in Chief, but that’s all he is.

    • As I had stated at the beginning of my post, it was the National Enquirer that *alone* pursued the John Edwards adultery story, at a time when Edwards was running to be Vice President of the USA. But the MSM refused and looked the other way. That makes the Enquirer more credible than the MSM.

      As for your claim that “this story is bull,” give us a source or STFU.

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  18. Dr. Shmongavitz Esq.

    Dr. Eoywn, you’re clearly an anti-Obama propagandist without regard for the truth. As the article states and Cris confirms above (he’s a military dog handler, you are not) that 16 dogs have been put down over 5 years. Where did the number 1200 come from, your ass? Yup.

    • “Dr. Shmongavitz Esq.” in Seattle, WA:

      For a Dr. & Esq., like Cris, you fail miserably at simple English reading comprehension. The sentences below are lifted straight off my post and the Enquirer article:

      “more than 1,200 brave military dogs used to protect troops in Afghanistan and elsewhere were killed by our government after they were retired”

      “Shockingly, 16 retired pooches that once worked as guards or bomb sniffers were ‘put down’ between 2001 and 2005 simply because ‘they were not wanted’ by anyone”

      Since your IQ appears to be in the single-digit percentile, let me translate the above two sentences for you:

      The Obama military euthanized killed 1,200 military dogs. 16 of the 1,200 were killed in the years 2001 to 2005 for the simple reason that the military somehow determined those 16 dogs were “unwanted.”

      Oh, by the way, I don’t for even a second believe you are either a Dr. or an Esq. because no self-respecting Ph.D. or attorney would write his email address with the word “butthole” in it. So on top of being stupid, you’re also a fraud and, given your obsession with buttholes and asses, probably a sodomite just like your idol in the WH.

      • Dr. Eowyn, I greatly appreciated your response to the narcissistic “doctor” who cannot understand simple English nor the implications of grammar. He went into a narcissistic rage that you countered with logic and brilliance.

  19. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for telling us the truth in this matter. The facts herein are absolutely horrible and beyond heartless. It follows suit that this same president whom I call king, has been and is an avid promoter of the killing of innocent and pure infants in the womb of mothers through abortion. Animals are creatures without sin according to St. Bonaventure. Accordingly, the killing of the “Innocent” is just what he does. . .

  20. A little IQ test for you. If the article says “16 of the 1,200 were killed in the years 2001 to 2005 for the simple reason that the military somehow determined those 16 dogs were “unwanted.””, what two things does that tell you? First, more than 16 were killed between 2001 to 2005, but only 16 of them were because they were unwanted. The others were euthanized for other reasons. And since the count of 1200 includes dogs from as far back as 2001, this obviously isn’t an Obama policy, but DOD practice.


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