Heart-stopping vid of car going wrong way at 70 mph

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Two friends were driving on the B767 rain-soaked freeway (called “carriageway”) from Kilmarnock to Glasgow in Scotland.
They saw a silver Renault Clio going 70 mph the wrong way, as terrified motorists swerved to get out of the way — for THREE MILES.
Miraculously, a crash was avoided before the Renault driver finally exited the freeway. He is  now being hunted by the police.
This is the video taken by the two friends. Warning: Many F-words!

YouTube won’t let you see this video here, so please go to Daily Mail, scroll down and watch the video there!

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0 responses to “Heart-stopping vid of car going wrong way at 70 mph

  1. Clicked on vid and got “embedding disabled by request”…

  2. lucky no such luck here in illinois last january there were three big wrecks (seperately) where one of the cars was speeding the wrong way on the interstate. one of 4 men had been drinking at a local strip club well in hindsight they should have had a designated driver the driver drove onto an exit ramp and entered high speed traffic going the wrong way and he was drunk on top of it.. he managed to kill his friends and the persons he drove into and seriously injured himself. and a week after that someone else decides to drive the wrong way on the interstate. well that was january i drove limousines for a time and have spent a fair amount of time driving up and down the freeways and i am glad not to ever have been face to face with a speeding vehicle going the wrong way

  3. LOL – I’m guessing American tourist in a rental.


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